A tambourine is not an instrument many would wake up excited to buy. Like a triangle, it belongs in a group that is often:

• Ignored

• Looked down on or

• It simply is not played when it’s there

And yet, you will be surprised that a tambourine is a wide range of music ever created. It is an instrument known and used across the globe.

Tambourine is a term that denotes an instrument that has a drumhead. Some types don’t have drumheads, though.

Also, it’s available in different shapes, most commonly circular.

Every culture has a certain variant of the instrument. Perhaps you have seen a handheld drum before.

Other differences include:

  • Jingles. Some manufacturers use cheap metal to make their tambourines, which ends up making noise instead of good sound. This one has high-quality metal.
  • The shape of the tambourine. Most tambourines are circular, but there are variations, with this one offering a unique appearance.

Let’s look at some popular products.

15 Best Tambourine Reviews and the Best Tambourine Brands

Here are 15 of the best tambourines and brands on the market.

1. Meinl Percussion Recording-Combo Wood Tambourine

Meinl is not a new name in the world of percussion music. One of their best products is the Recording-Combo wood tambourine. It is a perfect solution for those new to tambourines and needs something more affordable.

If you want something quality and affordable, consider this tambourine.


• Double row zills

• Reputable brands

• Suitable for stage and studio


• Lower end

• Made from laminate wood

2. Grover Pro Projection-Plus

The best piece for professional performance. It offers a great mixture of the classic world and modern technology.

This is an excellent example of an expensive and professional tambourine. The Grover Pro features a mixture of classic construction and modern technology.

The drumheads are made from natural skin, and the zills are hand-hammered from high-quality material. Its solid wood shell and incredible metal alloy guarantee sound.


• Highest quality

• Excellent customer care

• Double row cymbals


• Expensive

• It might not be very durable

3. Rhythm Tech Drum set Tambourine

This piece may not be the only drum tambourine you will find, but it’s an excellent choice for hatchings. Do you want to add a little ching to your hats? Rhythm tech has the perfect solution.

The tambourine attaches to the hi-hat on our kit. You can also play it by hand if you want to sing with it or reduce the stick noise.


• Affordable

• Double row jingles

• Durable and sturdy


• Only one color

• Not for hands

4. Latin Percussion Cyclops

A great sound solution at low-budget for drum kits. It is easy to attach to the hi-hat.

It is pretty basic and affordable but offers top-notch musicality. It is one product you will not regret buying.

You can tell a pro tambourine from its price. Although some are pretty cheap, most of them come from the higher price tier.


• Light

• Low cost

• Easy to use


• Only one row of cymbals

• No good sound

5. Black swamp 10” Sound Art

This professional concert tambourine has everything that defines the highest quality. You can use the tambourine with regular percussion sets. One can mount them on a stand as part of their drum kit or hold and play them by hand (tapping, shaking, or hitting).


• Solid wood

• Real calfskin

• Great for studio and stage


• Expensive

6. Black Swamp BSTD2S 10-inch

A great piece with responsive sound. It comes with a clear calf skinhead, measuring 10-inches in diameter. The double row of Phosphor bronze cymbals is excellent for delivering articulate and deep sound.

This responsive tambourine comes with an ergonomic handle for comfortable handling. If you are a university student studying percussion music, you will find this piece exceptionally good.

This is one of the most expensive tambourines on the market.


• Professional performance

• High quality

• Great sound


• Expensive

7. Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn Tambourine

This affordable instrument features a fiberskyn 3 drumheads of excellent sound. The instrument is pre-tuned to all types of music.

The sound from this piece is authentic, classic, and warm. The acoustical shell does look not only good but also very durable.

Remo is a popular brand known for making high-quality drum heads. This piece is good for both beginners and professional drummers.


• Quality products. The quality of products sold from Remo is unquestionable. All come from reliable manufactures.

• Affordable. If you are looking for a quality and budget-friendly tambourine, this is one of the brands you can trust.


• Double cymbal layer

• Reputable brands

• Top-notch sound


• May now last long

8. YMC TAM20

The unique design of this tambourine makes it an excellent choice. This double-row tambourine features a half-moon design with 20 jingles in a double row.

It’s its shape that assures excellent sound. Also, it made from heavy-duty plastic, making it strong and durable.


• Versatile. Whatever your needs are, this product has something to meet them. They offer a wide variety of features designed for specific purposes.

• Excellent customer support. If you have any questions or concerns about your products, there is always someone ready to help.


• A great design

• Good sound

• Versatile


• No drum head

9. Remo Praise Tambourine

This instrument comes with an 8-inch drum head and colorful graphics. Remo stokes a wide range of percussion instruments, among them the tambourine.

It has a praying hand on the head, making it more attractive. It delivers a bright, sweet, and rich sound.

Also, the instrument is lightweight and durable. Those who need a worship service tambourine will find it very useful.

They have been offering excellent services to many musicians across the globe. Here are some features that make Remo a great place to find your first tambourine:

• Reliable

• Great customer care

• Versatile products


• Good for praise

• Long-lasting

• Good sound


• It’s not very versatile

10. Pro Half Moon

This half-moon tambourine comes with an ergonomic grip. It’s loud, warm, and deep.

Everyone who listens to the sound from the tambourine finds it enjoyable. It is made from plastic, which is a durable material. That also means you can use this piece for many years.

Also, the tambourine is water, dust, and wear-resistant. You can get it in the red color, which gives it a modern appearance.


• Warm

• Great design

• Long-lasting


• No drumhead

11. LMI transparent Tambourine

This transparent tambourine is a popular choice from LMI. It comes with 5-toned jingle pairs. The head is made of clear plastic, which is a unique choice compared to other common instruments.

It features the best quality material and hence, durable. It’s plastic, which also means lightweight and easy to use.

Soft edges give the user a strong grip. And its sound is deep, clear, and bright.

This could be one of the most attractive tambourines you can ever have. It comes with an amazing clear head.


• Good looks

• Top sound

• Affordable


• Single cymbal row

12. Cannon UPTAMB6S04H

This 6-inch tambourine makes a great addition to any drum kit. It’s one of the most common instruments of this nature on the market.

It comes with a 6-inches head and four jingles on one row. The head is organic and non-tunable, promising clarity and quality in the tone.


• Portable

• Excellent sound

• Good appearance


• A single zills line

13. Toca Jingle-Hit

Mount this tambourine on your hi-hat, and you have top-notch sounds. It’s durable and strong. It comes with a 6-inch drum head and Gibraltar dual post mount.

The 6-ply construction of the piece makes it strong and long-lasting. You can play it either with your hands or using a drum stick. The rubber surface does not bruise hands.

It carries five double-row nickel-plated jingles for brightness and clarity in the sound. You will find this instrument handy.


• Easy to mount

• Double cymbal row

• Good sound


• A bit expensive

14. Rhythm Tech RT1010

The best for non-percussionists. It’s one of the most played tambourines in the world. Instead of the usual round styles, this handheld tambourine features an elliptical shape.

It is made crafted from molded polymers with double-row nickel zills. This makes it produce great sound overall.

Not many people buy tambourines. The cheapest tambourine is plastic and with nothing on it. And the most expensive is at the complex Arabic rig or Brazilian pandeiro.

So, when you finally notice it and want to have one, the Tech RT1010 could be the right one.

Just like any other brand, this company many types of tambourines on the market.


• Easy to handle

• Multiple colors

• Affordable


• Few zills and less projection

• No good sound

15. Pearl Elite Concert 10-inch tambourine

This professional tambourine features a goatskin head. Double-row cymbals mean better sound. Pearl is a well-known brand, which makes this tambourine very reliable.

It is mid-priced and better than most higher-priced and lower-end models. It’s designed from solid wood, steel zills, and the head made from goatskin.

Double-row cymbals are just what every user would expect from a good tambourine.


• Reputable brands

• Professional

• High-quality construction


• Expensive

• Few reviews

What is the best tambourine to buy?

Before choosing a tambourine, you should be sure of what you need. I can say every tambourine is good.

It only matters where and how you want to use it. Here are some considerations to note if you are:

  • A singer. Do you want to play some rhythm as you sing?
  • A drummer. Do you want to add some texture to your beats? Or perhaps complete your percussion setup with a unique sound.
  • A percussion. Are you seeking a 4more complete instrument, and maybe use it on a whole rhythm?

These are some of the scenarios that a tambourine can work sit well.

A tambourine does not always have a drumhead. Some styles require the use of a circular frame with metal jingles.

However, they all come with small metal cymbals called zills. The zills also serve as finger cymbals in some music types.

Modern tambourines come framed of wood. Some are plastic and can use skin or synthetics as drumheads.

What you spend on your tambourine determines its quality. That means more expensive ones offer better features.

With that in mind, consider the Meinl Percussion Recording-combo wood tambourine. This is a versatile instrument for those who want something affordable.

How do you pick a good tambourine?

With so many products on the market, it can be quite challenging to choose the right tambourine. But don’t worry, that does not mean you will not find one that fits your requirements.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

• Your needs

Every musician has different needs when it comes to choosing their instruments. Hence, consider when you need a percussion instrument or drumming accessories.

If you are a singer, you will need something that compliments your voice. It can be a great accompaniment if you choose carefully.

• Build quality

It is very crucial to pick something that will last long while offering you the best sounds. Tambourines are made from different materials, ranging from metal to wood to plastic.

• Shells. The tambourine is made with wooden shells. Plastic is often used, but that is primarily for cheaper options.

• Heads. Excellent sound comes from pure skinheads. Be sure to check the material of the head based on specific tonal needs.

• Brand

Brand matters when choosing any musical instrument. A more reputable manufacturer is most likely to offer a reliable product.

Take your time to go through the available options.

Meinl, Remo, and Grover are some of the best brands on the market.

• Price

You get what you pay for.

The same applies to tambourines. Higher-quality ones will feature exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

There are tambourines designed for professional performance, while others are for amateurs. Price is among the factors that make these differences.

What is the difference between a timbrel and a tambourine?

• A tambourine

The tambourine is an instrument in the percussion family. It features a frame (mostly wood or plastic) with pairs of small metal cymbals.

The cymbals/jingles are known as zills.

Every region has a variant of the tambourine.

• Timbrel

A timbrel is also known as a tablet. Ancient Hebrews call it the top, while Islam calls a deff. Moors from Spain call it adufe.

It was a fundamental percussion instrument in ancient Israel. It looks like a modern tambourine.

It is understandable why many people would confuse a tambourine for a timbrel. They are more or less the same instrument. Only that the timbrel is ancient, while the tambourine is modern.

Does Walmart sell tambourines?

Buying your first musical instrument can be overwhelming. It is important to consider where you are buying from.

Walmart is one of the most popular online stores for musical gear. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician, you can be sure to find something good here.

Professional Tambourine

Find a professional tambourine if you are in for serious music. From a distance, it looks like a simple instrument, one that you easily make by hand.

But there is much to tambourines that meet the eye.

As stated before, there are different tambourines for different applications. A professional tambourine is designed to deliver top-notch sounds.

Choosing the Best Tambourine from the Best Tambourine Brands

Before buying your tambourine, it’s essential to do your due diligence. Many brands will tell you they offer the best tambourines, only to disappoint with low-quality products.

Top manufacturers

If you are looking for the best tambourine, consider the following brands:

  • Remo. The Remo TA-5210-70 Fiberskyn tambourine is an excellent example of high quality, affordable tambourine. Remo is a reputable brand known for make great drum heads. You can therefore trust this not to disappoint.
  • Meinl Percussion. Meinl is not a new name in the world of percussion music. One of their best products is the Recording-Combo wood tambourine. It is a perfect solution for those new to tambourines and needs something more affordable.
  • Grover Pro. This brand is known for offering the best customer care services. Their Projection-Plus tambourine is a professional piece designed for aspirin concert percussionists. You can count on the quality of the products they offer.
  • Latin Percussion. This manufacturer brings you a wide range of tambourines for specific uses. It is a reputable brand with a long history of quality.

There are many other brands, but these should be enough to start. Most importantly, always think about the quality of the product you are buying.

I hope you can now pick your best tambourine. The products reviewed above are all from good brands.