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There are several cymbal brands available in the market right now. But how do you know the best brands, especially if you are a beginner?

Even other professional drummers might not be conversant with the best drum cymbals. It is good to know the companies that produce the best drum cymbals that suit your needs.

Therefore, we have to show you the brands you should consider for your drum cymbal needs. We know that not all the brands will suit your needs, but there are one or two brands that you might need to consider. Therefore, let us look at the top brands in the world of instruments.

What brand of cymbals is the best?

There are several brands of drum cymbals in the world today. Several other companies are working day and night to come up with their brands.

But currently, there are four big cymbal brands in the world. These are the well-known manufacturers that account for the majority of all cymbals sold in our markets today.

There are other manufacturers, but in this article, we will look at the best brand. The smaller brands cannot compete with the big brands because the giant four dominate the market.

We are about to educate you on the best brands that you can trust. Here is the best cymbal brand that offers perfect quality and value for money.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Cymbals from the Best Cymbals Brands

Cymbals play a significant role in your drumming and it’s not just accessories; thus, manufacturers have different types of cymbals for your drums. The toms, snare, and the bass drum does not add to your music the color that cymbals add to your music.

Therefore, how do you choose the best brand of cymbal? Here are some factors you should consider:

Material used

Cymbals receive a lot of hitting from the player, especially the hard hitters and vigorous players. Therefore, the cymbal brand that you purchase should last for an extended period. Cymbals are manufactured from different materials, but the cheaper cymbals are made of brass.

But the problem with those cymbals made of brass is that they can easily break, unlike the much expensive ones.

The commonly used material in making cymbals is copper, but they also have some variations. The two most used types of copper for cymbals are B20 and B8, which are more durable.

But also, many people often debate on which copper type is the best. But to make it more straightforward, there is not much difference between B20 and B8. You cannot say which one is better than the other in terms of durability.

Music styles

Several brands in the world produce different types of cymbals meant for different music styles. You will get to know all the different types of cymbals if you are in a band or wish to make different music types.

If you purchase a full set of cymbals, it will have all the types of cymbals you need. Therefore, you need to get the best brand to give you all the cymbals for the music you need.

The different cymbal types of cymbals include crash cymbals, ride cymbals, splash cymbals, hi-hats, and effect cymbals. These cymbals deliver different and unique sounds that are very useful for trying out new sound combinations.

Stick types

Another feature that you need to look at when purchasing a specific cymbal brand is the stick type. The cymbals should have sticks that are not breakable and are of perfect weight.

The right sticks are essential if you want to find the best experience of playing your drums and cymbals. Test the pair of sticks carefully to see if you are more comfortable holding them and know its weight.

The Best Cymbals Brand

Zildjian cymbals

Zildjian Company has been in existence for many years. It was founded in 1623 by Avedis Zildjian from Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey. The company holds the remarkable accolade of being the world’s largest cymbal manufacturer.

Every professional drummer in the world is familiar with this iconic brand. The company has a very long list of persons endorsing their cymbals.

All types of players can use the cymbals from Zildjian because they are perfect design. The brand new Zildjian I and S lines are excellent for amateurs while the A custom and K custom cymbal are for professionals and producers.

Zildjian’s innovative and contemporary cymbal lines sound fantastic. The drummers of Coldplay, Linkin Park, Megadeth, Kings of Leon, Fleetwood Mac, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, and others all swear by Zildjian cymbals.

Notable Endorsers

Other top brands

Several other brands have the best cymbals. But they do not outdo the Zildjian cymbals. You will need to make your choices wisely. These brands are:

Meinl Cymbals

Meinl is one of the most recent cymbal companies. It was established in 1951 by Roland Meinl. Even though it is still yours, Meinl has made an enormous impact on modern music. They have cemented themselves as one of the best manufacturers of cymbal brands around the globe.

Meinl is famous for its experimentation with various cymbal alloys and their innovative models of cymbals. All types of drummers can get their cymbals from Meinl because they have a long list of cymbals to choose from.

The Meinl company provides the best quality cymbals at excellent prices. An amateur can get Meinl HCS Series, a perfect entry-level cymbal, while the Meinl Byzance cymbal line is the ultimate choice for professional drummers.

My personal favorite is the Classics Custom range that gives the top of the range sounds at an affordable price.

Several well renowned advanced and pioneering drummers use Meinl cymbals for their drums because of their excellent ranges that perfectly compliment all music types.

Notable Endorsers

Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Company came into existence in 1981. The cymbal manufacturing company was founded by Robert Zildjian, who is one of the Zildjian brothers. A conflict arose between Robert and his older brother, leaving Zildjian to establish the Sabian brand all alone.

The cymbal manufacturer might look like a newcomer in the industry, but it is among the world’s largest cymbal companies. The company is situated in Canada and is renowned for their unique quality and diverse range of sounds.

They have innovative, skilled artisans working day and night to deliver the best. They have a wide range of cymbals for both beginners, students, and professional players. Their models sound vintage and dark to bright and modern as well as everything in between

Several world-famous players are proud to play Sabian cymbals. These players include The Red hot Chili Peppers, Dream Theatre, Biffy Clyro, and many others.

Notable Endorsers

  • Dave Weckl
  • Chad Smith
  • Jojo Mayer
  • Billy Cobham

Paiste cymbals

Paiste Company was established in 1906, and they are well known for their efforts to provide diverse ranges of cymbals. Paiste is located in Switzerland and is the third-largest manufacturer of cymbals in the entire globe.

Paiste is famous for crafting delicate quality cymbals that are long-lasting and offer full-bodied sounds. Cymbals from Paiste offer stunning clarity and a pure tone that is a perfect choice for live and studio environments.

Paiste’s cymbals are suitable for several music genres: rock, pop, metal, blues, and gospel. I can describe Paiste cymbals as sounding bright, clear, balanced, and articulate.

These cymbals are excellent, and no matter the music style you need, you are sure to find the Paiste cymbal the best option for you.

With these cymbal brands, you can make yourself comfortable with a brand of your choice. My verdict remains that the Zildjian cymbals are the best for my drums. Even if they are expensive, they can last for a period that will amaze you.

Which Zildjian cymbals are the best?

Zildjian is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of cymbals. There are some products from Zildjian that I need you to know. I need you to have its features, not to buy a cymbal that never matches your needs.

 Zildjian produces a wide range of cymbals; thus, let us look at some of their best cymbals.

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

The features of the K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set are similar to that of a modern K voice. The cymbal is designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo. The hybrid cymbal is a combination of brightness and darkness, which makes it excellent for any music.

The cymbal set has a distinct 14-1/4” K Custom Hybrid hi-hats. They are known to keep the precision of 14 inches hats and give you more power and cut like 15 inches. The 21 inches K Custom Hybrid Ride is a combination of brilliance and darkness.

Seventeen inches, K Custom, provides a clear and clean sound that every musician requires. It is an excellent collection of bright and dark sounds. The product is much known in the current market.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 14/16/18 Cymbal Set

Zildjian L80 is a set of cymbals with an outstanding ability to reduce noise; thus, this is the best set of the cymbal for you. Professional players say that these cymbals are much quieter than the traditional ones.

Therefore, these cymbals protect the player’s ear and allow the player to get a deeper understanding of the sound experience.

Moreover, with this type of cymbals, you can do your practice and rehearsal even at night without disturbing others. This cymbal is reliable, flexible, and is also versatile.

With this cymbal, you can perform with a stick, brush, mallet, or technique. This set is recommended for practice rooms, drum lessons, low volume performance halls, or any other space in which reduced volume is needed.

This cymbal comes with a warranty that lasts for two years. Thus, you can return the product to the manufacturer in case of any manufacturing defects.

This study cymbal was designed from a durable alloy; thus, you can use it for an extended time. This cymbal measures approximately 20.8 by 20.5 by 2.2 inches.

Zildjian Planet Z 16″ Crash Cymbal (PLZ16C)

Planet Z is a series of cymbals recommended for amateurs. It is the best set for getting a good understanding of how to bring out the best sound experience in drums.

 All cymbals from Zildjian have the most outstanding craftsmanship; hence, you need not worry about this set’s reliability.

This cymbal gives outstanding performance and top-notch sounds and accuracy; thus, it is the best fit for beginners. It is also suitable for the intermediate drummers. The product is well designed to resist tear and wear; thus, it is the best cymbal that gives your money value.

The best feature of this cymbal is that it was made for use in interior and exterior regions. The series can produce bright tones along with shorter sustain. These cymbals measure 16 x 16 x 1 inch.

Zildjian A Custom 8″ Splash Cymbal

This is yet another incredible cymbal from Zildjian. When you hit this cymbal, you immediately realize it is the right product.

The A custom 8 inches is not large, but it produces a fantastic sound. The cymbal can also be known as a ‘small but mighty’ cymbal. Its appearance shows that it is small, but it produces a bright sound without sounding tiny and cheap.

This cymbal is a perfect product for your drum kit. The product is top of the line, and it is a perfect match that every drummer needs to add color to their drum kits. These types of cymbals are fast, colorful, short crashes that sound very musical.

They are made of copper-tin at a ratio of 80/20. This cymbal is considered a splash, but the sound that it produces is a crash. This small cymbal is the best.

Zildjian A Custom 18″ Medium Crash Cymbal

A Custom 18” is among the most massive cymbals of all the A Custom Crashes with an acute, attack, and high volume cymbal sound.

This cymbal is brilliant and the best for musical production. It has an exceptional finish, a large cup, and heavyweight. This product gives the player light, musical accents to loud, and cutting punctuation.

This cymbal is among the top drummer’s choice because of its bright, sensitive, and refined sound quality. A Custom 8” possess the traditional Zildjian 80/20 Copper/Tin alloy made with Silver traces.

They have the current rotary hammering for cymbals. They are the heavyweight cymbals in the market with a brilliant finish, alignment, and a high pitched sound.

Zildjian 18″ Oriental China Trash

This cymbal adds that a particular effect is needed when you are performing at an enormous concert. The cymbal is also known as China’s Trash. Zildjian has world-class products, and they are always working day and night to outdo themselves.

The product sustains perfectly and gives a crisp shimmering sound. It has an excellent decay that spikes up the funk in your music. This is the cymbal you need so that you can sound like an international musician on stage. Amateurs may not know the worth of a cymbal.

If you want to make your mentor grateful, then this cymbal is the right gift. It has a fast, precise, and explosive response with rapid decay. It is made with a copper-tin ratio of 80/20.

Zildjian A Series 14″ New Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair

This cymbal by Zildjian Company is among the highest selling cymbals in the market. The bronze alloy used in its production are as follows: copper is about 80 percent, 20 percent of tin, and a tiny amount of silver. It is an asymmetrical cymbal made with a traditional wide groove.

The final product is a luxuriant cymbal that gives a classic sound that is bright, pure, and expressive.

A series is long-lasting with an exceptional and appealing sound. You will not need any other product if you possess this set of a cymbal. It will fit into any gig, studio, or live recording of any music. The sound produced by this cymbal is bright and clean. Every hit is explosive and responsive.

Zildjian A Series 10″ Splash Cymbal

Zildjian A Series is the product that will make you a big fan of this company’s products. The sound produced by this cymbal is excellent, making it most drummers favorite.

This set is highly recommended for hard hitters. This set meets the usual benchmark that these Zildjian products are familiar with over the years.

The set is well designed and produces fantastic sound needed by every musician. This product is a short crash, and it also gives a quick and pleasant sound; this cymbal will always remain in your mind, and no one will ever remind you to play it.

The product is made with a copper-tin ratio of 80/20 that makes it remarkable and long-lasting cymbal.

Zildjian K Custom 20″ Ride Cymbal

K Custom 20” is designed to give that volume to whatever music you play. It produces a pretty with some dry undertones, extremely unleashed and unpolished. It possesses a sharp cut and a quick attack.

These sets also possess an excellent killer bell, overtones, and ping. This type of cymbal will take you no time to know that you have purchased the best.

The cymbal has a beautiful dry stick sound. This cymbal is designed with copper and tin at a ratio of 80/20, which is good for hard hitters.

Which is better, Zildjian, or Sabian?

Zildjian cymbals are the best. The Zildjian Company has been in existence for more than a century. There have been various technological improvements to their products. According to some reviews from our customers, the company should work on more entry-level cymbals.

The high-end cymbals from Zildjian are legendary as a guy once said ‘400 years of legacy.’ Zildjian has a large selection of cymbals suitable for all music genres in the world. But the cymbals can tear down your pocket because they are somehow expensive.

One of our customers gave his experience with the Zildjian cymbals that made me excited. He said that he had been using other cymbals for a long time.

But when he landed on the Zildjian cymbals, he found out that the product had reasonable control, and the overtones complement the stick sound.

It can be quite tricky choosing between Zildjian and Sabian, but most customers often opt for Zildjian because of its quintessential and classic sound.

One reviewer mentioned that his collection is pretty evened-up with the Zildjian Company with two Paiste thrown. Still, nothing provides that pure rock sound and is more versatile than Zildjian’s cymbals.

Zildjian’s cymbals are the standard that everyone compares themselves to, and every company aspires to be.

You will notice that in every article, you will realize these: we are better than Zildjian, we are darker than Zildjian, we are on more of the cutting edge than Zildjian, etc. But with this mentioning, you can realize that this is the product everyone is talking about.

It has the world-class cymbals that no company has ever designed. The company is among the pioneers in cymbal manufacturing and has the experience to continue moving ahead.

According to reviewers, the Sabian B8 series is an excellent cymbal to start with, although they will easily break. The XS series of the Sabian cymbals have a high pitched sound and are very bright.

Best Drum Cymbals Brand


Our central role in this article is to assist both beginners and professionals in knowing what to purchase. Having gone through all the Zildjian Cymbals listed above, I do not doubt that everyone will now get a product or buy several products.

There is no company in the manufacture of cymbals with an excellent reputation like the Zildjian Company. Purchase their products, and we promise you won’t regret it. Your career will move to the next level with such products from reputable companies.

Several customers provide positive reviews on the Zildjian products. My verdict remains with this brand that is trusted by many drummers. If you are a beginner or a student, then you can get more information on the Zildjian products from our website.

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