Meinl is one of the main cymbal manufacturers on the market today. And they have so many products and subseries of cymbals that sometimes it becomes overwhelming to know which of the cymbals are the best.

In this article, I will be reviewing specific best cymbals from the Byzance line. This is the highest class of Meinl cymbals, made from B20 Bronze, and it comes in eight subgroups. It falls above the Artist Concept line, which is another high-end series from the same manufacturer.

You can be sure of Meinl cymbals because they will not disappoint you in terms of quality. Meinl has a great reputation on the market, and it’s mainly because they use top-quality materials in their products.

You will realize that even their least cymbals are better than many others in the same price range. And this is why you can rely on the Byzance line.

Meinl Byzance Cymbals

 As we have mentioned above, Meinl Byzance is the top-most class of cymbals from Meinl. The brand is known for delivering great versatility with the cymbal.

Byzance is a large group that is divided into eight different subgroups. You may be wondering why there are so many variations. Well, it’s just one of the ways they use to serve different drummers’ needs.

A few twitches differentiate these categories for different sounds. The entire series comes at the same price, and the cymbals are made from B20 bronze. They are then hand-hammered to achieve the unique sounds loved by all drummers.

Most popular drummers use Meinl Byzance cymbal for live and in-studio settings. Meinl has invested a great deal of reputation in this line. And so, you can never go wrong with any products you choose. Here are the subgroups

Byzance Foundry Reserve

This cymbal has been discontinued, and therefore vert exclusive. It was never a permanent line.

And if you want to get one of these bad boys, you will need to have at least $400. Such a price is more than four times what you get with a full set of cheaper cymbals accessories.

The line does not have a splash, china, or any ozone effects cymbals. Its smallest crash is 18-inch. But there are two rides, Regular and Light at 20-inches and 22-inches. The Hi-hats come in 14-inches and 15-inches.

You will love the sound of these cymbals, which are similar to Sabian Artisan. Meinl has invested all the best features in this line anyway.

Byzance Dual 

One thing that has kept Meinl at the top of the market is its focus on innovation. Every product they bring out has been tested for excellence. And the Byzance Dual tells the best story.

This is a hybrid subline that comes as a mix of Byzance Extra Dry and Byzance Brilliant lines. Their bell and the center are raw and dry, whereas the edge is brilliant.

I have never seen a cool and modern mix that could be better than this. Meinl seems to have let loose and experimented on this cymbal. They did not hand on the conservative cymbals sounds, which has made them very popular over the years.

It does not have the regular ride cymbals; instead, you get on a 20-inch and a 22-inch crash ride. There are also many FX cymbals in the line, named ‘trash crash,’ splashes, and chinas.

The hi-hat comes in 14-inch and 15-inch configurations where the crashes are 16, 18, and 19 inches.

Byzance Extra Dry

I must admit that Meinl really knows how to capture the attention of various drummers. This Byzance Extra Dry line of cymbals is what many can call, ‘Love or hate it.’

If you love the dry sound with a short sustain, then these cymbals are the best gift you will ever get. And for those who prefer the brilliant sound from the Zildjian A Customs, these could be the worst choice.

The dry, trashy sound with a low pitch that comes from these cymbals has been very popular. Meinl took up the challenge of leading the market.

This series comes with every cymbal you may want, rides, crash, hi-hats, chinas, and anything else. Most of them are much thinner than common cymbals.

A 20-inch crash and a 20-inch crash are the only exceptions.

Byzance Dark

These cymbals are not very different from the Extra Dry mentioned above. It’s only that they come in a darker color, and they are thicker. They are not very dry, either.

For those who need the ultimate rock sound, these beasts will be a great addition to their kit. And the best part is that they come to the same price level.

Byzance Vintage

We cannot deny that technology has taken over the world of music, with the manufacturer making a modern impression. Cymbals have not been left behind.

However, sometimes it’s that vintage touch that makes the difference. And this is perhaps the reason Byzance Vintage could be the most popular line of Meinl cymbals. You may have seen them in every drumming video out there.

It’s a renewed series that tends to deliver more of a big and dry sound. The series comes with all crashes, hats, ride, splash, and china cymbals. My favorite is the 16-inch hi-hat they call Sand Hat.

It is big and very sweet to play on, which makes it interesting.

Vintage is another Byzance category that is meant for professional sound. It’s dry, low-pitched, and with a cool new tone.

Byzance Traditional

I used to think Byzance Vintage and Byzance Traditional is one line.

But they are different.

The Traditional line is the most versatile, with more than 40 different cymbals. They are very numerous, as an old-school type that can be found in every company.

Their sound is in the line of the Zildjian K and Sabian Vault series. You can play them for any genre, and they will not disappoint.

It is their sound that contains versatility. You get something between a dry sound with low pitch and a brilliant sound with high pitches.

Byzance Jazz

As the name suggests, this is a series for classic jazz sounds. They sound cool when played on the body, with the main purpose of a jazz tune.

The Flat rides offer great versatility of sound. They are greatly thin, and hence, a lower volume. Such volume is great for working in clubs.

It can be pitched somewhere in the middle, which makes them less bright and low. They are called jazz because they are made for sound.

However, you can still use them for other different genres. You will find this series very useful in a recording.

Byzance Brilliant

The last subcategory of Byzance cymbals is this rock type. Of course, you can use the others for rock, but the Brilliant line is dedicated specifically to the genre.

They come thicker and louder than normal cymbals. Also, their brilliant finish ensures more attacks. If you have to use the Sabian HH line, then you know how these feel.

Or perhaps you have used the Meinl MB 20 series before. They gave the mantle to the Brilliant line. Their sound is a bit tougher, and they warm warmer and lighter.

Meinl seems to be focused on versatility. And this series is quite wide-ranged.

Top Byzance Cymbals reviewed

Meinl 15 Byzance Dual Hi-Hat Cymbals

Byzance Dual is one of the best cymbal lines on the market. And this cymbal comes from the series.

The Meinl 15 Byzance Dual hi-hat offers a distinguished sound that is not in any other cymbal. For those who strive to get that unique sound, this hi-hat is all you will ever need.

It comes with a full-bodied, dry, refine tone from a cool contrast of hammering and lathing. These cymbals will stand out from the crowd, giving you the pride to play stronger.

A warm tone with a crisp definition is not something you get in every cymbal. And yet, this is what makes this hi-hat sonically unique.

They offer wide dynamic responsiveness and musically that I have never seen anywhere else. Play them for jazz, funk, R n B, fusion, and any other style. These cymbals are defined by a dark, earthly, full-bodied sound that does not come from anywhere else.

As you may already know, they are made from B20 bronze formation. This delivers a full, highly musical sound a good cymbal should give.

Its professional look and great sound the features that make any cymbal worth considering. Meinl understands what this means, and they have tried to achieve it in this one.

Meinl Cymbals B14MH Byzance 14-Inch Traditional Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair

Talk about quality cymbals, and you can never go wrong with Meinl products. And this exactly what you get from these B14MH Byzance Traditional Hi-hat pairs.

Byzance Traditional series of cymbals comes hand-hammered in Turkey from B20 cast in a bronze alloy. Hence, you can expect bright definition with low undertones from this pair. Its sizzling in the wash with a crispy response puts it on the list of the most versatile cymbals.

They come with a fully lathed surface, which gives it a classic sound and look. A deeper hand hammer crater can be seen on the surface, but it has been lathed for smoothness.

Clarity and articulation are what you get from the composed sound of these hats. A mix of darker, complex tones creates the most admirable finish.

A blossoming tonality with roaring life lets you find life in the most comfortable sports. They come with modern versatility fitted in tradition. Their hand-hammering creates them into perfect shape, ensuring you get a 21st-century service. Many users have enjoyed the sound from these cymbals. It is no wonder the Tradition series is the most popular line.

Tradition describes hand-forged shaping rooted in sound. They come from the broadest voice for Meinl tones.

Meinl Cymbals Byzance 10″ Dual Splash

Meinl Dual cymbals are hand-hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze. They are created into paper-thin cymbals with a great trashy sound.

This 10-inch Dual splash will a lightning-fast response with a cushioned feel that you must just have. It features incredible hammering and lathing that results in a silky-smooth finish. Earthly definition in a touch of shimmering glow finish creates the sweetest tones.

Byzance Dual cymbals are very thin. And this makes them effortlessly responsive. It also has a strange combination of surfaces that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Increased musical in these cymbals makes them extremely popular. Recording and touring artists have found these pieces quite useful, and hence, have used them widely.

They are described as modern versatility rooted in tradition. They are hand-hammered into shape in Turkey using cast B20 alloy. But it’s their old-world foundation that creates interest for users.  

Meinl has been at the top of the innovation world, and they have never been disappointed. This is why the Byzance 10-inch Dual Splash is a reliable set.

They are not too pricy like you may have experienced with a wide range of Byzance cymbals. And yet they are incredibly versatile. You may never need to buy another cymbal once you have these pieces in your collection.

Meinl Cymbals BV-480+B16TRC Byzance Vintage Series Benny Greb Sand Cymbal Box Set Pack with FREE 16-Inch Trash Crash

Top-quality products characterize Meinl cymbals. And the Vintage line from Byzance cymbals is a good example of what they have.

These cymbals are hand-hammered in Turkey from B20 alloy. You will love the Vintage Sand cymbal, which is aged by sandblasting the surfaces.

In terms of response, these pieces are beautifully built with a superhuman approach. They are designed and developed in collaboration with Benny Greb.  

Greb was looking for cymbals that sound well at a frequency while giving out a mellow old-school sound. And this is where the hammering, sandblasting, and lathing combination came from. Hence, you have a silky-smooth feel both on the surface and in the way these cymbals feel. Byzance vintage cymbals also come with increased musicality. This is why they have become increasingly popular with a wide range of playing styles.

As state above, they come from B20 brass alloy. This is the best material for making cymbals on the market. And since they are cast and hand-hammered, their sound is more focused, sweeter than lower-priced cymbals.

Speaking of price, this cymbal set comes fully packed with all types of cymbals, making it very expensive. It also includes free 16-inch trash, which has a beautiful sound too.

Meinl Byzance cymbals are the best choice for those who need versatility. And hence, it delivers a dark, buttery warmth that gives out a crisp definition.

Meinl Cymbals Byzance 20″ Traditional Extra Thin Crash

Like any other Byzance cymbal, this 20-inch Traditional Extra Thin Crash is made in Turkey, hand-hammered from B20 bronze. This thin cymbal will make you buzz whenever you land the hits. It is ultra-smooth and yet with a super trashy response.

Hence, this is one of those cymbals you cannot afford to miss, and you can own them for life without feeling the need to change.

They come with a fully lathed surface, which gives them a classic look and sound. You can see some deep hammer craters, although the surfaces have been lathed to a smooth finish. In the end, you can be sure of an effortless touch.

A darker and trashier tonality defines these cymbals, thanks to the combination of deep hammering and lightweight. Think of a modern cymbal filled with a traditional touch.

They are made from B20 bronze, which comes from different crafting methods. The result is an incredible kit that can only sound better with each strike.

I have been using Meinl Byzance cymbals and have become very fond of them. Each product they make is filled with high-end quality.  

From hand hammering to hand-lathing, there is no better way to describe a high-end cymbal. Also, the traditional line features a wide range of sizes and weights.

Frequently asked questions

What Are Meinl Cymbals Made Of?

Meinl cymbals are made for high-end use. They come in a different line and features to serve various drumming needs.

The highest lines are Byzance and the Artist Concept, which are made from B20 bronze alloy. The middle class includes Pure Alloy and Classics Custom lines, made from B12 and B10 bronze, respectively. Meinl’s Generation X and HCS are the lowest class, made out of B8 bronze and brass.  

Are Meinl Cymbals Good?

Many drummers have asked if Meinl cymbals are good. And this is understandable, considering how many cymbal companies are on the market.

Well, Byzance is the most popular line of cymbals. They are made from high-quality material and for all types of music.

But you may not line the HCS line. Like all beginner cymbals, they are made from cheap material, and they are not very good-sounding.

Overall, Meinl Cymbals are good.

Who Owns Meinl Cymbals?

Meinl cymbals are owned by Meinl Percussion, a manufacturer of percussion instruments. It is based in Gutenstetten, Germany. The company features in the ‘big four’ cymbal companies.


Meinl offers a wide range of cymbals. The Byzance series is top-quality and the most popular of their cymbals.

And therefore, if you need the best Meinl cymbals, go for the Byzance.