Sony Mdr7506 Professional Large Headphone

For the past few years, electronic drums have become a trend. They are silent and more portable than acoustic sets. And because of technological advancements, some of them sound just as good as quality acoustic kits.

One of the reasons e-electronic drums are loved is because they are good for home practice, studios, and on-stage performance. 

However, the best performance will not come just by getting the right e-drum set. There are other important accessories one must put in mind to get the best contact with sound. 

And in this case, I am talking about the best headphones for electronic drums and for drummers’ accessories. 

The eight best headphones for Electronic Drums

1.     Sony MDR7506 Professional LargeHeadphone

I never doubt Sony products. And he MDR7506 has been on the more market for some time now. They are among the most durable headsets. The earpads, however, are not as durable, though they are cheesy and easily replaceable.

It offers a medium to high impedance range at 63 ohms. They are also a bit smaller than modern drum headphones, but their sound quality stands out as per the price range.

They are made with a closed-back design that blocks out the outside noise. And the jack is standard, measuring 3.5mm but with a screw-on plug. 

They are comfortable, have a long detachable cable, lightweight, and offer balanced sounds. But they have heavy coil cable, and the earpads are not durable.

2.     Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2 (SIH2)

These are very famous headphones among drummers.

And anyone in the industry who hasn’t heard about them perhaps does not just have the best history with percussion-related instruments. 

The manufactures make many musical instruments, including stereo headphones for drummer. And the S1H2 headphones are the cheapest from the manufactures. 

They are made for noise isolation. And you will realize the ear cup appears a bit puffed up, maybe more than what you are used to. This noise isolation space houses the 50mm drivers. But it mainly serves as noise isolators.

The stereo headphones are rated in the frequency response of 20Hz to 20 kHz. This is the right frequency at the human hearing range with right noise isolation. 

The thick padding helps in pressure reduction. They offer great low-end quality, good noise isolation, and comfort. But they are a bit heavy except for noise isolation. 

3.     Roland V-drums RH-300V

Just one look and the RH-300V will strike you as a pair for headphones for professional electronic drumming. If you have been in the drumming industry for long, then you know Roland for their electronic Drum.

It comes with a closed-back design that blocks out external noise. Also, they are foldable, making them highly portable.

The cord measure 2.5 meters and has a 3.5mm jack with a 6.3mm adapter. Besides, you get 50mm standard drivers and frequency response of 10Hz to 22 kHz, all beyond the human hearing range.

And the best part is the low impedance of 32 ohms. So, to get the best from these headphones, you might need to consider an external amp. 

In summary, the RH-300V comes with high-quality sounds, good frequency, durability, and comfort. The only downside is their high price.

4.     Shure SE846

Perhaps you know Shure for the high-end microphones. And they make a world-class pair of headphones too, like Shure SRH1540 as the example. But if we’re talking about earphones, The Shure SE846 features among the expensive end.

In the box, you will receive multiple accessories; a replacement cable, two cases, one Shure brand cleaning cloth, a single shirt clip, two jacks, one nozzle removal tool, inline volume control, and many ear tips. 

Just a single look with telling you these are professional-grade items. It comes with four high-definition drivers. This makes them produce rich sounds, richness, bass, and accuracy. A low-pass filter makes it deliver great low-end performance, just like a true subwoofer. 

One can adjust their frequency response or replace the metal nozzle.

In summary, this is a high-quality device with four high-definition drivers, maximum sound quality and accuracy, three-way system configuration, and perfect sound isolation. However, they are very expensive and don’t have good quality cords. 

What specs should I look for in headphones?

Many drummers think that the best headphones for drums are those that cost a fortune. Hence, when buying them, they will spend a fortune on a premium pair, as long as the manufacturer seems top-rated. 
On the other hand, some would not mind buying just about anything. As long as they get something that holds their ears and produces some sounds, they don’t care.
Buying electronic headphones for electronic drums is not as easy as it sounds. One needs to know a few tips that contribute to sound clarity, comfort, durability, and versatility.
A good pair of electronic headphones does not have to be too expensive. But you still need quality sounds. Hence, here are some crucial features to check out for.

1) Basic features

What are the basic features that come with headphones? Consider how the controls, for instance, are made. Do you connect with a cable, or do they have a remote control on the audio cable? Or, dot they have buttons where you can control the music? 

How do you turn on/off, listen (play/pause), adjust the volume, switch between tracks, and many other capabilities? Can you use the electronic drum headphones to make/accept a call and communicate?

All these are some of the features most users look for. I would, therefore, recommend going for a headset that has a removable cable (such have a jack connector on each end). In many cases, these cable connections tend to bend and lose their touch. In case they get damaged, and your headphones are still good, simply replace the cable. 

2) Foldable vs. unfoldable headphones

Encumbrance can be really annoying. And foldable headphones offer the best way of reducing this effect. When you fold them, they become more portable, and you can store or transport them more easily.

When you buy headphones, they will often come with a carrying case. The case is designed to take the size of the phone and can be strong enough to offer protection against physical damage. This would be a vital consideration, especially if you invested heavily in the items.

Now, think about the ear cushions inside the electronic drum headphones. There are mostly made from foam and covered with fabric for easy comfort. It can also be feather synthetic or even leather material. The more you use the headphones, the more they carry dirt, wear, and tear. Choose headphones with removable pads so that you can simply replace them when they become useless.

3) Wireless vs. wired headphones

Technology in headphones technology is awe-inspiring. For a while, manufacturers have been trying to bring in better user experience, creating products and are more portable. 

There are, therefore, traditionally wired and wireless electronic drum headphones. The wireless ear-cups work through Bluetooth connectivity.

I like the wired ear-cups more. The maintenance, especially of jack ports, in the electronic drum headphones, is very important. It all keeps the meaning of having headphones for electronic drums. I found ear cups sound output the best consideration for choosing between wired and wireless sound. The wired sound is superior to Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth sound fails to produce the “Hi-Res” signal, and one may have no control over interference. So, ones referred to as “Hi-Res” Bluetooth sound headsets are not even Bluetooth per se.

Apple is the biggest producer of such headphones sound. And the company tries to explain how one can use the charging port with an adapter to connect wired electronic drum headphones. This means you can use them, but in a more technical manner.

Since you must use an adapter, this discourages the user who wants to listen to music while charging too. But this depends on personal preference.

Sound quality 

It is not only the price and the model that makes a pair of drum headphones bad or good. The earpiece that makes the sound should also be included in this conversation.

No matter where you are, your drum headphones must produce sound as accurately as possible. You should not have any doubt on the bass and the treble sounds. 

Based on this, in-ear headphones may be a better option. But you should test how they produce low-pitched sound quality. Besides, they take up much less space than larger drum headphones. 

The in-ear headphones are designed to fit inside the ear canal. This feature blocks external noise making a more focused sound. 

When playing electronic drums, especially in a noisy platform with your band members, these are the best options.

5.     Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Beyerdynamic is a brand known for high-quality products. And the DT 770 Pro connects perfectly with electronic drum and general use. 

It comes with a dynamic, stylish design that is typical of the company. In the box, you will get the DT770 Pro, 80ohm pair of headphones, an adapter, and a carrier pouch. 

It features a clear, sharp, and thick design. Also, it features a tangle-free cable with rubber and plastic protection.

The padding is very impressive. It holds well around the ears and offers great comfort. 

Overall, it is perfect for professional recording and monitoring. They are also durable and lightweight. Only that they produce rattling noise when full.

6.     Sennheiser HD280PRO

Sennheiser HD280PRO is a professional studio for electronic drums headphone. They were released in 2003 and have been on the market ever since, undergoing several changes in design and features. They have never disappointed users, and all who use them always have positive reviews.

It has extended frequency response, producing a naturally clear and warm sound. They have padded ear cups which are quite comfortable, with sweat-resistant features. You can wear them for a long duration.

And the best part is, you can replace the headband padding, audio code, and the ear pads. Its closed-ear design for maximum isolation and frequency response make it a great professional item.

It is lightweight and comfortable. The only downside is the cord feels heavy. 

7.     Alesis DRP100

The Alesis DRP100 electronic drumming headphones are for electronic and acoustic drummers. It comes with a 6-feet cable and a 1/8 inch jack.

They have great noise reduction by 32 decibels and have a sweat-proof headband. 

It comes with good sound range, high noise reduction, and sweat-proof. But you will need an ear cup to sit tight for high noise reduction. 

8.     Blue Satellite Premium Wireless Noise-Cancelling

Blue Satellite is also a very expensive pair of headphones. And you can see why at first glance. They are highly functional, durable, and wireless. 

The electronic drums headphones feature two drivers in each ear cup and ANC amplification. 

ANC is a technology that cancels outside noise. 

They are rechargeable and can last for more than 24 hours on Bluetooth alone, or 8 hours with ANC. 

These pair of headphones are made truly for an electronic drum. Its design is interesting, and it covers frequencies of 16Hz to 22kHx.

The only downside is its high price. Also, the Bluetooth connection doesn’t always produce the best sounds.


There is no doubt headphones are a vital accessory for electronic drumming. And choosing the right headphones is critical. We have seen some of the best products on the market, and it is a good idea to ensure you pick one that meets your needs. I hope now you can make a more informed decision. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I Need Headphones Designed For Electronic Drums?

The simplest answer is yes. You need the best headphones for electronic drums designed specifically. I used to think any electronic drum headphones can do, but I was disappointed when they did not work as well. 
Electronic drums with headphones may look like a normal pair of electronic drum headphones. But they bring out those clears sounds you need from the hi-hats and the kicks. 
In simple terms, not all electronic drum headphones are made to work with e-drum sets. Also, not all headphones made for electronic drum kits will serve as they are supposed to. I learned this is the hardware, and you shouldn’t go through the same.

Can you play games with headphones?

Now, just because you are seeking electronic drum headphones, it doesn’t mean you cannot use them for other things. It is vital to consider if you can play sport with headphones. 
In this case, I would suggest you pick Bluetooth enabled headphones. You can use them for different tasks without having to disconnect from time to time. Also, perhaps you should pick drum headphones that enable you to make a call. This means you can do much more with your headphones in isolation.