Bass drums are defined by how they sound, which depends on their heads. The heads are the single most important part of these drums, which is why you need to choose them carefully.

When you buy drums, they come with heads, as defined by the manufacturer. For beginners, this may not seem like an issue at first.

But as you continue playing, you will realize that you need better-sounding drums. Instead of replacing the whole kit, just buy new drum heads, and you are good to go.

However, this may not be easy, too, since many products are on the market. You will need to check these drum heads’ features before choosing the one that makes more sense for you, especially for bass drum accessories.

Some of the features to consider in the best bass drum heads include durability, damping options, price, and muffing options.

To make it easy for you, I have a list of 10 of the best bass drum heads that come at the best deals.

10 Best Bass Drum Heads Reviewed

Evans EMAD 2 Clear Bass Drum Head

For me, the legendary Evans EMAD 2 is the winner of the best bass drum heads. This product is designed to meet the needs of modern drumming. It will help you achieve the most powerful kick drums sound with so much ease.

This is one of the most versatile drum heads you may ever own. It is a drummer’s weapon that resonates with many famous records and festival arenas across the globe.

Evans is a true leader in the world of drums. For more than six decades, they have focused on innovating different solutions for drummers of all levels. They are created in the USA and carry level 360 technology for the best quality and manufacturing consistency.

Evans EMAD 2 Drum heads are designed with two plies of film. The outer ply is 7mm, while the inner ply is 10mm. EMAD is an abbreviation for ‘External Mounted Adjustable Dampening,’ which enhances the kick tone’s attach and focus.

The heads are also very durable too, which is more than what you can say for many other brands at this price range. It will is perfect for almost every genre.


  • Adjustable dampening rings
  • Strong and focused sounds
  • The best bass drum head


  • Pricey

Aquarian Super Kick 2 Clear Bass Drum Head

Aquarian has come up strong as one of the biggest makers of drum heads. The Aquarian Super Kick 2 is one of the popular products famous for its high-quality sounds. It can be termed as industry bestsellers and a favorite choice for professional drummers.

The drum heads feature a patented ‘Floating Muffling System,’ which makes use of a narrow band of acoustic felt. This helps it achieve pre-dampened, but natural sound.

The head itself is made of two-ply 7mil plies of Nu-Brite film. This ensures a punch-focused sound while assuring durability with these drums.

This could easily be the best drum head for modern music styles. It sounds sweet, not matter the tuning range, making it a wonderful tool to play one. And it’s very affordable, which may be another reason for its popularity.


  • Patented floating muffing sounds
  • Sounds great at all tuning ranges
  • One of the most powerful drum head

Evans EQ4 Clear Bass Drum Head

Evan makes drum heads for professional drumming. And this bass drum head is one of the best-sounding heads out there.

The head is characterized by a lot of punch and internal rings for good dampening. Even though it is a single-ply 10mil ply drum head, it offers an excellent attack and punch level. It is, therefore, suitable for heavier music styles.

Tune this drum head low, and you get a sweet fat sound. Its tonal resonance is quite impressive. It offers a more focused attack since there is not much dampening as there is on the Evans Emad. But I cannot say with is better – personal preference.

Generally, the drum head feels and sounds great when you play. It’s versatility and sounds serve both stage and studio recording environments with clarity.


  • A popular drum heads
  • Great value
  • A good attack


  • Single-ply is not very durable

Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated Bass Drum Head

Remo’s heads define quality in the world of drum heads. And this iconic drum head from the company comes with great balance or response and a controlled tone that will leave you asking for more. The head comprises a single-ply 10mil coated film and an inlay ring that eliminates overtones.

These heads are characterized by a warm and mellow sound that is sweetly musical. It’s versatile with a vintage tone and various perfect forms of music.

It does not feature a lot of muffing compared to the Aquarian and Evans EMAD above. This leaves it with rich sounds that will ring clearly above all other musical instruments in your band.

In a nutshell, Remo Powerstroke 3 drum heads are an excellent choice with great reliability and playability. But don’t expect it to last very long since it’s single ply.


  • Warm sound coated bass drum head
  • Versatile for many in musical genres
  • Legendary Remo quality


  • Not focus and attack
  • Pricey
  • Not very durable

Evans EMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head

Evans REMAND Resonant bass drum is another bestseller from the global brand Evans. They come with an adjustable dampening system mounted externally using two differently sized foam rings.  

Their unique line of sleek designs consisting of a single-ply back film, 7.5mil, makes this drum head stand out. It’s also a bit cheaper than other brands on the same level of features.

The drum head is perfect for various drumming conditions, including studio and live recording.


  • It comes with a microphone port
  • Has EMAD feature for a wide tonal range
  • Sleek design looks good on stage and in the studio


  • It has a simple ply
  • Not recommended for professional work

Aquarian SKII22 Bass Drum Head

I have been using Aquarian drum heads for a very long time. They are among the best heads any drummer can ever ask for.

The Aquarian SKII22 Super-Super Kick II comes with very durable features from wear and tear. This is because it features two 7mil plies. Also, it is created by one of the leading brands on the market.,

If you are looking for a drumhead with quality sounds at a reasonable price, you need to check this option. It is very durable, which should make it worth your money.

You will not need extra muffing because it features a built-in floating muffle ring. This makes it an excellent option for professional drummers.


  • A right choice for pros
  • Durable
  • Pre-muffed


  • Limited tonal range

Remo Powersonic Clear Bass Drumhead

Remo Power sonic Clear Bass drum head is another product that will give you the real value of your money. As the name suggests, this drum head is a real power sonic product. It comes with a slap on the overtones on the control pad on the inside.

There are two damping rings placed on the inside the ensure you have well-balanced sounds. The heads themselves feature two plies of 7mil each. They are the reason for improved sound quality as well as the durability of these heads.

The key feature here is the internal muffing system for those who find issues with muffing; this a good choice for you.


  • Built-in dampening system
  • Easy muffling
  • Best sound quality


  • At times the internal muffling stifle the sound excessively
  • Too much tuning required

Evans EMAD Onyx Bass Drum Head

EMAD Onyx drumheads from Evans come with mounted internal muffing as their main features. This gives the users more versatility with sound range.

This product comes in onyx and is designed with a sleek appearance. These drum heads let you attach and focus your sounds in a much better way.

It has a single ply of 10 mil, which is also very pleasing. You can experiment with a wide range of tonal ranges from these incredible drum heads.


  • More attack with external damping
  • Good for all music genres
  • Sleek design


  • Continues may leave them weaker

Evans Hydraulic Blue Bass Drum Head

Very Evans drum head on the market today is built for the best quality needs. And his Hydraulic Blue Bass Drum head is not different. It is one of its kind drum heads on the market today.

It features a double-layer ply held together by a thin layer of oil. This makes sure the drumheads last the longest time possible. It also gets rid of too many overtones leaving you with the clearest sounds overall.

The drumheads are aimed at a beginner-level player. Its main features include durability and easy tuning, which is good for beginners.


  • Nice resonance
  • Durable
  • Easy to tune


  • It does not give good tonal range unless you use some force

Remo Ambassador

Last on this list is the single-ply coated Remo Ambassador bass drum head. This is one of the most popular products among many drummers who need strong and resonant sound.

It offers a bright attack and recognizable tones that will leave the drummer satisfied. Also, it allows one to get a controlled sustain on both on-stage and in recording studios. The heads sound open and loud with great clarity, for different music genres.

It’s coated with a single 10mil ply. And it can serve as either in batter or resonant head as used by many pros. It may not be the best option for those who need a dark tone. However, it still serves well.


  • Bright and loud
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect for a wide range of music genres


  • Does not do well for a darker tone

Frequently asked questions

What Are the Best Drum Heads For Rock?

Rock drumming has always been one of the most complex styles. It requires a lot of energy and technique to deliver perfectly.

Modern rock comes with certain unique features which are crowned by power and punch. Early rockers could easily record with only one microphone.

Today, you will need at least two mics on each drum and many overhead room microphones. This is why you need good drum heads to bring out the required sound.

For the snare, Remo Weatherking is the best head. It is one of the most famous heads because of its clarity and tonal ranges.

And for the bass head, Evans EMAD2 is the ideal solution. These two-ply heads are extremely durable, and they come with two dampening rings.  

The toms can work well with Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head. It is designed to work with a wide variety of music styles, and hence, it will not be an issue with rock drumming.

What Is the Best Sounding Drum Heads?

The sound drumheads are determined by different factors, among the construction material and ply. Single-ply drumheads are the most basic and the thinnest.

Hence, the sound brighter. Double-ply heads, on the other hand, are thicker, durable, and sound darker. Many of them feature more than just the two main plies. They can have a ring on the outer edges to control the overtones.

Double-ply drum heads are overall heads. The sounds depend on your music genre and how you tune them.

How Often Should You Change Bass Drum Heads?

There is no specific rule on when you should change your drum heads, or how often you should do it. However, from your personal experience, you should be able to tell when your drums are crying for new heads.

Also, some people carry different heads around to change whenever they are playing something different. So, it is entirely up to you.

What Are Bass Drum Heads Made Of?

There are various types of materials used in making drum heads. Mostly, the drum head is a membrane stretched over or both ends of the drums. Historically, they were made from animal hide, but technology has opened channels for plastic heads.

Single-ply and double-ply drum heads are the most common today.


If you want the best sounds from your kick drums, you need to choose the right drum heads. With so many options out there, you can easily get confused and stressed. I hope this guide makes things easier for you.