Sonor Sq2 Kit Detail

Sonor is one of the leading drums and percussion manufacturers in the world. The company has been making great solutions and is loved by a wide range of drummers.

The Sonor SQ2 is a top-end series of drums that offers the best features. And now, the company has introduced the SQ2 pre-configured program. The program comes with a line of well-established sizes and combinations from the manufacturer, for use in a variety of musical situations.

The program comes with the most wanted SQ2 sizes and configurations. This is a new product line that has the same drum and configuration as the classic SQ2s.

Karl H. Menzel, managing director of Sonor, recently commended that the company has seen a surge in demand for pre-configured SQ2 sizes and configurations.

But bis the main reason behind this increase in demand? I will be reviewing the SQ2 drum set to answer this question.

Sonor SQ2 Drums

Generally, the Sonor SQ2 series offers luxurious kits. What is more, the evolving Designer idea enables Sonor to add better shell finishes, materials, and construction options. Everything is handed over to the drummer in the best finishes.

Sonor has been on the drum market since the late 1800s. Therefore, the company has the best experience and reputation for offering the best solutions.

Sonor is known for making the heftiest hardware. But they have improved in the weight of their drums over the years, and hence, this piece looks in proportion.

Visually, the Sonor SQ2 is a beautiful and attractive kit. The same goodness is transferred into their sound, which consummates with the incredible craftsmanship. Also, they come in different choices.

As long as you have loads of money, you can get this kit. Well, quality does not come cheap.

However, it is becoming increasingly hard to justify the cost of top-end kits. This is because of the quality of many budget kits that have come up. Many drummers are no longer finding the need to invest in a high-end drum set when you can get an affordable option with even better performance.

Nevertheless, drum manufacturers still need to give well-experienced drummers a wide range of individual choices.

Sonor has been at the forefront of delivering great quality for all levels of drummers. The SQ2, for instance, is a predecessor of the SQ2, and it offers most features at an affordable price.

It’s Designer Series put Sonor in the spotlight as they showed how many other brands have followed. But this came with unlimited options, which makes it easier to mess on the orders. There is a danger of mixing up products somewhere between the factory and the supplier.

For this reason, Sonor has bee encouraging drummers to make orders online themselves. This is one of the main reasons for opening the program mentioned above.

The company has re-designed its top-end series with new options for shells, finishes, and hardware. The new SQ2 series and software for designing and ordering are known as the SQ Configurator.

It is the easiest way of configuration your own custom SQ2 kit and a very exciting approach too. One can access this program by logging onto the Sonor’s Website, then going to ‘drums,’ and then to ‘SQ2 drum sets,’ and then finish with ‘SQ2 Configurator.’ You will see a small screen that lets you start creating your ideal kit from a wide range of choices.

This program eliminates the possibility of confusing orders. So, you will not receive an SQ214W39X when you ordered the SQ212W39Y.

The permutations are without limit. They lead you to select the shell material and the type of shell construction that meets your needs. Both interior and exterior finishes are also customized, together with the type of plating your fittings.

From here, look for your perfect mounted and floor toms, snare drums, and gong toms. You can create a combination of features for each individual drum, and the options are endless.

Once you are done with the drums and are satisfied, pick your hardware, also from the revamped 600 lines. The system will put together all costs and give you a unique personal identification number that you will use to complete the order and put down your deposit. From here, you will have to wait for three months while the kit is built and delivered to you.

There is no better way of creating a perfect drum kit but with a program like this. Sonor has been at the forefront of using technology to improve the lives of their customers.


As stated above, the SQ2 drums come in vast choices. And it is important to consider these choices if you are going to pick the right solution.

You will get four shell materials: maple, birch, beech, and X-ray acrylic. The Designed Series only had maple and birch options.

Each shell can be constructed in four different ways (except for the acrylic. Youcan choose from Thin, which has 5mm snare and toms, and 6mm bass drums, or the Medium (6mm), Heavy (8mm), or the Vintage (4mm toms and snare, plus 2mm reinforcing rings, and 6mm plus to 2mm rings on the bass drums.

You will not get metal shells for the snare drums.

In terms of finishes, I love what Sonor is offering here. They have gone further than the Designer, offering seven types of finishes. Pick from the high glosses in solid colors, sparkles, stains, and exquisite hardwood veneer in natural satins. And if you not of these colors meet your needs, there are many other colors to choose from. It all comes down to the specific kit you wish to have.

 There has never been a better way to access a Sonor SQ2 for sale than this. If you are looking for one-up-manship, there is every tool in the box to get you there. No matter the size of the shell you pick, there are 20 premium veneers. Although this will significantly increase the cost, you would still have a beautiful kit.

What you get as a result is something no one else will have. My kit came finished in Silver-Black Sparkle Fade high gloss lacquer. It includes a 22 by an 18-inch kick, a 12 by 10-inch mounted tom, a 14 by 14-inch and 16 by 16-inch floor toms, and a matching 14 by a 5-inch snare. It had metal plating, as a complement to the twin colors, so the lugs and rims at the silver end in black chrome.

The shells and finishes are highly attractive inside and outside. Once you consider the bulked-up fittings, Sonor is a brand in its own class.

The tension rods feature Sonor’s Tune-Safe feature. This means the rods will not loosen when you play the drums.

The sound

The build quality of this drum set is, without a doubt, something worth admiring as it delivers the best sounds. It’s made from birch with thin 5mm shells on the toms and the snare. The bass does not have much strength, though, but it’s slightly thicker on the shells, which ensures more volume.

The snare has somehow bulky double-mounted lugs, which are 20 in number, and single-ended. This looks like a lot of hardware, and yet it does not affect the sound quality,

The cross-sticks on the die-cast rims are a bit loud. But the heavy rims stiff any rim shots. Also, the snare sounds loud and clear, which makes them highly useful.


The Sonor SQ2 is a luxurious kit that Sonor offers for modern drumming needs. And using the Designer concept is a great idea of ensuring the drummer gets exactly what they desire.

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