Behringer Rd-6

The Behringer RD-6 gives all the gear you need to grow to be a master beat-maker, including 8 drum sounds and a 64-step sequencer – for a fast and smooth-to-use drum device that’ll shake the house!

Whether or not you’re new to drum programming or a pro seeking to beautify your setup, the RD-6 has the entirety you need to step as much as the big leagues.

Behringer RD-6 Drum Machine

Excellent care has been taken in designing the RD-6 to reap new opportunities in beat advent by reviving an undying design from one of the maximum conventional drum machines of yesteryear.

By taking a clean and modern-day approach to a traditional drum system, the RD-6 offers you the energy to harness the outstanding sound of the venerable TR-606 and faucet into a few new features as nicely. Punchy bass drums via sizzling hi-hats and even the coolest and renowned BR-110 clap sound can be manipulated to take your rhythm overall performance to the subsequent degree.; that is an analog beat-making monster.

Entire Control

Constructed to beautify the way you carry out, the Behringer RD6 boasts a 64-step drum sequencer that permits actual-time switching among 32 different patterns. Start producing tune systems on-the-fly and even edit them to your liking. Mix any of the eight drum sounds by adjusting their devoted level knobs. The RD-6 additionally comes with a distortion primarily based mostly on the venerable DS-1. Upload spice and a piece of facet in your tone via flipping the Distortion switch on and adjusting the amount and style of the distortion. Every pattern you create can also be chained into an entire tune of as many as 256 bars, providing up to 8 and a half minutes of beats ideal for the ones spicy jams you can’t prevent.

USB Control

To deliver the RD-6 into the advanced age, USB connectivity has been delivered for sync and MIDI triggering; This allows the RD-6 to be controlled with the valuable resource of your DAW if preferred, allowing songs and styles to be swapped or person sounds to be brought about.

The Numbers

The RD-6 has 11 knobs and 26 buttons, all specified in an exceptionally-intuitive format that puts the laugh lower back into making beats. Input and output connections include Open or Closed hello-Hat, Clap, Cymbal, Low and hi Tom, Snare and Bass Drum Voice Outs; begin/prevent for connecting a foot pedal; MIDI In, Out, and through over USB for connecting the RD-6 to a DAW and 5 pin MIDI ports.


  • 8 drum sounds and a 64-step sequencer
  • USB connectivity for sync and MIDI triggering
  • 11 knobs and 26 buttons for easy sound manipulation
  • Pattern chaining up to 256 bars


  • Some users have reported that the machine is difficult to program
  • No battery power option
  • Not a cheap drum machine for some buyers
Behringer RD-6 Review

What Is The Behringer Rd 6 Based On?

Loaded with eight analog drum voices derived from the classic 606 drum machine, the Behringer RD-6 analog drum machine combines iconic ’80s drum system sounds with contemporary USB and MIDI connectivity.

The unit’s 11 rotary controls and 26 buttons provide ample sound shaping options, while its 64-step sequencer enables real-time pattern creation and manipulation. USB and MIDI I/O allow seamless integration with computers and other devices, making the RD-6 an ideal tool for modern beat-makers.

Behringer RD-6 Vs Rd-8, Which Is Better?

The Behringer RD 6 and the RD-8 are both great tools with classic drum machine sounds. However, the RD-8 has more voices (12) and a few additional features, such as an onboard effects processor and a larger display. If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward drum machine with excellent sound, the Behringer RD-6 is a great option. If you want a little more power and flexibility, the RD-8 is worth considering.


The Behringer RD 6 is an excellent drum system for those looking for classic 606 sounds with contemporary features and connectivity. Its 64-step sequencer permits real-time pattern creation, while its USB and MIDI I/O allow seamless integration with computer systems and devices. At the same time, as it can be a chunk steeply-priced for a few consumers, it sounds best, and its capabilities make it an extremely reasonable fee for its fee.