Evans Ec2 Clear Drum Heads

It is just natural. Drum heads do not last forever. You will use them, and within a short time, they are won, demanding from others.

Finding the best drum heads at the best price is not always easy. Sometimes drum heads are also called drum skins, even if it’s not 100% correct. Drums skins refer to other percussions instruments, such as the djembe, jamboree

This is true, especially when you want the most of your snare, toms, kick and other elements of your drum set.

Note that the drum material is not exactly metallic, which is why it wears out with every pounding.

You don’t even need to wait for it to wear before looking for a replacement. Many times, the drum heads you buy with your kits are not the best. It might have stayed in the store for a time, which caused a reduction in quality.

So, just go ahead and get your drum heads for toms. You will always get good quality in budget drum accessories heads, suited for any type of music you play.

I know choosing may be overwhelming since there are so many products on the market. But this guide should make things much more manageable.

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The best drum heads for toms in [currentyear]

Here are some of the best choices you will find in the modern market.

Evans G2 Clear Drum Head Pack

Any modern drummer will be more than delighted to have Evans G2 Drum heads. They are among the best heads for toms, offering a clear and well-rounded tone.

These drum heads work well for all types of music. If you are looking for lots of clarity and punch, there is no better place to find them but with the Evans G2 ones.

Evans used two plies of 7-mil film, creating a perfect blend of depth, sustain and attack. One thing that makes them even more functional is their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of music genres.

I have been using the Evans G2 drum heads on my toms for quite a while now, and I understand just how good they are. The tuning range you get is like nothing I have ever seen. Take them as low or high as you, and they will never disappoint.

Compared to Remo Pinstripes, they are not as dampened, and the sound is less warm. However, they offer better tonal clarity and projection, which makes them favorite for many users.

They are incredibly applicable for rock music and will give your drums a truly natural sound.


  • Professional quality
  • Good tonal clarity
  • Wide-open response and fat low


  • Possible unwanted overtones

Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head Pack

Remo products have been highly regarded as some of the best in the modern market. And the legendary Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Heads tells it all. This is one of the most popular drum heads in the world. And there is a good reason for this.

Their warm and open tones make them highly articulate and responsive when played. They are made with a single-ply 10-mil film that works beyond expectation. They have been proven time-classing within the drumming community.

These drumheads are a representation of industry-standard, for quality. They are resonant drum heads, with versatility and ability to give out natural tom tones.

They offer wide tuning ranges for those who love to test their limits. Also, they come with an open sound that works best with medium or high-pitched tuning. The single-ply construction gives them a longer sustain than what you get from twin ply heads.

There is no doubt that Ambassador drum heads by Remo are the best for toms. No matter your music style, you will feel the punch and the tone bringing you right home.

They are most applicable for jazz, blues, light rock of pop genres.  


  • The most popular brand in the world
  • The incredible tone for jazz and blues
  • More sensitivity and open tones.


  • Single-ply means they are not as durable as two-ply heads
  • Not suitable for rock or any heavy playing
  • You may want to do some muffling or dampening to get the perfect tunes.

Evans EC2 Clear Drum Heads

The Evans EC2 Clear Drum Heads feature on the list of top drum heads for toms. They come with a high-level dynamic range, fast attack, and a good level of sustain.

Evans designed them to offer a lot of punch. They feature two 7-mil in films that make them strong. The sound shaping ring on the outer edge helps in dampening and controlling overtones.

For rock drummers, their drum heads are a wonderful choice. They are easy to tune until you get a full-bodied sound.  

I tried using these drum heads ones, and my toms sounded killer. Their attack and warm-low combination make them punchy and musical.

They are made to last long while delivering a lot of dynamic range. They sound incredibly tuned high and low.

If you need some new drum heads for your beginner-end drum, these could be an excellent choice. You can use them as an upgrade for your current heads too.


  • A wide dynamic range
  • Long-lasting
  • Good mid-deep tone


  • They are not as responsive because of two-ply.

Remo Pinstripe Clear Drum Head

With Remo quality products, you can never doubt the quality of the Pinstripe Clear Drum Head. They are incredibly durable and offer a warm, focused sound.

There is a reason these drum heads feature in the world’s best drum heads for rock drum. They are made with 2-plies of a 7-mil film with a distinctive pinstripe for overtone control.

The combination of their excellent durability and a full-sounding drum tone has made them popular among many drummers. Hence, they are the go-to choice for professional drumming.

These drum heads are some of the best for live and studio performance. And since they are pre-dampened, warm, and focused, their sound is truly inspiring.


  • Controls unwanted overtones
  • Durable
  • Well-rounded tones


  • Two-ply is a bit damp.

Remo Emperor Clear Drum Head

Once again, Remo proves its reputation with its Emperor Clear Drum Head. They are versatile and deliver an ultra-clean sound.

Remo made them with two plies of 7-mil film clean projection. They offer the best function while ensuring durability and a warm sound for a wide range of music styles.

They are musical enough and have been appreciated across the world of professional drummers. They can play rock, fusion, funk, pop, metal, R n B, and any other genre.

If you have used Remo hardware before, then you know these are not products to joke with.

The good

  • Incredible attack and projection
  • Bright tones
  • Versatile


  • Require a lot of muffing or dampening.
  • Less durable

Evan Onyx 2-ply Tompack Coated drum heads

The “tompack” designation in their name should immediately tell you these are drum heads for toms. They come in sizes 12, 13, and 16 inches to fit any tom nicely.

Each feature two plies of film measuring 7.5mil. This means they are very durable. You can practice harder for longer without worrying about breaking them. It sounds incredibly consistent.

They feature a frost coating that gives a matte black finish while increasing low-end response and attack. They have been reputed as having a perfect aesthetic and sonic compliment to the same manufacturer’s bass heads.

The frost coating also dampens the attack effect. The result is a rich and full sound that will make you feel at home.

There is nothing to worry about the quality too. As a US product, and more so an Evans, these heads have everything offered.

Evans is one of two main drum head producers on the market that has a solid reputation. Many people have been impressed and recommended the company for what they have been doing.


  • War, full and rich tone
  • A great attach
  • Ideal for a wide range of music styles, including rock
  • Long-lasting

Evans Hydraulic Glass Tompack

This is another pack designed for toms. The drum heads come in ‘fusion’ sizes, of 10, 12, and 14 inches for easy fitting on your toms. They are, therefore, good for different types of drum set configurations.

It is also made of 2-plies, measuring 6.5mil. Besides, this is an extra layer of thin film of oil between the two plies. The dampen any overtones you do want.

They produce a short, deep, and fat sound that takes you back to the early 1970’s rock. The tuning will affect how the sound comes out too. A low tune gives a satisfying chest thump sound for heavier genres. Higher tuning, on the other hand, gives you a bright and longer sustain.

You have several options to get the best for any musical genre. Small intimate venues will come out with a blast.

The double-play design means they last longer than single-ply ones. Their US-made tag echoes the quality.


  • A wide range of sizes
  • Easy tuning
  • Two-ply for durability
  • Great sound quality


  • 2-ply features are not as resonant as single-ply

What are the best drum heads?

There are so many drum heads on the modern market that perhaps getting the right product seems overwhelming. But there is an easy way of telling the best drums.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The brands

One of the best ways to tell the quality of your drum heads is by checking the brand. There are a few reputable brands, where you will pay more, but the quality of products pays you right back. They include:

  • Remo. They come with their famous crown-like logo that comes to mind for many users when you mention drum heads. The company has been operating for more than 60 years and under Remo Belli, a legend of today. There are so many innovations in the drum realm that are associated with Remo. For instance, they made the first successful synthetic Mylar ® drum heads. And today, the company is an important part of millions of drum sets across the globe.
  • Evans. Evans is another world leader for drum heads. It was founded in the 1950s by Chick Evans, and just like Remo, it is a major player. Evans was the first person to use polyester film in making a drum head.
  • Aquarian. Roy Burns is the legendary drummer who founded Aquarian. It was started in 1987 and instantly became a world company. And for more than 30 years now, the company has been creating high-end products for drummers across the globe.


You are considering a new drum head because you want better sound. Among other things, the sound is one of the most vital things to keep in mind when making your choice.

You want drum heads that can affect your drum sound to great lengths. It will determine whether you get a bright, or warm sound and the overtones you may get.

And sincerely speaking, there is no telling specifically what the best sound is. Each drummer understands their drumming styles approach sound from different angles. Hence, it depends on individuals.

Also, there are different drum heads designed for different music styles. Therefore, look at your drumming style and apply the same when searching for drum heads.  

Excessive overtones make the sound seem blurry and indistinct, which is not the tone you want. You can minimize them to get a clearer tone, but then you need good drum heads.

Single or double-ply

1-ply and 2-ply are the two main kinds of drum heads. They are defined by how they sound, wherein one play is made a single-ply while double-ply is thicker.

A 2-ply drum head is more suitable for heavy-hitting, like metal. Thinner ply is recommended for jazz and similar lighter genres.


Drum heads come either coated or clears. Clear heads offer brighter sound while warmer ones offer warmer.  

It would be better to use lighter genres and coated for harder music. But this is not always the case since different drummers feel different.

Do drum heads make a difference?

Yes, drum heads make a huge difference. The quality of the drum head you buy determines the sound quality you get.

Different drum heads are designed to give different sounds. Each drum head is more or less suited for specific genres and playing styles.

For a jazz player, a clear single-ply head is perfect. The head is clear, with resonant tons of sustain. This means you get lots of dynamics in your performance. But aggressive playing can easily break it.

Double-play heads are more suitable for rock and metal. These are music genres that require heavy pounding. The spectacular resonance and sustain you get to make your drumming counts. But they won’t work well for swing and light music styles, because you cannot get the desired tones.

Many drummers don’t hold onto specific music styles. Hence, you need something more versatile. You need a drum head that balances well between resonance and control. Hence, coated heads are very important. Their tone is quite good too. You can also use pre-muffed heads for the same reason, specifically on the bass drums.

How can I make my toms sound better?

You can make your toms sound better by first getting the right drum heads for toms. As seen stated above, the drum heads that come with your kit may have overstayed on the shelf and lost some of their value. This means they are not the best option for you.

The list above provides an overview of the best drum heads for toms the market has to offer. Just make your pick based on your music styles.

And once you have bought one, replacing the old one is not a big deal. An issue may arise when you consider tuning them.

In this case, you need a drum key to replace and tune the drum head. Most drum kits come with manuals that show you how to tune the drums effectively.

What is the difference between batter and resonant drum heads?

Drumheads are defined by two sides: the upper and the lower parts. The upper, or top of the drum head is called batter heads. It is hit by a drumstick and producer most of the sound that comes from the drums.

Resonant heads, on the other hand, are placed at the bottom of the drum head. As the name suggests, they produce the resonance needed to make drums sound clearer.

These two sides are important to each other. When you hit the batter head, the sounds go from batter head to resonant head. It does this many times, creating some form of vibrations.

When tuning drum heads, you need to ensure both the batter head and the resonant heads are tuned appropriately.

Also, consider this aspect when buying drum heads. Thicker heads at the bottom are more resonant. You can count more on resonance; they make more sound.

Thicker heads generally mean more vibration, overtones and sustain. This is why you need to choose thickness according to your music genre and personal preference.


At first, choosing the right drum head may seem complicated. But as you continue drumming and learning, you will realize there is so much you can do to get the best.

In this guide, I have shared some of the features that make good drum heads for toms. The reviews and the brand mentioned should make your choice much easier.

The more you play, the more quality you get. Low-grade heads may be cheaper, but break easily and will be costly in the long run.

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