Getting the right gear for a drummer goes beyond just having the best drum heads. Several other things have to agree with your heads’ quality, and one of them is the snare wires.

Drummers put snare wires on the resonant head, which is at the bottom of the drum head. This is where it is held in tension using tension rods.

Many beginner drummers do not know much about these accessories, which makes them get bad-sounding snares without knowing.

Snare wires are crucial to the sound production of your snare drums. If you loosen the wires, you get and open, resonant sound. And when you tighten them, you are looking at a classic snare crack, with a fast attack on the sound.

I cannot say which sound is right in these cases since sound is a very subjective matter. It all depends on what you prefer. Some drummers want the open, resonant sound, while others prefer the fast attack.

It also depends on the type of music you are playing. Some genres sound nice with the open snare, while others only make sense on the classic snare crack. In this guide, I will be talking about the best wires for the snare drum.

Why should you consider a good snare wire?

How do you feel when you are playing your drums on bad drum heads? For many drummers, it can even be the end of the drumming dreams.

Nobody wants to listen to bad-sounding drum heads. And even though we have said that sound is subjective, you can always tell when some drums are sounding like crap.

Hence, every drummer wants to invest in the right heads their budget can afford.

The same thing goes with snare wires. You should not assume that you will have good sounding just because you have expensive snare heads, and therefore but poor-quality snare wires.

The snare drum is one of the most important components in their drum set to most drum players. It is not just because it’s the most hit piece, but because it mostly defines how your music will sound like.

It is the snare wires that set them apart from the toms and the bass drums. This means snare drums are special, and therefore you need to get special snare wires for them.

However, the snare wire is one of the most overlooked parts. They sit humbly among the other important part of the snare drum, which makes them easily unnoticeable.

Many of us have unknowingly attributed that perfect sound that comes from snare to our heads. We think the sound is only clear because we have invested in the most expensive heads.

Well, I am not saying that the head is not important, but the part that ties up sound with a clean little ribbon is the snare wire. It is just what you need to ensure a clearer sound output.

What are the best snare wires?

In my journey as a drummer, I have used so many snare wires to polish my sounds from a snare drum. It has also used different sizes of the drum.

However, as I continued to learn more about drums and the sounds they produce, I could always feel like there was a little detail missing.

It was not until it started experimenting with those coiled pieces of wire that the snare started performing to its full potential.

The right snare wire will give you the clarity of the snare sound you need. These are the parts that contribute to a sound that is punchy, fresh, or dirty.

In other words, you need to understand the snare wire you are buying and the sound you expect to get in the end. If you are looking for then punchy sound, there are snare wires to this effect. Or if you are looking for dirty or fresh sounds, you also know what to go for.

It is hard to tell exactly which snare wire is the best, considering the different tonal needs we all have. Apart from this, snare wires vary in quality.

My advice is that you should try out different items until you get one that makes more sense for you. It is always good to ensure you have a perfect tone before buying these products.

Apart from this, here is a list of 5 best snare wire options reviews.

5 Best wires for snare Reviewed

PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire, 30 Strand, 14-inch-S1430

PureSound Percussion is not a new player on the market of drum accessories. The company has been around since 1995, offering some of the best solutions for drummers across the globe.

Today, they have a wide range of normal snare wires as well as vintage wires for older drums.

Here is one of the best products for a modern snare. It comes with steel-alloy wires with end clips. The wire works on any snare measuring between 12 and 14 inches.

It features 30 medium, gauge strands, which makes it more present on the snare. You can include your snares into the fillers of your drum playing, helping you create those cool ghost notes more clearly.

The coils are evenly placed, making sure they can fit in any snare bed without using too much force. This is also the feature that helps this snare wire to give incredible dynamics. Besides, it comes with great sensitivity that delivers a fat and meaty tone.

Despite being a good product, it has a few errors that are worth noting. Some users have said they could not find the balance of the snare sound, even when fixed tightly. Also, the wires tend to pick up noises from the other drums, which creates some discords.

Nevertheless, the good outweighs the bad, as this snare wire will get your tone through other instruments clearly.

Pearl SN1420D Ultrasound Graduated Tension D-Type with 20 strands and cords

Pearl is one of the best drum and drum accessory companies in the world today. The company was started in 1946 and a distributor of flutes, drums, percussion instruments.

The SN1420D 20 Strand snare drum wire offers a tighter tension than many other wires. The outer wires come fixed with looser tension, enabling you to achieve a finer and more articulate tone when the snare is hit at the center. The edges give a more sustained tone with a wet effect. You can play on either surface according to the needs of your music and your preferences.

The wire is fitted with tabs for losing the snare cord, ensuring and an even fixture. Users also have the option of applying a ribbon attachment according to their needs.

The only downside is there does not seem to be a lot of people talking about it. This could help a lot in deciding whether it’s worth your money.

PureSound Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire 24 Strand

Here is another product from PureSound that should be worth looking at. They come with high-quality brass coils that deliver and improved performance. You may not use the brass always, but it can be a good thing to improve the tone.

PureSound does not disappoint when it comes to making high-quality items, and this one is no different. It comes well-balanced and adds a certain level of subtlety that you may not find in other snare wires.

You want to use this wire in less aggressive music styles like jazz. Also, it comes with several alignments to ensure easy positioning. This is one feature that takes a lot of complexity to achieve. The 24 wire strands come from high-quality material. This makes the wire strong, even for regular users.

Perhaps the only downside is that this wire is a bit subtle compared to others.

Sabian SBPB42 42 Strand

Sabian has been making high-quality drum sets for very many years. It is one of the top drum manufacturers in the world, which means you can trust its products.

These snare wires from Sabian are well known for their dependability. The SBPB42 is constructed for the most demanding snare drummer.

The most notable feature is that it comes with 42 strands. This high number of strands is there to ensure you snare give in a clear tone even when you hit the hardest. It does not give any unwanted noise, which one features every drummer’s desires.

It is also very good at getting rid of excessive low frequencies. The snare will still ensure you are hard without getting drowned out.

And if that is not enough, the snare wires are made with that distinct Sabian sound, which spells quality.

This is one of my favorite wires for its clarity. Besides, it’s versatile enough to work for different music genres.

There are no complaints about the quality of this snare drum wire.

Gibraltar SC-4467 20-Strand

If you are looking to save money or have so many replacements for your snare, this snare wire from

Gibraltar SC could be a good solution for you. It comes as a standard 20-strand configuration wire, which delivers a classic neutral tone. Every drummer will like this product.

Besides, it is compatible with many other brands, as long as you only use the 14-inch snare drum range. Well, you may notice abnormal features on your snare sound, but that should be ok as long as you can stand them.

This snare wire offers plenty of punch, which will give some life to your drum set. It is a great option for soft rock, jazz, and a matching band.

This product will not solve buzzing on the downside, and it’s designed only for 14-inch snare drums.

Frequently asked questions

How do snare wires affect the sound?

The more wires are on your snare, the more you will notice a difference in their feel. Fewer wires give you a pure sound. More wires mean a crispier and brighter tone. These features are important when it comes to different music style needs.

How tight should my snare wires be?

You can tighten your snare wires, depending on your tonal preferences. Some like them loose for a darker sound, while others need them tighter for a brighter tone. However, it is best if your snare drums are tight since it makes them crispier and sharper.

Best 42 strand snare wires

The Sabian SBPB42 is considered by many drummers the best 42strand snare wire. It is a very dependable and long-lasting product that will give you’re the best service.

Best snare wires for jazz

The PureSound Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire 24 Strand comes with a certain subtlety that is not common in most snare drum wires. This makes it perfect for jazz music and similar music.

Best snare wires for rock

The right snare wire for rock is a 24 stand and above. For instance, the SBPB42 42 strand snare wire is a strong product built for demanding snare drummers. It offers fewer unwanted noises, which every drum player would be glad to enjoy.


A good snare drum wire is a necessary addition to your drumming gear. I hope the products reviewed above help you make the best choice. Choose a snare wire you are comfortable with within a sound.