Dennis Chambers, The flashy Funk Drummer

When it comes to describing the best drummer, there are several things that should stand out. First, they have to be talented, and second, they have to be good with other people. This is the right line to describe who Dennis Chamber is.

Having graduated from the same Parliament-Funkadelic school that crowned Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood and Jerome Eugene “Bigfoot” Brailey, Chambers is a drummer who represents the best of all ages. He combines the funk acumen of the two players with Tony Williams’ fusion, creating a one-in-all inspiring gospel and hip-hop drummer.

Dennis Chambers is highly likable and worked pretty well with other people. He works as an in-house drummer for the Sugar Hill label and plays alongside guitarist John Scofield.

Chambers does not play what fits him best, but what makes the other team member comfortable. Hence, he has managed to stay with the group for a long time, keeping them together so that every music they make is unique.

The Baltimore native has created his own style founded on the bombastic grooves and scorched-earth Buddy Rich sweetness that seems to grow new by the day.

There are many styles that have come up and gone, but the Chamber’s inventions have defied time. It was Blink-182 showstopper Travis Barker that best summarized the drummer appeal.  Barker says, “I have always liked Dennis Chambers; he is really flashy.”

Dennis Milton Chamber was born in 1959 and was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2001. His inspirational story begins from his childhood years.

He started drumming at the age of four. And by the time he was six, Chambers was already gigging in the Baltimore-are nightclubs. In 1981, Sugar Hill Label recruited him as their in-house drummer, with whom he played many releases.

At this time, James LeBlanc was the group’s original session drummer, which is why it may seem like most sounds came from him and not chambers. Songs like “The Message,” “8th Wonder,” and many others carry Chamber’s signatures. 

Some people believe that he did not play on “Rapper’s Delight.” It was revealed in a recent interview on Drumio that he did play a large role in this release.

Chambers was asked in a 2011 interview to mention some people who influenced his career, and he mentioned names like Clyde Stubblefield, Al Jack Jr., Steve Gadd, and Gary Husband, among many others.

Dennis Chamber joined Parliament/Funkadelic in 1978 at the age of 18 years and worked with them until 1985. And in 1986, he changed his ship and joined the John Scofield band.

Dennis Chambers Drumming Solo

He has since played with the biggest players in the jazz fusion industry. Stars like Tommy Coster, John Scofield, and many more have all been part of Chamber’s career.

He has toured extensively with Carlos Santana, which led to his appearance with the band Niacin. In 2004, the drummer received an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music, in an inauguration president Roger H. Brown.

He has continued to contribute to the industry with even better tunes.

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