Audio Technica Ath M50X

Studio headphones are a must-have for any musician. Whether you’re recording, mixing, or mastering your music, a good pair of headphones will give you the best sound quality possible. However, with all the different models on the market, it can be hard to find one that suits your needs perfectly. That’s why I have put together this guide comparing 10 of today’s best and most popular studio headphones on the market so that you don’t have to do all the research yourself.

I have been using headphones since I was a little child. I remember how difficult it was to find the perfect pair, but now that there is a lot more research available on the best headphones topic it’s much easier.

Read my Best Studio Headphones Review and you’ll have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs.

10 Best Studio Headphones for Recording in 2021

2021 is a year when most people are working from home due to the corona pandemic. Therefore, whether you are a producer, a musician, a gamer, or just someone in need of good sound, it is important to have a good pair of studio headphones.

Here we present you with the best studio headphones for recording in 2021. I will discuss some aspects that make them so popular, and also provide their pros and cons:

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless studio headphones are the latest addition to their gaming range. They offer advanced features and have a few new tricks up their sleeves, which make them stand out from other models on this list. To improve sound quality, they come with an external transmitter that can be placed in front of your monitor or TV set-up.

This means you will not need any cables running across the room as it connects wirelessly through Bluetooth. It has a swappable battery (it runs at 12 hours), so if there is no power available, just swap out batteries and keep working – very convenient. The headband adjusts using ski goggle style straps, which means the headphones will not move around as you are playing.

Build Quality

The Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless headphones are built using a steel frame and an extremely comfortable synthetic leather headband. The earpads are made of memory foam, which means they adjust to your ears for ultimate comfort during long gaming sessions.


The best studio headphones review should mention sound quality. The headset has a great frequency response and the 40mm, drivers, in both ear cups will give you amazing audio. If you are looking for closed-back, these might be your first stop on the list.

It also features “Astro RGB Lighting” which allows gamers to personalize their googles with various colors across six zones. These colours can correspond to specific game events or just match up with what is already set up on their gaming rig.

They are not open-back headphones, which assure a great noise cancellation application.


• Best audio quality

• Great frequency response

• Lightweight design for comfortability

• Long battery life for gaming and audiophile listening sessions (up to 24 hours)


• Expensive

Bottom line: Go for the Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless if you are looking for a pair of Best Studio Headphones with great audio quality.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is another great option for studio headphones. These have an impedance of 250 ohms, so they are not as powerful as some other pairs and will require amplification when used with certain devices such as mpc’s. They also offer a closed-back design, which is great if you’re looking to keep external noise out.

The DT990s have a very natural sound quality that eliminates any coloration in the mix or mastering process. This makes them perfect for mixing engineers who need accurate hearing all day long without fatigue setting in quickly. The headphones come with replaceable velour ear pads that can be removed easily after being worn down over time by people who like to wear their headphones while working out frequently (sweaty ears!).

Beyerdynamic offers a warranty on their studio headphones as well, which is a huge help for people who are looking to buy in this price range. The DT990s have been around since 1983 and they’re still top-selling today because of the design that makes them perfect for DJs or sound engineers.

These headphones also come with an affordable padded carrying case so you can take your workstation anywhere. No worrying about damage happening while transporting it from place to place.


• Best for DJs and sound engineers

• Durable design guarantees a long life span

• Excellent sound


• High price point is a turnoff for most buyers.

Bottom Line: Beyerdynamic has been making high-quality products since the 1980s, so you can’t really go wrong with these headphones if your budget allows. It should be a great choice for any buyer.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M50X

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X is one of the more expensive studio headphones on the market. It also offers a lot of features that make it worth the price. One of these is its excellent sound quality.

These are some of the best studio headphones for mixing and mastering going onto this list. They provide detailed audio with accurate reproduction and an extended frequency response range (15-28000 Hz).

These headphones have ear cups that rotate 90 degrees in either direction to enable single or double-sided monitoring so you can hear what’s happening from both left and right channels at once if desired. The ATH M50x has fairly decent comfort considering there isn’t much padding around your ears; however, users who wear glasses may experience discomfort after prolonged periods due to a lack of soft cushioning.

They are not open-back microphones, another feature that promises focused sound.


– Durable and rugged for long studio sessions.

– Coiled cable reduces tangles and keeps the cable out of your way.

– High-quality sound


• Some users may not like the stiff band around the top that rubs against their ears.

• A bit heavy

Bottom line: These studio headphones provide quality sound for monitoring audio when recording vocals and live instruments. An excellent choice for you.

4. Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser is a company that offers customers the ability to enjoy audio for anything from music, movies, and television. Their HD 650 closed-back headphones provide optimal sound quality with their closed-back design which provides natural noise isolation so users can hear only what they want while also preventing ambient noise from interfering with their listening experience.

The frequency response of these studio monitors ranges between 16 Hz – 102 kHz and an impedance level of 250 ohms meaning it will be able to handle high volume levels without distortion even at high frequencies. The earpads are softly padded as well as contoured to ensure comfort over long periods of time.

Best yet, there’s no need for batteries or power cords because this Sennheiser comes equipped with two detachable cables. One is a coiled cable for extralong cord lengths and the other is straight to plug into devices at close range such as computers, phones, or mp players. You can also find this kind of feature in Shure SRH1540.

If you are looking for the best studio headphones 2021 which excellent sound quality, consider the Sennheiser HD650 Pro.


• Excellent sound quality, even at high frequencies

• Detachable cables for easy storage and long cord lengths

• Softly padded earpads


• Expensive for some people’s budgets

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a pair of studio headphones 2021 that offer increased sound quality, take some time to research the Sennheiser HD650 Pro. It’s a good piece that will give you a richly satisfying tone.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770

Beyerdynamic DT 770 is another studio headphone you want in your studio in 2021. They are designed with the best quality and features that you can get. They have a frequency response of 12-38,000 Hz which is the best for any studio headphones.

They are also closed back so there won’t be any ambient noise getting into your ears while producing music or listening to beats at home. The ear cups are made out of protein leather instead of leather which makes them more durable and comfortable on your ears.

Sound Quality

I used the Beyerdynamic DT 770 in my studio and their sound quality is beyond what I had imagined. They also offer great sound isolation and are closed back so you won’t be able to hear anything going on around you while listening at home or producing music. I liked the mid-range and the bass response.


• Best frequency response for any studio headphones at 12-38,000 Hz

• Best sound quality with a great range of bass and treble in the mix. Very good low-end audio monitor that is clear but not too overpowering which makes it perfect for mixing and mastering.

• Protein leather ear cups are durable and comfortable on your ears so you can be productive longer without ear pain or discomfort because they’re closed-back like I mentioned before.

• It also offers excellent noise isolation


– A bit heavier than most

– Not the best for monitoring live sound

Bottom Line: If you like listening for hours then these are the headphones for you. Best sound quality and a great range of bass to treble ranges in the mix are perfect for mixing.

6. Sony MDR 7506 Review


The Sony MDR 7506’s has a metal headband and ear cups that offer the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and isolation. They also come in either black or silver. The design is simple yet it serves its purpose well. They don’t look amazing but they are not bad in any way as far as looks go.


There is plenty of padding on the inside to make it soft against your ears and to help keep noise out. They offer excellent headphones studio solutions for long listening sessions.


Even though they are not made from any special material such as steel or aluminium, these headphones feel durable enough for even long-term use without fear of them breaking down quickly.

Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by this pair is fantastic with a wide range going from bass all the way up to treble ranges making it great for mixing music because you hear everything well balanced throughout. Excellent mids and highs.


These pro headphones come at an affordable price for everyone. This makes the pair great if you need something inexpensive but still want good quality sound without buying really cheap ones from third-party sellers online who have used or broken pairs themselves.


– Good sound quality for a great price.

– Long-lasting

– Very comfortable


– Not very good looking

Bottom line: Buy the Sony MDR 7506 headphones if you are looking for good studio sound without spending too much.

7. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review

Many things make the Sennheiser HD 280 Professional Quality Music Headphones a favourable purchase. With an extended range and full reproduction of sound, it is both practical and enjoyable to use these headphones in any situation or application. These headphones are perfect for a professional looking to create the best sound quality or even someone who just appreciates a great listening experience.

Build quality

Sennheiser is known for making high-quality products and these headphones are no exception. With a sturdy yet comfortable design, you can count on the HD 280 Pros to last for many years of use in any environment.

The only downside is that they do not come with an attached microphone or other features but given their price point; I would say this negligible issue does not outweigh all the good points. But they have a detachable cable, with a close-ear design.

Sound Quality

I used the HD 280 Pro for my studio projects and they sounded great. The headphone’s sound is accurate and clear, in my opinion, the best studio headphones for mixing that I have used so far.

A lot of people use these as their main headphones for listening to music on any occasion because they are good at everything which makes them very versatile.

I also found it much easier to mix and master songs using these headphones than other models with a more bass-heavy design or noise cancellation features; though you need your own preferences when making this choice.


– The headphones are lightweight and feel comfortable on your head.

– Their sound isolation is high due to their closed-back design

– Great for mixing instruments with low frequencies


– They don’t offer much protection against outside noise

Bottom Line: These are the best studio headphones to buy if you are looking for a reliable model that will work on any occasion.

8. AKG K240 Review

The AKG is a brand that has been well known for many decades and their products have always been of high quality. These headphones are no exception to this rule, which makes them perfect for studio use. For those who record or mix music on the go, these could be your best buy because they don’t take up much space in luggage and offer all you need at an affordable price point. Here’s what I liked about the AKG K240 model:

– The sound isolation is great due to its closed-back design; though it doesn’t offer as much protection against outside noise as other models with more bass-heavy designs or noise cancellation features.

– The sound quality is also quite good, with a frequency range of 12-28000Hz and an impedance rating of 32 ohms.


– The AKG K240 model is lightweight

– It also offers the ability to fold up into compact nooks when not in use

– Excellent sound


– Some users found them less light and comfortable so than other models because of the lack of padding at either side of the headband.

  • The semi-Open back design is not good for live situations

Bottom Line: The AKG K240 headphones are ideal for those who need quality sound without having to spend too much.

9. AKG K371 Review

The AKG K371 studio headphones are the best we’ve tested when it comes to recording. These comfortable over-ears have a closed-back design, so you can listen to your mix without the worry about it leaking into your recording. They also come with three different cables included and a long, coiled cable for mobility.

They are responsive, with a wider frequency range than the other models we tested. With that said, they’re not as comfortable for hours of wear (the earcups get warm), and this model is also more expensive than our Best Overall pick. That’s why these AKGs didn’t win in terms of bang-for-your-buck.

These over-ear headphones have been on the market since 1991 and remain one of the most popular studio monitor headphones because they deliver an accurate sound across all frequencies – from high to low. This means you can mix your music without hearing either too much bass or treble; it sounds even through both ears. The headband has padding around it which provides additional comfort, and the ear cups are generously sized for extra room.


– Durable

– Accurate sound across all frequencies, from high to low

– Headband has padding around it which provides additional comfort and ear cups are generously sized for extra room.


– The headband can get a little tight but is adjustable

Bottom Line: The AKG 371 headphones are perfect for those looking for a professional-quality piece of equipment at an affordable price. You can rely on these to get the job done.

10. Sennheiser HD 800 Review

The Sennheiser HD 800s are, by far, the best headphones for mixing that has been tested. This high-quality open-backed beast of headphones can create an open and large soundstage with very natural sounding audio. Their generous ear cups and ultra-soft padding ensure a wonderfully comfortable listening experience.

They also do a great job at isolating outside noise, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Build Quality

Sennheiser is one of the most trusted brands in terms of quality. The HD 800s look and feel like they’re worth way more than their price tag.

The build quality is top-notch, with a stainless-steel headband that’s beautifully polished to perfection. They also come with interchangeable cables which ensures longevity in case you need to replace the cable at some point down the road.

I wish all headphones came this well-built so we don’t have to worry about breaking them from day-to-day use.


If you are looking for top-quality studio sound, go for these Sennheiser HD800s. They are designed with the best sound quality in mind.

The HD 800s are the most spacious sounding headphones you can get for under $1000, bar none. Best of all is that these models come with a frequency response range between 15-38kHz which means they will deliver nothing but clear and crisp highs as well as deep rolling bass tones.


– Excellent built quality

– Best sound

– Clear highs and deep rolling bass tones


– Expensive

– High sensitivity to outside sounds.

Bottom Line: These are the best studio headphones I’ve ever owned so far. It feels like you have nothing on your head while still having a tight seal around your ear which is great when recording vocals or any instrument really because it lets in more ambient noise than closed-back models do. They are a worthy investment.

Best budget studio headphones: What are some good budget studio headphones?

If you are looking for good studio headphones but running low on budget, there are several great options for you. Here are some ideas:

Best studio headphones under 100

If you are looking for Best Studio Headphones under 100, there are many great options. Here’s some of them:

– Sony MDR750L/R Professional Large Diaphragm Over-Ear Monitor Headphone

– Audio Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Stereo Headphones with Coiled Cable and Carrying Case

– Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohms Semi-Open Dynamic Studio Headphones (250 ohms)

– Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Closed-Back Sealed Circumaural Ear Protection Noise Reduction Ergonomic Design – Black Oyster Finish

– AKG K 240 Semi-Open Over ear studio headphones with detachable cord – black or silver finish.

Best studio headphones under 50

Some of the best headphones under $50 include:

– Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

– Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Lightweight On-Ear Headset with Built-in Mic for PC, Laptop, and Mobile Devices

– Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass Closed-Back Stereo Monitor Headphone (Black)

– AKG K72 Semi-Open Over ear studio headphones with detachable cord – black or silver finish.

– Edifier H840

– Samson SR850

– LyxPro HAS-10

– OneOdio Pro-10

– PreSonus HD7

– Behringer HPS3000

Even though they are cheap, these headphones can compete with the best headphones on the market.

What headphones should I get for music production?

There are many headphones for studio production out there. However, here are the features that make the best ones:

– Headphones for music production should have a good frequency response to give you a clear sound.

– It is also important for headphones to be comfortable so that they don’t strain your ears during extended periods of use.

Here are some of the best studio headphones for mixing, apart from what I have reviewed above.

• Klipsch Sennheiser HD280 Professional Headphones have ear cups designed with thick padding and large openings–perfect for studio use.

• Audio-Technica’s ATH M50X offers over 40mm drivers in each ear cup, providing full-range audio reproduction capabilities and crystal clarity throughout their pro-noise-canceling listening experience.

• Beyerdynamic Best Studio Headphones are perfect for those who need a closed-back design. The DT770 Pro offers 40mm drivers that provide powerful, well-balanced sound and can be used at high volumes without experiencing listening fatigue!

• The Sony MDR750 has an open-back design which means natural ambient sounds not only come in but out as well–perfect if you want to hear when there is someone talking or the phone ringing while recording vocals!

• Beyerdynamic Best DT990 Pro Closed-Back Professional Monitor headphones offer more than three decades of engineering experience behind their design. Passive noise cancellation provides excellent attenuation from outside noises and these studio-quality headphones also feature precision-engineered ear cups providing ergonomic comfort.

How do you choose the best studio headphones?

There is no one simple answer, but there are some important factors such as comfort level, sound quality, and frequency response that should be considered when choosing your next pair of good studio headphones.

In general, more expensive studio headphones offer better audio fidelity than cheaper ones so it may be worth investing a little bit more money if you plan on using them often. Some also prefer closed-back or semi-open designs which allow ambient sounds to come through while others opt for an open design where their surroundings can hear everything they are listening to.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Choosing the right studio headphone models depends on personal preferences, but there some important factors like comfort level, sound quality, and frequency response that should be considered when choosing a new pair of studio headphones.
  • In general, more expensive sets will have better audio fidelity than cheaper ones so it may be worth investing if you plan on using them often. Some also prefer closed-back or semi-clear designs where ambient noise can leak in while others opt for an open design where their surroundings can leak in.
  • Best studio headphones also come with different types of ear cups and headbands, so choose the one that is most comfortable for you. Best Studio Headphones for mixing artists should have a frequency response range between 20Hz and 20000 Hz as well as an impedance level of about 32 ohms or higher. Monitors may need other specifications like a lower noise floor or more emphasis on treble frequencies depending on what they’re being used for.
  • The best thing about studio headphones is that there are models available at various price points for just about everyone’s needs: some models start around $200 while others can be found up close to $1000. There are even headphone sets specifically designed by musicians which offer premium sound quality and are optimized for studio use.


I hope you enjoyed this best studio headphone review and found it helpful when trying to decide which headphones would best suit your needs. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out.