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Best Drumming Video Games

There are so many ways of learning to play drums today. You only need to identify the approach that makes you feel more comfortable.

One of my favourite methods is using drumming video games. They offer a great and fun way to learn virtual drumming by yourself or with friends.

Of course, they will not be as effective as using real drums, but they are still effective in learning a few things about the music drum set.

For instance, drumming games can help you learn coordination and rhythm effectively with virtual drumming.

But you still have to pick the right games. Many platforms are offering these games.

I will be reviewing the best drumming video games in this article to help you choose more easily.

Video games

Rockband 4

Rockband 4 is one of these music drum set games that could easily be the only video games that can help in terms of learning drums. And this can be proven by the fact that it’s one of the most widely known band simulator games series globally.

When I first downloaded the games, I thought it was going to be really hard. But after playing several, I realized it operates on a very simple principle.

The user needs to get several players to play as a team pressing the right keys on their devices at specified times to play. In the latest version, up to seven players can be involved at the same time. But you can also play solo if that is what you prefer. You can play with multiple options.

The music drum set games come with several controllers. In the case of drummers, you get a set of mock drummers that look like electronic drummers. The basic set of 4 drum pads and one pedal makes it look like you are playing drums.

One can also connect an e-drums to play it, though you will have to buy additional gears to play.

This is one of the coolest music drum video games on the market today, available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Taiko No Tatsujin

Taiko No Tatsujin is another well-known music drum video game, especially in Japan. It is found on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The games work on a similar principle as the Rock Band. The rock band is all about pressing the right buttons as they appear on the screen for playing.

This game has become very popular, more so because you can find it on almost every platform. As if that is not enough, you can play it on a normal controller included with the device to play.

My order came with a special controller that resembles a taiko drum. And you could get the same too, for the best experience.

When it comes to the best drumming games, it has to help you develop certain skills. In other words, it is not only for fun.

These games have such characteristics. For beginners, you will learn coordination and some rhythm, which could be helpful when you get the real drums.

It is easy to play, too, and affordable. This makes it even more interesting as a great learning experience.

MTV Drum Scape

Those who have been around for some time understand the essence of arcade games. And the MTV Drumscape is one of the best.

The game is not long gone, though, but there are still a few rare sports that still has it.

Do not think it is no longer on the market because it was a failure. On the contrary, it was among the most successful drumming simulators.

It featured a complete set of e-drums for playing together with a list song and a screen. One could even try playing in rhythm with these tunes in playback.

Band Hero

Talk to anyone about classic drumming video games, and they will mention Band Here. This spin-off of the popular Guitar Hero series, Band Hero. It is one of the virtual drumming games that really made the world go crazy.

The Rock Band developers made the sports in the beginning. And it picked up quickly as a major enjoyment for different players.

In the games, there were electronic drums too, and it was more like the Rock Band game. But the rock was more aimed at teenagers looking to have great fun.

In other words, it was more of a fun than any learning tool for drums. Nevertheless, it was a good one.

Guitar Hero

Before Band Hero, there was Guitar Hero, a game that was created in 2005 for PS 2. The game is no longer the same since it has been upgraded to serve other gaming consoles.

The game was originally a guitar-only virtual game, but it soon became the main competition for Band Hero.

It made a lot of success when the programmers decided to include a vocal music drum microphone and a virtual drum set. That was the beginning of a wonderful band experience.


Melodics is a drumming game that has gained a lot of fame across the drumming industry and beyond.

Technically, it is not even a drum video game. It’s more of a gamified application that helps the user better understand how electronic drum sets are used.

So, if you own a set of e-drums and want to get the best from it, you could try some fun. And in this case, Melodics should be a great help.


Patapon is another drumming game that has been widely appreciated. It is not really a drumming game. It does not include a virtual drum set.

However, I have added to this list because it is a strategy game in which the gamer gets attacked by a warrior tribe. The only way to beat the warriors is when you use the power of your drums.

The game is quite an intuitive, entertaining, and creative idea that lets you get the best out of your drumming skills. The idea is to keep a steady rhythm.

It is more suitable for those who have an old PlayStation Portable. Try this game for fun.

DrumBeats VR

DrumBeats is a VR Game in the same league as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It requires the player to hit the blocks coming at them at the right time.

The most interesting aspect of this game is perhaps the song list. It will help you gain some rhythm skills.

Free Drum

Free Drum is virtual drumming device can be used to play drums without real drums. It is played with Bluetooth devices, drumsticks, and your foot. Once you connect your phone or computer, the sensors will pick where your sticks are.

Can you use virtual drum games to grow your skills?

There is a lot of fuss around using drumming games to learn drums. Some say you can gain a lot of experience from this, while others think there is nothing much.

The debates on the efficacy of video games have only expanded on over the past few years. Many agree that their games are very fun and enjoyable.

However, some people get addicted to them, which makes things look back.

But you can get the best of both worlds. Some of the games are really educational and interactive.

You can play them yourself or with family and friends, which makes them more social. There are, therefore, not just for fun but for improvement.

However, I believe this matter is quite subjective. It comes down to personal preference and how you use the games.


Drumming video games can be a fun and engaging way to learn new skills and improve your drumming abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drummer, these games can provide a fun and interactive way to practice and improve your skills.

However, it’s important to consider carefully the game you’re going for, as different games may have different features and levels of difficulty. Some games may be more geared towards beginners, while others may be more challenging for advanced players.

It’s also worth considering your goals and what you hope to achieve from playing the game.

Are you looking to improve your timing, coordination, or technique? Are you looking to learn new songs or styles? Once you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, it will be easier to find the best drumming video games that meet your needs.

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