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I don’t know why, but the drummer tends to forget drum rags a lot. And yet, this is one of the most important accessories drums must-have.

And I am sure you have to take your drums rag to performances too. 

Let’s face it; best drum rugs don’t seem to add any value to your playing, right. They are not even glamorous, and will not give you new tones or better playability.

And yet, you must have one. Why?

They offer several very critical functions. For instance, you need bass drum rug stability and size, to set your hardware location an enhanced overall look of your playing space. Hence, you can rely on this drum accessories piece.

The best Drum rug can slide from time to time during a performance, making it very hard for you to keep up. To avoid this, buy the best drum rug that suits your needs and you will enjoy playing.

8 Best Rated Drum Rugs Reviewed

Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug

Meinl had received a lot of complaints from drummers stating how their drums keep creeping on stage. The company decided to offer a solution by providing this best drum rug.

They are designed an innovative way to hold the bass drum rug. It features high quality and tightly woven fabric that makes it very strong. The tightly woven fabric is of high-quality.

Also, a non-slip rubber is added at the bottom to seal it on the ground. You can play for hours with your drums in a steady position. And there is nothing that makes drummers happier than holding a strong playing position.

It is measure 600 cm by 200cm, hence, long enough to handle your gear on stage. And it comes with a carrying bag.

Apart from its tight fabric, it is built for drummers and percussionists. The best drum rug offers a non-slip surface for your performance in a simple, yet love design. 


  • High-quality, as reviewed by many customers.
  • Attractive look
  • Sturdy setup and stable on the floor


  • Some customers have complained the edges easily curl.

DW Drum Rug 5×7 Feet

Drum rug Workshop is one of the top best drum brands on the market. They are dedicated to offering high-quality acoustic drum sets.

And to help drummers play better, they also manufacturer drums rugs that carry the same quality. 

The best drum rug measures 5 by 7 feet, which is large enough for drummers. They come with a beautiful DW logo. 

It is an industrial-standard mat feature a cutout silver DW logo on each corner. The logo is also embedded in the non-slip rubber bottom. 

You can use this mat in the studio as well as a stage setting. Its skid-free surface will ensure you finish your work on a high note. 

In my view, this is one of the highest-quality drum rags you will find on the market. It comes with everything a drummer needs to keep their drums logged in a central location.


  • Many users have applauded the quality of this mat
  • Built for professional work
  • Non-skid rubber.


  • A bit pricey

Road Runner Drum Rug – Grey

This gray may by Road Runner is quite promising. For many years, it has been recommended for many drummers. 

The mat is useful in all drumming situations. Keep it under your equipment, and nothing will stop you from performing the best gigs.

You can use it in the rehearsal areas, live performance as well as a studio recording. It will prevent your drum rug kit from moving.

The drum kit features a large chock on the front. This area is dedicated to the bass drum kit rug, aimed at keeping it steady in place. 

The drum rug also keeps things quiet on the stage. You won’t hear those annoy squeaky sounds on stage.

It is constructed with a non-skid rubber at the bottom. The drum kit rug uses the same material is also placed at the corners so that it does not curl and bend like most mats.

The drum kit rug has a surface that is large enough to accommodate all your equipment. It may be a bit pricey, but it does a wonderful job. 


  • Recommended by many users.
  • Does not curl at corners
  • The bass drum kit holder is an added advantage.


  • A bit pricey 

Black Widow Drum Web BW1

Here is another functional black drum rug designed to keep your drum set in place. 

You can stop worrying about your gear sliding and slipping, as is the case with aggressive playing. 

And many users like the fact that the mat is flexible, portable, and very easy to use. 

The drum rug features make sure a specialized design, patented, and construction to hold your pedals in place. This make sure that you can stop worrying about drum creep.

It is very lightweight in size. Compared to conventional drum rugs size, this one carries less than two pounds. Hence, it is very easy to carry around and set up. You can move around with it to all your gigs to create the best experience.

The drum rug size is fully customized for drum setups. The drum rug comes with a patented system bearing self-adhesive Velcro security strips. 

You will hold the drum rug on the ground with your weight on the throne. This allows you to focus on the drumming once you have it set in place. 

This is a highly recommendable product. And the price is quite luring.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Applicable in holding the drum set in place 
  • Offer an enhanced drumming experience.


  • The carrying case is not very good
  • Some users complained of poor quality in the construction material. 

Roland Non-Slip Drum Set Rug, 77

Roland has never disappointed when it comes to producing high-quality products. As such, you can rely on the Non-Slip Drum Set Rug to keep you in the best playing position. Also called the TDM-25, this rug works well in sustaining the position of your set up. 

The drum rug is constructed from high-quality polyester. This drum rug material is very durable and offers non-slip functionality. Hence, you can use this product for any drumming needs.

It measures 77 inches by 63 inches, a size that will accommodate you and your equipment. Polyester filament material is very durable, and it offers non-skid backing to the drum rug.

Also, the drum rugs material is non-flammable. Hence, you can use it without worrying about fires.


  • Highly portable and easy to carry
  • Made from long-lasting material.
  • High-quality built. 


  • Some customers don’t find their design attractive enough.
  • Nylon strap wear fast

It comes featuring a nylon retaining strap, hence extremely portable. 

Meinl Oriental Drum Rug

Another very high-quality drum rug is the Meinl Oriental Drum rag. It comes at very excellent quality and a beautiful oriental design.

If you are looking to add some extra color and vibe to your living area, this mat is for you. But most importantly, it comes with the highest quality print.

The drum rugs mat measures 5.25 by 6.5 feet. It appears amazing, especially on wooden floors. Therefore, you can use it in your home as well as for performance.

Meinl has been producing high-quality drum rugs accessories for many years. As such, this does not come as a surprise. Besides, the rug has been highly recommended by several users, including me. 

It is not only built for an acoustic drum set. If you play an electronic drums set, chances are you will be facing the same problems with your drum sets. Hence, you may also need something that keeps your setup in place. 

 Most beginner practice with their drum set at home, especially e-drum sets. And they can ruin your flooring if you are not careful. But you can use this mat to keep your flooring safe. 


  • Vibrant design and high-quality construction
  • Add more color to your home
  • Beautiful performance 


  • I can be a bit pricey. 

On-Stage DrumFire Non-Sip Drum Mat

Just like the name suggests, the Onstage DMA4450 DrumFire is built for a such place. It proves a firm grip and will not move even with aggressive playing. 

It is constructed with non-slip PVC material, which is very durable.

In addition, this drum rugs mat will protect your place from scratches and marks. These drum rugs are great for those with wooden and vinyl floors. 

Also, the mat is highly portable. You can carry it anywhere with ease. It is very lightweight, hence travel friendly.

It boasts two Velcro straps, which allows you to roll it up safely. Besides, the mat comes in two sizes. I would suggest you take the 6 x4 sizes, which will comfortably hold you and your gear. It is better you have a bigger mat because it offers more breathing rooms.


  • Highly portable 
  • Strong and durable.
  • Come in two sizes, hence great on choices.


  • Some user has complained it bends on the edges.

Roland TDM-10- Medium Side 

The TMD-10 is a drum mat made by Roland. And we all know what that means. 

Roland is one of the biggest drummers rug manufacturers in the world. Hence, one can expect this piece to be very applicable. The company operates in a number of countries across the globe and made a high-quality drum mat. 

With this mat, my eye first landed on ‘heavyweight.’ This means it is very strong and durable. You can set your drum set and play the whole day without having any trouble with drums shifting from a place.

It is built with three layers of high-quality drum mat materials. The first drummers mat is a non-flammable material, nylon filament then felt, and lastly, soft urethane resin. It then features and Velcro Tape that makes it easy to fold. 

It does what a drum mat should do, protect your floors. This is apart from offering a firm grip for your gig.

The rug also eliminates impact noise and vibrations, and it absorbs shock. 


  • High quality 
  • Steady construction with fireproof material 
  • Durable 


  • It is a bit costly. 

Things to consider when buying Drum Rugs

As you may already know, there are very many brands for bass drum rugs. Choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming.

But there are certain features that are common with the best choices. Consider the following:


A standard rug will measure 4 by 5 feet. They are great for a small stage. But if you are looking for ample space, you can go for 5 by 7 feet. Most importantly, consider your setup needs.


You will probably be playing in different locations. This means you will be carrying them to different areas. Hence, you want something light and very portable.


Some of the bass drum mats on the market are quite expensive. It all depends on the brand, construction, and materials. Hence, you should put your budget into consideration.


For those in need of something simple for stage image, a rug with a black base should do. But if you are looking for a more stable rug, you may want to go for the best quality. In this case, you can even find custom made rugs.


A bass drum set is an accessory you cannot afford to miss, especially if you are playing under extreme situations. No matter what you choose, the device should ensure a relaxed performance. 

And now you have all the information you need to get the best bass drum rug. I hope you get something that satisfies your needs. 

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