Soundproof Floor Mat

If you’ve ever tried to practice drums in your basement or apartment, you know how quickly the sound can carry and disrupt the peace. The good news is there are ways to soundproof your room so you can rock out without annoying your neighbors (or driving them crazy). Here’s a rundown of the best materials for drum room soundproofing.

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

Before delving into soundproofing materials, it is important to understand the distinctions between both.

It’s a common misconception that sound-absorption and soundproofing are the same.

In reality, they are not the same thing.

Sound absorption is a component of a soundproof drum room that is used in two ways:

Firstly, this improves the acoustics of a room and is known as acoustic calibration.

A noisy restaurant, for example, with hard surfaces typical of today’s trendy eateries’ industrial-influenced design, can result in a cacophony from clattering cutlery and chattering diners.

Acoustic calibration softens noise by using panels of sound-absorbing materials to equalize and balance a room’s internal acoustics.

Sound-absorbing materials reduce sound waves resonance and reverberation within a space or drum room.

Soundproofing materials keep sound waves from entering or leaving the drum room. Including sound absorption as a component of a soundproofing system, as a material that is invariably added within a structure, and has the ability to reverberate sound, can prevent this.

Second, adding sound-absorbing materials to the surface of a wall or ceiling absorbs sound waves, reducing resonance and sound regeneration back into the drum practice room.

10 Best Materials for Drum Room Soundproofing

Here is a list of eleven of the best materials that can be used to soundproof a drum room.

Soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains work best when combined with soundproof walls; however, because of the triple-weave technology, you can expect them to work. These curtains are three layers thick, with two layers knitted around the middle layer of black yarn. These curtains will be much denser, thicker, and heavier than regular curtains.

Soundproof foam panels/acoustic foam

Soundproofing panels or acoustic foam are the most well-known and widely used material; their popularity stems from their effectiveness. These panels absorb sounds rather than block them. So they should be installed on the opposite wall where the sounds are coming from.

Soundproofing window kit

If you live on a busy street and crave quiet, investing in a soundproofing window kit is an excellent choice. Begin by purchasing acoustic-grade glass and then mount it in a metal frame. Finally, you can either magnetically attach the window frame or drill the frame from the inside into your window.

Soundproof blankets

Soundproof blankets are another effective and affordable way to soundproof your space. They’re made from thick, heavy-duty material designed to absorb sound rather than block it. You’ll need to hang them on the walls or ceiling to be effective, but they can make a massive difference in the amount of impact noise that escapes your practice space.

Soundproof floor mats

Soundproof floor mats are excellent for soundproofing your drum room. They’re made from thick, heavy-duty material designed to absorb sound and reduce impact noise sound levels. The mats come in various sizes and can be cut to fit any space perfectly.

Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint, also known as sound-deadening paint, does exactly what it says on the tin!

It can be applied with a roller or sprayed on as paint.

The idea is that the thicker the paint layer, the better the outcome.

Because spraying results in a thicker coating, it is generally the preferred method of applying soundproof paint.

However, soundproof paint is not the most effective soundproofing method and will not yield significant results.

Because of its lack of mass, the resulting soundproofing effects can be mixed.

Because it contains latex, similar to rubber, it is preferable to regular paint, where wall breathability is not an issue.

Latex, like silicone caulk, tends to settle into cracks and thus performs better than standard water-based paints, though it is not breathable.

Green glue soundproofing compound

Green glue soundproofing compound is an effective and affordable way to soundproof your drum rooms. The compound is applied between two layers of drywall, creating a seal that prevents sound from traveling through the walls.

Mass-loaded vinyl sound barrier

Mass-loaded vinyl sound barriers are perfect for any soundproofing project. This material is incredibly effective at blocking out exterior noise, which can be helpful if you live in a noisy area. This materials also helps to reduce reverberation and echoes within your drum rooms.

Acoustic Ceiling Systems & Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles, like acoustic panels, can be directly fitted to a ceiling or used as a structural drop ceiling to create a grid system to provide effective acoustic control.

Materials, sizes, depths, and designs are all available.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a simple way to improve the acoustics of any space.

Door Seals, Sweeps & Gaskets

Weatherstripping tape, door seals, and sweeps come in various sizes and are typically made of rubber and act as gaskets, much like many draft stoppers.

These are attached to the door frame or bottom section of doors to seal gaps between the door and the door stop or frame.

Rubber seals are hollow rubber weatherstripping tapes that compress when a door or window is closed, resulting in a tight seal.

Rubber sweeps scrape against the floor whenever a door is opened or closed, and some sweeps resemble a dense brush.

Most Frequently Ask Questions

How do you soundproofing a drum room?

Make sure that your drums have thick carpet and drum rug. Soft surfaces absorb sound, so having soft layers under your drums is highly beneficial. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, you may want to place rugs beneath the drum kit.

Can you completely soundproof a room for drums?

It is possible to permanently soundproof drums by constructing a room within if necessary.

Can you soundproof a bedroom for drums?

Use the light or feel for airflow inside the door or window – cracks. All door sweep, and sealing areas should have excellent acoustical sealing. 
The Audimute Acoustic Door Seal Kit offers superior ear protection and keeps drum noise inside. Duct tape the seam shut.


These are just a few soundproofing materials for soundproofing the drum room. With the right combination of materials, you’ll be able to practice in peace without worrying about drum noise levels or complaints from your neighbors

Investing in these soundproofing materials is an investment in yourself and your practice, so be sure to research and find suitable materials. Good luck, and happy drumming!