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Barry “Barriermore” Barlow is a popular drummer and percussionist. He was born on 10 September 1949 in Birmingham. If you have ever heard the famous rock band Jethro Tull play on their 1971-1980 albums, Barlow is the king on the throne. He has been playing drums for many years, and each project is an opportunity to improve his skills even further.

Barriermore Barlow started playing drums at a very early age. At 14, he was already a member of “The Blades,” which was then a famous band. The band was a former group to Tull, and it had Ian Anderson, John Evan, and Jeffry Hammond as members. “Such exposure can only make you become a better musician.”  Says Barry.

Barriermore Barlow
barriermore barlow

The drummer was always interested in creating something more.  He then had the ambition to develop his group and nature it to become a global figure. Hence, when Barry left Tull in 1980, he went straight to form Tandoori Cassette with Zal Clemson, Charlie Tumahai, and Ronnie Leahy. Unfortunately, the band did not go far and was dissolved.  That did not stop Barry from playing drums, as it was a passion rooted deep in his heart. He has since played with other popular artists, including Robert Plant, George Harrison, and Jimmy Page.

Barry stands out from other drummers for his enthusiasm and focuses on becoming the best drummer in the world. When he wants to do something, he will not stop until it has succeeded. He has carried the same energy into his drumming career. With this, Barry was able to learn different drumming techniques to become one of the most versatile drummers the world has ever known. 

He may not be as active today as he was years ago, but Barry does have something to offer the world of drumming. Today, he owns a Doghouse recording studio on his property in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England. It is through his talent that this studio has become very successful.

He uses it as a place to practice new drumming techniques while producing incredible music for different artists. Barry is still a very versatile and energetic drummer.  He is well known as a technical and creative drummer. “Music would be very boring if a drummer used the same style and did not have any technical aspects that add value,” he says.

Barriermore Barlow Performing
barriermore barlow performing

“Every drummer should use their talent to create new and interesting moves. It is not just about playing, but about offering value to your listeners.” That is who Barriermore Barlow is – a selfless drummer with a nose for new things. This character has shaped him to learn interesting techniques and teach young drummers to become better.

Barry has been absent from the drum scene for many years.  He has not held the sticks on a professional gig for quite a while. But he says, “perhaps when the right band and gig is around, slightly funky, a bit jazz,” he will be on stage again. Even so, most of his work is still making waves across the music world, and his influence is still felt.

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