Auray Ms 5340 Kick Drum Guitar Amp Microphone Stand With Boom (Black)

You might have the best microphone for recording your bass drums, but that will not be enough. There are several other components you will need to invest in.

And one of them is a quality stand.

When it comes to capturing the cymbals, the snare, and the toms with a dynamic microphone, placement is crucial. And there is no placement without a proper mic stand.

The last thing you want is the mic getting in the way of your drumming because your stand is not good enough. Also, it would be best if you made sure the recording equipment and accessories are held firmly in place.

In this guide, I will be reviewing some of the most reliable stands for bass drum micing around.

I have been playing drums for a long time now and therefore understand how overwhelming this can be. But you don’t have to face the same stress if you consider these products.

Bass Drum Mic Stand Recommendations

Whereas many stands can hold your microphone well, very few will do it right for your drums. It is therefore recommended that you get a suitable stand. For example, using a standard mic holder or using a tablet holder.

When I started micing my kit, I purchased a Shure Beta 52 for my kick. That meant I had to find the right boom stand for the same.

So, here are features of the stand I would recommend for such:

• Boom mic stand. A boom stand allows you to place your mic at the most convenient angle.

• The drums you are recording. You might need a different stand for each drum.

• Stability. Both three-legged and solid metal stands are good. But a 3-leg stand will serve you better.

If you are looking for something cheaper but solid, consider a K & M stand. These are industry standards, and they last long.

5 Best Bass drum mic stands reviewed

Here are other recommendations reviewed.

AxcessAbles MS-101L Short Microphone Stand with Boom, Low Profile Mic Tripod Stand for Kick Drums/Guitar Amplifiers

When it comes to capturing the perfect sound from your drums, choosing the right stand is essential. The bass drum especially can be pretty tricky.

The accessible MS-101L short mic stand makes things east. This boom mic stand is designed to hold the mic at any suitable angle, making it easy for you to play.


The first thing you will notice on this mic is its size. It’s a short mic stand, which makes it perfect for recording the bass drum, micing your amp for other specific use.

It comes with an adjustable boom, which is perfect for easy positioning. Bring your mic closer or push it further depending on your needs.

Also, the mic features reliable 5/8-inch metal threads. This makes it easy to mount any standard mic clips. And that means you won’t need to buy specific clips.

A collapsible tripod base assures a compact performance and easy transport. You won’t have any trouble carrying it with your other gear.

Included in the package is a 9.5-inch telescoping boom. Whatever the position of your bass drum, this stand will get you the right recording angle.

It is a sturdy and durable piece of hardware.

Generally, this is one of the best low-profile mics stands you will find out there. And it’s not overly priced, which makes it ideal for any drummer.


• Strong and durable

• Adjustable boom

• Versatile design


• Not a very famous product

Auray MS-5340 Kick Drum/Guitar Amp Microphone Stand with Boom (Black)

I have always been very careful when choosing a mic stand for my bass drum. I begin by looking at the brand to establish trust.

Auray is among the few brands that have won me over. They make excellent products designed for the modern drummer.

The Auray MS-5340 is a versatile drum mic stand designed for the kick drum and guitar amp. It comes in a beautiful black finish and has excellent features.

Top features:

The stand is crafted from durable material for studio and live applications. It’s a versatile piece that comes with everything you need to capture your bass drum.

A sturdy design means this piece of hardware will serve you for a long time. Also, it comes with an adjustable boom, which makes it easy to set in the right position.

The standard 5/8-inch -27 threaded mount makes it a perfect weapon for recording the instruments. Aside from this is the telescopic shaft that brings out the best of the mic.

This mic stand is not only good for the bass drum but for podcasting too.

Whether you are in the studio or playing live, this mic stand will make your recording audio come out naturally.

The weighted base and the non-slip feet help keep you in position during the performance. You can play your drums as hard as possible, and it will not waiver.


• Durable sheet construction

• Square shape for easy placement

• A great design


• It might not be as durable

Ultimate Support JS-KD50 JamStands Series Kick Drum/Guitar Amp Mic Stand

I recently bought the Ultimate Support JS-KD 50 JamStands series kick drum mic stand because I thought it was a fantastic product. And I was right.

Before settling on it, I went online to find some information about it. Many drummers who have used it for their bass drum said it is a reliable piece.


From the box, you can already tell the stand’s usefulness due to its sturdy construction. This is a low-profile mic stand designed for kick drums and guitar amps.

The heavy-duty die-cast base keeps the stand sturdy on the ground. It will hold the ground through the performance, no matter how hard you hit.

Also, the stand features a fixed boom arm that assures precise positioning. As much as this could be a limitation in terms of adjustability, you will find it more useful.

Another great feature of the stand is its finish quality. It is scratch-resistant with a powder-coated black finish. This also shows how durable the stand is.

Consider it standard 5/8-inch threading of this piece of hardware too. It makes it easy and efficient to keep your mic in the right position.

However, the knobby “weight” of the stand was a bit disappointing. It broke off when I started to reset it.

Nevertheless, the base is sturdy enough to handle mic placement to the kick drum. Although, it would have been better if it were slightly lower.

I tried angling it down to get in most ports, and it worked well after.

At this price, I feel the company would do better in terms of build quality and functionality. I did not have any issues with the stand, but some users have complained that it does not keep the mic up.

Overall, this is a great mic stand that will not disappoint you. It’s strong and durable, some of the features that make a good stand.


• Excellent construction

• Useful mic stand

• Great adjustability


• You can get better value at this price

LyxPro KDS-1 Kick Drum Mic Stand, Low Profile Height Adjustable Microphone Boom Stand, Weighted Base, 3/8″ and 5/8″ threaded mounts for Kickdrums, Guitar Amps, and Desktop, Black

Here is another reliable bass drum mic stand that will not disappoint you. The LyxPro KDS-1 mic stand is a popular product with many drummers.

It is a low-profile height-adjustable mic boom stand designed for recording the bass drum. It’s a perfect tool kick drum micing.


The first thing you will notice on this stand is its solid construction. It comes with a solid bass built to stand its ground throughout the performance.

Most drummers will appreciate the versatility of this stand. It allows you to set your mic in any position. It offers the perfect solution for any drummer who wants good recording gear.

It keeps the mic stable and in perfect position. Adjust this stand to the right height and distance, and it will not move.

It’s a versatile stand, right for kick drums, guitar amps, and desktop applications. It adjusts to the height of 23-inches and to a boom length of 19-inches.

Besides, it comes with a weighted base with non-slip feet to hold the ground firmly. Cable clips are included to make your setup even easier.

It will fit 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch mounts. This makes it a perfect solution for a wide range of drum setups.


• Weighted base and non-slip feet keep it in position

• Great quality construction

• Highly adjustable


• Some users have complained that it does not hold the mic in place well.

K&M Bass Drum Mic

I have added the K & M bass drum mic to this list because of its popularity. It’s a kind of industry-standard product.

Even though its thread is not that good, this piece is still an excellent stand. Also, those who don’t like having a hole in their reso head will find them a good fit.

The tripod is a bit bulky and tends to slide out of position easily. But it adds very little weight to your drum hardware.


• Industry-standard hardware

• Versatile

• Durable


• The tripod stand is quite bulky.


If you can invest in a high-quality bass drum mic, find a matching stand. I hope this bass drum mic stands review has been helpful.

Reach out if you have any questions on this subject.