Arturia Spark 2

Modern drummers are finding the best drum VST plugins more and more useful as technology in the industry continues to surge. But the term VST holds a pretty wide meaning. 

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Today in this article, I will be talking about all categories, including virtual drum libraries, percussion libraries beat drum kit machines, drum machines, and everything else that goes with drum VST plugins. 

One of my favorite techs has been and remains to be, an Xfer Nerve. This drum technology comes with a kick of everything you need to create wonderful audio.

Here you can find the => Best Chord Progression VST Plugins selection of [currentyear]!

What is a VST plugin?

The acronym VST means Virtual Studio Technology and, as the name suggests, it is one of the best of all drum technology that helps a wide range of music enthusiasts create and save studio-quality audio addictive music.

It is important to understand what the three types of VST Plugins are designed for. Here is an overview:

  • VST instrument: These are plugins that create audio. They come as either addictive drums virtual synthesizers or samples. Most of the VST instruments on the market stimulate the features and sound of common synthesizers. This includes options like Massive, FM8, and Absynth, among others.
  • VST effects: As the name suggests, these are technologies that improve audio. They don’t generate audio, they only process it, and these plugins work like audio processers. This is where you find reverbs and phasers.
  • VST MIDI effects: These are plugins that translate MIDI grooves messages and send the data to other VST instruments and devices. 

The best drum VST plugins drum kits are used by Digital Audio Workstation. In other words, you will need to download the Best DAW on your computer before connecting your audio equipment.

These tools have become some of the most critical applications for drummers in the modern industry. Many times, they work as hardware outboard gear emulators. Hence, you can find them most being used with compressors, expanders, equalizers, and maximizes.

For instance, they can be distributed to simulated specific hardware models. If you want vintage compressors, you use vintage hardware that emulates your particular needs.

Even with the explanation above, you may still notice some people failing to understand this technology. That is why I like breaking it down more.

Plugins can be seen as the most affordable and easiest way to create a home studio that creates professional sound.

The best Drum VST plugin lets you make your home studio come to light. 

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford to record their sounds in a studio with their preferred drum plugins. Besides, it sounds very expensive just to create an audio sample to play along with your drum performances.

For this reason, most people are finding working from home more applicable. Thanks to drum VST plugins, it is not possible.

What is the best drum VST software?  

The truth is, the best drum vst plugins have become a necessary addition in the studio. You will not find any studio that does not have this technology.

The thing is, we cannot all afford the original instrument because of financial constraints. If you bought all the tools that the drum VST plugins emulate, it would be the best way to get original music. 

However, resources may be enough. Consider, for instance, the spaces all those instruments would take, and the people to play them. And we have not even talked about the buying costs.

For this reason, you need to get the best plugins.

However, there are so many VTS plugins on the market that choosing may be overwhelming. 

Here are the top 8 options.

1. Geist 2

Geist 2 By FxpansionGeist 2 By Fxpansion

Geist 2 by FXpansion is one of the most popular options in the world. They come equipped with a more expanded music environment. 

The plugin is great for creating beats as well, and sound sculpting. It offers great inspiration for developing new ideas. 

Features like deep sample manipulation, arrangement, and modulation capabilities make lets you work flawlessly. 

It is equipped with an easy to use and highly reactive interface. It also lets you upload or record samples straight to pads. And you can also slice them, which creates a great sequence of beats. 

The retro-capture function and trigger scenes keep pressure out of your recordings.

I enjoyed using the plugin to create evolving polyrhythmic beats with each of my tracks. Also, functions like event portability and new track TransMod modulation is a great way to build excellent compositions. 

You will also enjoy resizing, rescaling, and reconfiguring vector interface. Every superior drummer has their needs, and the product lets you tap into your great imaginations to create music that sounds professional.

It is also equipped with new Circuit-modelled filters and effects. On top of these are the loop point modulation, 64 pads for slicing more extended loops, and many other cool features.

The Geist 2 drum VST plugin is equipped with a vintage sampler mode that lets you emulate a touch of old school sounds.


  • A great and scalable GUI plugin
  • TransPod for serious effects
  • A nice approach to live in sequence.

2. Xfer Nerve 

Xfer Nerve

Xfer Nerve

I have placed the Xfer Nerve second on this list, not because it is any less than the Geist above, but because it is among my favorite plugins. The fact that it comes with super easy to use interface makes it an intuitive product altogether. And, to say the least, this product is worth your investment. 

You get such great names behind this software, like SampleMagic, Dom Kane, SampleSquad, PowerFX, and more, making it greatly reliable.

At first, you will think it is ancient, due to its basics UI. But this is not the only interesting part; it comes with the capability to produce excellent drum sounds.

For those in need of patterns like single hits, kits, MIDI mapping, and step sequencing will find this software greatly useful. They are all very basic. 

It GUI comes with three main sections, the Pattern editor, pads and waveform section, and the mixing part. Because of this simplicity, finding any section on these three will not be any problem. 

This is a powerful plugin that comes with a powerful internal step sequence. It has a diverse sample library and the ability for custom samples. Create files with any format, including WAV and REX. 

The interface is one of the most interesting sections. It is greatly compact and carries a hassle-free functionality. The huger number of original sounds onboard makes it all worth your investment.

And if they are not enough, you can create your own original xln audio. Sound on a hard disc can be sculpted and added to the existing one. It allows for onboard editing, with 22 pre-calculated DSP types with simultaneous functions.

Play around with slicing and re-arranging loops until you have the perfect sound. You may wish to note that the Nerve comes with up to 16 slices of the loop. They all have slice points that can be adjusted.


  • Best samples 
  • High-end effects section
  • Excellent GUI
  • Sidechain compression included.


  • There seems to be an issue with MIDI mapping.

3. Arturia Spark 2

Arturia Spark 2

Arturia Spark 2

 If you have been working with plugins for some time now, you may already know Arturia. It is one of the most reputable software on the market for the simple fact that it is high-quality.

Spark 2 is a front-line Drum VSR from the brand. superior Drummer all over the world uses it with their computers to create excellent music. 

The software comes bearing analog synthesis, sampling, and physical modeling. It also supports a mix of three engines, enabling you to get the feel of a real drum machine. 

It comes with a collection of high-sounds, which separates it from other hardware. And you will be sure to love the features that come with it.

The step sequencer will allow you to tap into your creativity. Start creating your own patterns without much thinking.

It also comes with automation features that enable you to create and edit sample automation. Use Pencil and Line tools, for example, or the XY pad to make better xln audio.

The mixer and amp effects bring out the familiar interface for controlling level, pan, insert effects, and many other functions. 

Another great feature to note is the module engine, which features a synth. This feature comes directly from TAE technology.

It is equipped with six assignable macro knobs for controlling individual sounds and loops. This feature gives you great control.

With the MIDI controller, you can always make different mixes for maximum enjoyment. Also, import/export AIFF, WAV, MIDI, and REX2 files easily onto the Spark2.


  • A new and good-looking GUI
  • A library for vintage drum machines.
  • Stable


  • REX support
  • Inconsistent genre-based content.

4. Toontrack EZdrummer 

Toontrack Ezdrummer

Toontrack Ezdrummer

For many years, the EZdrummer 2 has been offering wonderful free Drum kits VST Plugins uses. It is a fully professional yet extremely affordable software.

As one of the oldest drum kits free plugins, it has greatly evolved to provide all levels of functionality. The plugin offers a good solution for home and mid-size studio solutions. 

If you want to get directly into your rhythm, or user power hand features, for instance, preview, you can do it on this software. It also comes with five complete kits, with additional instruments. 

It is power by EZmix effects is a great way to create compressions, reverbs, delays, and EQs. And 40+ expansion kits make it highly adaptable to all types of music.


  • A beautiful interface
  • Excellent sounding
  • Top-notch song creator


  • It compels for extended sound editing skills. 

5. Imagine-line Drumaxx plugin

Image Line Drumaxx Plugin

Image Line Drumaxx Plugin

Image-Line is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to DAW software manufacturing. Their legendary FL studio is everything you can expect from great software.

Apart from this, it is a great developer of the best drum VST plugins. They have been helping sound and music enthusiasts, and professionals create great sound.

It comes with a great interface with 16 physically created drumming virtual pads. A large collection modeling possibility covers various sounds from kettle-drums and cymbals.

It features several inputs for sound processing. And its integration effects carry several presets, all useful for any type of drum sound. 

You get more than 130 drumkits, more than 900 addictive drums 2 patches, and more than 200 drum sampler patterns. You can get these with any VST2 host. 

6. Native Instruments Battery 4

The Native Instrument Battery 4 is one of the newest versions on the market. It is an addictive drums 2 sampler that comes from a reputable German company. It has been creating some of the best music software and hardware for audio building, production, and DJ things.

This is a plugin that comes with a lot of great stuff. You can rely on the huge library of samples onboard. 143 top quality kits offer excellent music creation.  

Even though it comes with many options, you will be glad to learn it’s very easy to use. The main functions include L-R switching, volume, Key Range, reverse, phase invert, and such simple controls. 

Electronic music producers will find this tool incredibly cool. A user can buy it separately, or together with a complete NI Ultimate package. 


  • An excellent plugin 
  • Value for money 
  • A reputable brand.


  • It is a bit high on the price.

7. Single Cycle Vintage Drum Elements

Single Cycle Vintage Drum Elements

The sound of an old analog drum machine gives the world of superior drummer an awesome experience. And for many superior drummers, nothing feels better. 

The Single Cycle Vintage Drum Elements is an AU/VST plugin that mimics the great sounds and the looks of the greatly acknowledged Yamaha RX5 drum machine sound. We have seemed some of the great icons, including The Pet Shop Boys, use these features. 

The hardware comes bearing four drum kits. The Yamaha RX5 kit one and kit 2 are my favorite. But the other two kits, Synthetic kit, and the Ethnic kit are equally functional.

Apart from there is a single set of FX sets and four instruments. You will love the Bass, the Clavecin, the Marimba, and the Orchestra. 

I like how easy it is to use. And since it comes with a 12-pad traditional layout, you will enjoy playing the drum machine. 

It is a free drum kit plugin, which perhaps is a great thing. However, you will miss out on the cool functionality that comes with premium products.


  • An excellent product from a good company
  • Serves an AU and a VST software.
  • Easy to use.


  • Being all free means not very many features.

8. Superior Drummer 3

This superior drummer 3 plugins comes with a huge collection of controls and processing capability for immense drumming. It comes with 230 GB of original addictive drums 2 experience. the superior drummer 3 kits will react well to MIDI input, apart from reacting well to the Tracker technology. 

Also, it reacts excellently to an audio track, as you can use artificial intelligence in place of drum sounds. 

Seven addictive drums 2 kits were recorded from many microphones. You will also appreciate the placements onboard, as well as up to 11-channel surround. For those who like mixing and marching drums, there are various kits, with a library of 25 snares. They are echoed by more than 16 kits and hundreds of electronic usability. 


  • Library from a George Massenburg, a re-known Engineer
  • A comprehensive MIDI library.
  • Great mixing and blending capability,
  • An immense drum studio.


  • Vintage sounds may not be great for some drummers.

What is the best drum machine for live performance?

When it comes to achieving the best sounds from a drum machine, it all comes down to choosing the perfect machine. Live performance can be tricky if you are not able to choose the right gear.

And since there are many options on the market, it becomes even more confusing to choose. Hence the best drum machine for life performance should come with the following characteristics.

  • Made for your needs. You want something that will fulfill your goals. This means you need to first describe what you want from the machine.
  • Sound quality. You need to know how a good drum machine should sound like. Classic drum machines did not have the best quality, but modern technology has improved on this.
  • Ease-of-use and the right features. Well, you don’t want something that will give you too much trouble to understand, but you should not go for a cheap-quality with fewer features. 

Some of the drum plugin reviewed above come with great functionality as drum machines too. Hence, it is even easier knowing the right one.


With the current rate of technological advancement in the music industry, you may want to pick the right drum VST plugin for your needs. I hope the product above makes it easier for you.