Carlsbro Ceda50Xxx Electronic Drum Amplifier

Drums played significant roles in recent years. However, with technological innovation, several digital instruments have been added to the mix. They all aim at making the work of the drummer easier. The amplifiers now play a vital role in the music industry.

However, this does not mean that these amplifiers came into action recently. The Carlsbro amplifiers and other electronic drum kits were designed in 1959 in Nottingham town, England, by Sheila Mercer and Stuart.

The company is among the eldest manufacturers of guitar amplifiers. Everything from their drums to accessories is particularly good in every sense. They have been able to design and construct amplifiers needed by drummers and guitar players. Therefore, this article will cover various Carlsbro Amps that have been designed.

The amps made by Carlsbro have different unique features suitable for contemporary music genres. It will significantly reduce your workload and raise your level of performance. Therefore, let us look at the details of these excellent amps by Carlsbro Company.

Carlsbro hornet 45 bass amp

Carlsbro kits made by the Carlsbro Electronic limited from England have serial numbers stamped onto the early valve amps’ metal. They are used to identify the original ones. You can see it at the back of the device.

These Carlsbro amps offer excellent quality, and it does impress the listener always. It delivers a warm tone and high quality, and the amp is one of the most incredible 45’s that are available in the world.

It features an excellent quality valve-style warmth that is loud and very portable. You can use it in any part because you can carry it to all the remote areas that you can go to. The valve is made to give it an amazing first-time impression.

These older model 45-combo amps also feature a 12 inches speaker, and the sounds include reverb, gain, bass, and treble. It has two channels and four input ports, meaning that it works perfectly with other instruments.

However, it can be tricky to get a new kit because it was made many years ago. The available ones are old and refurbished, but they are in perfect condition. The device has a port for earphones that make it possible to use it in your apartment.

The speaker produces a high-pitched sound, but some buttons can help you tune the amplifier. It has a perfect shape that makes it easy to store. Al drummers, including the beginners, because they have a few configuration settings, can use it.

I have used the Carlsbro amps for over a decade now, although I bought it from a friend. I had to repair some parts and make it more attractive. It is now in good condition, and most of my friends are yawning for it now. Reverb sells these used kits at excellent prices. Visit their website with all rights reserved and find this amp and other related products.


  • These amps are easy to tune and use.
  • All players can use it.


  • It is hard to find it.

Carlsbro 90 bass amp

This Nottingham-situated company made several amps that are still currently outstanding. It has a single speaker large enough to produce perfect sound. The speaker is 15 inches, and it is loud enough to keep up with the acoustic drums.

It is in excellent condition although it has been in use for several years. The amplifier’s type is a combo, which most players in the music industry prefer this Nottingham model.

It is among the most preferred amps in Britain and Nottingham because it is cheap and offers what we need. The 90 bass amp was designed for gigging musicians with one, to three keyboards. It is not the Mick McNeill’s type that has its own stage 12 channel mixer.

The Carlsbro amps are black with a dark grey instrument fascia combined with elegant orange lettering. You can easily use it because you need only to have a little knowledge of the device.

How to use it

Plugin the Euro-connector if you no plug supplied, and then flick the main switch at the back panel. The speaker will flap, and next time you want to switch it on, ensure that the volume is turned down.

The little red lights on the panel of these amps should be glowing. The front panel has 12 knobs, and keyboard amps should not add tonal color to their inputs. The three channels on these amps are provided with identical gain, bass, and treble controls.

Carlsbro also added not one but the other 2 effect loops. They make the kit to be livelier and add taste to the music produced.

You can find these Carlsbro amps on There are other related products on the website. You will see its features and share them with your friends and family. The websites have all rights reserved, and all the first-class instruments are delivered to customers.


  • It has all the configuration knobs that you need.
  • It a wide speaker for quality sounds.


  • It is a bit expensive but high-quality.

Carlsbro Fatboy amp

Carlsbro’s Fatboy amp is a magnificent amp with a 1x 12 combo. It is the right amp that will leave you smiling all the time. It has sparkly fender cleans, and when the channel is kicked in, it produces a marshal crunch.

It is a versatile and loud compo amp that is excellent for practicing, gigging, and producing a range of great valve sounds. This device’s clean channel is full and lush, while the overdrive channel can turn from creamy blues to screaming metal by activating the fat (blues) or scoop (metal) switches.

The kit has two input jacks, reverb, effects loop, 8-ohm speaker output, and a footswitch. It is in excellent condition with an intact grill, lovely leather handle, and metal corner protectors. Also, it is portable because it has a leather handle for carrying.


  • The amps have a valve-signal path circuit operation
  • 30 Watts RMS Single channel combo
  • 3 x ECC93 twin triode pre-amp valves with DC Cathode heaters (No hum)
  • 4 x EL84 small envelope power pentode valves
  • Toroidal mains and output transformers
  • Dual Inputs
  • Gain Boost (Foot Switchable)
  • 3 Band Active
  • EQ Mid Scoop
  • 12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
  • External Loudspeaker Socket
  • Effects Send & Return Sockets
  • Reverb
  • Foot Switch Supplied


  • It is easy to use these amps.
  • The speakers produce the best sounds.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

Carlsbro CEDA50XXX Electronic Drum Amplifier

This is an amazing and the best amplifier made by the Nottingham Company, Carlsbro Electronic Company. It has incredible features that will indeed impress you.


It has two ¼ inches channel inputs that enable you to connect with other instruments. It also features ¼ -inch AUX input for audio devices. The amp has a three-band equalizer that helps you configure the sounds that are produced.

Today’s digital drum kits create a couple of tones spanning a wide range of frequencies. When playing drums, we usually hear all the snare drums’ sounds, the kick drums, tom-toms, and cymbals.

In the same way, a properly equipped amplifier must give all the necessary sounds that we need. Carlsbro’s EDA series perform the drums’ task to perfection. It delivers rich and overall tones that will inspire any performance and audience.

If you have space issues, the ultimate kit you should use in tight spaces is this 50-watt EDA50 amps.


  • 50-watts of power.
  • 10 inches driver, tweeter.
  • 3-band EQ.
  • Two 1/4″ channel inputs.
  • 1/4″ Aux input.


  • It simplifies the work of drummers.
  • It delivers high-quality sounds.


  • It is on-demand; thus, it might be tricky to get it and other related products..

Carlsbro Electronic Drum Amplifier (CSDOKTOAX)

CSDOKTOAX amps are perfect kits that will replace all your drum kits. It comes loaded with unique features. Once you own this kit, you will notice our easier it is to have all sounds in one simple device.


These amps are portable, meaning that you can do your practice, performance, or gig anywhere. Even in tight rooms, your first performance will be lively, and the audience will be happy.  It has several knobs that help you tune the amp to your satisfaction.

The first thing is that it has eight pads and two pedals that help enhance the sounds that you require. It comes with a user’s manual that has detailed information.

The kit is lightweight has it weighs approximately 60 pounds, and the dimensions are 41 x 29 x 12 inches. You can pack it into your instruments’ bag and walk to your performance venue.

It can be connected to other devices to make it more valuable sounds and fantastic performance. The device has lights that indicate different aspects. The amp is black with some grey spots that make it unique.

It is durable as it is made with carefully selected materials. You can find it on several platforms that including Sweetwater and Guitar Center. They are made to suit your needs, and you can get other related items too. The first step is researching the features that you want; then, you see the available products that meet the standards.


  • The amps are made for all drummers.
  • It is reliable, portable, durable, and versatile.


  • It can be a bit tricky to find these amps and other related items.