Tama Stage Master Drum Hardware Pack

Drumming can make a lot of sense if you have the right hardware. It makes everything you do more enjoyable. You can be sure of improved-load-ins, setups, first dates, and tear-downs, among other things. It all comes down to getting some extra peace of mind as you continue with your performance.

In other words, choosing the right hardware is the foundation of a drum set. For this reason, you need to take your time when choosing the right hardware.

And there is so much drum hardware on the market today that choosing the right one might be a bit overwhelming.  

Some of the hardware is just not good, and it will make things even worse. Luckily, there is also a good number of reliable and well-designed hardware.

I have been going through specs and details of some stands, mounts, pedals, and many other accessories for today’s drummer. So, you don’t have to worry about choosing anymore.

Come along.

How do you choose the best drum hardware?

There is nothing better than choosing the right hardware if you wish to get the most out of your drums. This is easy for those who have been doing it for long. But for beginners, things may not be very easy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:


With so many brands out in the market, the quality of many drum equipment and hardware has been compromised on many levels.

And yet, you need quality when choosing the right hardware. No one wants their cymbals to start sinking, or their snare drum to start falling off even before they start using, or getting the best of their investment.

Of course, it depends on your drumming style. If you are a Brian Blade kind of drummer, then you should not get anything less than the high-quality.

Imagine how you would feel if your hi-hat un-clutches or the ride strand breaks in two while you are in the middle of a performance? It would be the worst experience, especially if you didn’t consider a backup.

When it comes to quality, the manufacturer should come first in mind. I have tried different sorts of hardware over the years, and I know DW makes the most reliable hardware.

After using their flat-based hardware, I am convinced that this company is at the top. It is followed closely by Tama, as seen in the Tama Flat Base cymbal stands.

But the Tamas tend to be gear tilters, and seem heavier than the DW hardware.  

I have never used the Canopus Flat Base cymbal stands, but the reviews I have seen from users suggest they are just as good. This makes Canopus my third favorite brand for drum hardware.

The experience of your manufacturers tells a lot about their reputation. And the three brands mentioned above have it all.


Buying drum hardware is similar to making an investment that should help you in life. As such, you want the highest returns.

My advice is, don’t spend your money on cheap brands. I know there are lots of these out there, and they are alluring with their low-priced items.

For beginners, it may not seem like much, and buying cheap hardware makes a lot of sense. There is a brand you will easily try to find cymbals for under $50. However, the hardware is an extra cost on top of the drum set you buy.

Most beginner drum sets come with hardware included. But it is mostly not the best quality, and you may soon need to replace it.

In this case, brands like Ddrum, Gibraltar, PDP Stagg, Sound Percussion, or any other cheaper brands may not be the best options.

For a good cymbal stand, you are looking to spend around $80 per piece. And this goes for other types of hardware as well. They are not just cheap, and one must make a good budget for them.

Your drumming style should also be considered. I man a jazz drummer, and I think we are a bit lucky since ultra-light, flat-based stands do a great job. They tend to be cheaper too.

I use the DW 6710 Ultralight Straight Cymbal stand, which you can get at around $70. Such hardware is perfect for jazz drummers because it allows them to have a straight stand, yet still out the ride cymbal in the right position.

Using normal straight based stands does not offer the best experience as it tends to force the stand away from the bass drum. Such a position may not be very comfortable.


Another good reason you will need quality hardware is for the sound.

Did you think it is only the drum heads that make sends in terms of sound? Well, you thought wrong. The stands and other hardware have a huge role in the overall sound of the cymbals.

Again, I am talking about the experience of a jazz drummer. Ultra-light, flat base hardware gives your cymbals a chance to resonate and give out sweet overtones. You definitely want this for jazz.

And you have larger, heavy hardware, cymbals tend to sound thin and choked. A good reference for this is the DW 9700 stand. Many jazz drummers have experienced this across the world, but many don’t usually talk about it.


One thing that disturbs many drummers is the weight of their gear. Ask any gigging drummer, and they will tell you carrying their gear around is never easy.  

Hardware bags are heavy, no matter what. You will just have to deal with it as part of your normal life.

But there is hardware that is high-quality and long-lasting, yet very light. Again, I refer to my favorite brand, where the DW Ultra-light hardware pack weighs about 21 pounds. This is among the lightest hardware you will have out there.

For some music styles, like rock and metal, heavy hardware seems to be more functional, and stronger. But if you can get a lighter one, it will make so much sense for you. And it will help you achieve your goals much easier.


Apart from DW hardware, I have always been fascinated by Tama products. Whenever I need something new, these are the manufacturers I turn to.

DW ultra-light stands, for instance, are gearless-tilter, while the Tama Classic Series Flat Base cymbal stand is not.

This may not seem like such a big issue, but I find it very important. I once tried out a Canopus flat based on a stand with gears, and it was not the best since I struggled a lot, getting everything in the right position. The Tama Classic tends to present the same issue.

Some drummers avoid gearless tilters, mostly because they tend to slip over time. But I have never seen them do this in the many years I have used.

The best drum hardware Reviewed

DW Hardware

Drum Workshop has never been disappointed when it comes to offering the best hardware for drummers. One thing I like about the manufacturer is how they focus on innovation.

This is one of the oldest and most experienced drum manufacturers in the world, which means they will understand what every drummer needs and will do everything to deliver.

The company is introducing a new quick-release hardware accessory designed to make setups and head changes much easier.

Consider the QR wing nuts, for instance, which use a spring-loaded quick-release mechanism. It offers a lightning-fast cymbal setup or tear-down for the cymbals. It takes only a few seconds to get everything in action or tear it down after a successful performance.

It also comes with an integrated top cymbal felts that prevent loss. The easily installed seats give them a bigger advantage over any other DW cymbal stand.

If you are tired of losing drum keys, the company understands your frustration, offering the QR drum key wing nut as a solution. This feature comes with full functionality, yet replaces the standard metal nuts with keys, meaning there is always something to use close by.

Another great hardware I have seen is the quick-release snare wire upgrade for its famous MAG throw-off system with 3P butt plate. This is a wonderful unit that includes parts and screws necessary to change any MAG and 3P combo.

I always think of the DW 3000 series Hardware pack when anyone talks about high-quality drum hardware. It is the best evidence of the quality products from the manufacturer.

This series comes with incredible features, and it’s designed for durability and performance. The pack includes four pieces of quality hardware: three solid double-braced stands and a smooth single bass drum pedal. The pedal is smooth and highly responsive, perhaps better than any other pedal you may have used before.

Each piece is made with excellent attention details. They are very strong and durable. Besides, the pack is medium-weight and substantial enough to hold anything you are playing.

Tama Hardware

When you talk about innovation in drum hardware, Tama is one of the names that many drummers will think of. The company has been around for a very long time, offering the best products on the market.

Tama has created a complete all-in-one solution for any drummer who needs reliable and dependable hardware, easy to use. I am talking about the Tama Stage Master Drum Hardware pack.

This is medium weight drum hardware offering great value in an incomplete set. Your setup will remain stable, and hold up anything for serious playing on stage and in the studio. It offers a perfect combination for those seeking an upgraded from beginner set option.

The pack features five pieces of great quality drum hardware, all created to deliver consistency and durability. And the price is amazing.

The stands are very qualified for this level. They are made from top material with a serious focus on performance.

Overall, this is one of the best drum hardware out there. Even though it may not work very well for professional drumming, it is still a worthy contender. Besides, Tama has other options for higher-end gear.


Canopus has proven to be a sharp contender in the market for quality drum hardware. The main aspect of their new line of product development strategy is based on studying some for the most popular vintage drums from different parts of the world.

In simple terms, they take existing products and upgrade them using modern technology. The company’s impeccable craftsmanship is everything the modern world needs.

They recently successfully launched lightweight Hybrid hardware, which has enabled the company to find common ground between the two concepts in the release of the Jeff Hamilton Signature Stand.

The design is based on the thought of the man himself, coming with a flat-base unit and gearless tilter. It also comes with plastic tilter sleeves and caps to prevent rattle.

Cherry Hill Drums

Cherry Hill Drums is another brand that is making a huge impact on the modern market. The company applied a combination of beautifully handcrafted shell and machined metal components.

I had not yet noticed the company until their boutique snares, and bass drum beaters became a hit. And there is a lot more from the company.

A good example is their handmade hi-hat clutches made from brass, aluminum, and bronze, with a choice of wood and mother of pearl accents. And each of them comes with Sonall Percussion Cush pads. They also have drum keys in different sizes and styles, in the same selection hand-milled metals and accents.

As if that is not enough, you get cymbal nuts fitted on either 6mm or 8mm stands made from brass and aluminum.

Cherry Hill recently launched the incredible cymbal sizzlers you have ever seen. They are built on the design of Camco’s two-arm-style sizzlers, offering a heftier frame crafted from solid brass with three adjustment points.


Let’s talk about the Ludwig 400 Series Hardware pack. Although I have had issues with Ludwig hardware, this is one of their products that has made a lot of sense to me. In terms of cheap hardware, you can count on it.

The pack comes as five pieces of high-quality drum hardware that are very functional, and designed to offer the best performance for the money.

The hardware is also made for a strong material, which can withstand all forms of hitting.

The pack includes L416HH hi-hat stand, L426CS Cymbal stand, L435 MBS cymbal stand, L422SS Snare Stand, and L414 FPR Bass drum pedal.

PDP Hardware

I have always wanted to try out the PDP Drums 800 Series Drum Hardware Pack. It is not the company’s best, but it’s great for the money.

DPD is an offshoot brand of DW, which makes its product the same quality as DW. And these five pieces of high-quality and robust drumming hardware tell it all.

Their knowledge of producing high-quality drums and hardware gives them a huge advantage over other brands.

Overall, this is one of the best drum hardware if you don’t have enough to spend on higher-end products. It is a great choice for a mid-range shell pack, although it is marketed as entry-level.

The pack includes HH800-01 3-leg Hi-hat stand, CB800 Straight/boom cymbals stand, CS800 straight cymbal stand, SS800 Snare Stand, and SP450 single pedal.

How Much Is Drum Set

drums sets come at different prices. Generally, you can get one costing between $300 and $1000 on average.

Basically, the price depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the shell, including hardware, custom builds, and handmade ones.

Also, brands offer a different tier of quality, and a number of shells, which affect the price. Using instruments are often great for entry into the drumming world. If you don’t have enough money to invest, this could be a good start.

There are drum sets that cost more than $2000, depending on the quality. This is majorly seen in the world of electronic drum sets.

Where do you buy drum sets?

The modern world has a huge collection of drum manufacturers. Each of them offers different benefits. But the most important part of it all is where the drums are sold.

You can buy drums from a large collection of online shops that offer the best deals. If you don’t have access to a physical shop, you may have the best option.  

It all depends on what you really need. The good news is, you will never lack something good.

What is the best drum set?

Choosing the right drum set can be difficult due to a wide range of factors to be considered. But you don’t want to risk getting a product that lacks quality. Even if you are in search of cheaper options, quality is one thing you should never compromise.

There are several high-quality drums set to choose from. If you have the money, Ludwig Classic Maple 3 pc drum set is a good option. It offers high-quality sound and a great value-for-money.  Sonor SQ2 Heavy Maple 5PC drum set is another good option.

In terms of brands, DW and Tama are the two brands you can count on. Consider the Tama Star Walnut 4PC drum set and DW Collectors Cherry/Mahogany 4pc drum set.


Buying drum hardware can save you a lot of money and time. It is all about getting the best experience from your drums. And I hope you get it from this guide.