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Do you drum barefoot? if yes, Well, in that case, you won’t need to learn about drumming shoes because here in this article, we will give you a complete tour of its usage, construction, pros, and cons, which one is best for all seasons and so on.

I’ve been drumming for years without shoes, but it has its pros and cons, and it’s not for all the seasons. In winter it’s usually too cold and feet freeze, in such a condition, you won’t be able to get the required flow, while in summer it’s too hot, feet sweat too much and you can lose the grip.

For these reasons, getting the best shoes for drumming is crucial to feeling comfy while performing, because you have an excellent grip towards your pedal and hit hat stand foot control. Having a proper control on your drummer shoes will allow you a comfortable and lightweight playing environment.

Some of the drumming shoes often come in a snug, minimalist fashion, but some others are really cool and will let you shine for your trendy style. This drummer shoe is comfortable in wearing and simple in playing.

Anyway, what most drummers are looking for in shoes is comfortable. This is because anything less will mean you will not be playing to your best. Even a minor bad shoe feel can snatch your comfortable zone and you won’t be able to perform at your best.

What should You Consider in Drumming Shoes?

Drumming shoes are some of the best accessories for drummers. You should try it if you haven’t!

There are so many brands today that promise to best drumming shoes. Sometimes, because there are so many models, it even becomes overwhelming for some drummers to choosing the right shoe. The best shoes for drumming should have a rubber sole and when you wear shoes, you’ll feel comfortable. Best shoes for drumming with a rubber sole is just one thing, there are many more listed below.

Well, don’t worry! These are the six most important things in making drummers shoes perfect for drumming.

What they weigh

When it comes to getting the right footwear for a perfect gig, nothing is more important than the weight of the shoes.

Professional drummers will tell you that lighter shoes are the best drumming shoes. The aim here is to find a shoe that will keep you from playing barefoot, but give you just enough weight for the bass drum.

Gravity is vital in producing the force for playing the bass drum. Hence, lighter shoes provide a more impactful approach.

How the pedal grips

I like having a serious and best grip on the bass pedals. This allows me to play tighter and faster, which results in the right friction.

For this reason, you should consider how much pedal grip you want. Consider Jogo Myer, for instance, who wears shoes with a leader bottom for more slippage. This is a great way to choose grip because it allows the player to deal with specific techniques. First, it’s up to you to decide what you want, whether you want a comfortable and lightweight shoe, or you want flat rubber sole drum shoes, or you want both.

Just keep in mind that you need the right grip for your pedals. And as you continue playing, you will discover what your technique requires.

What the shoes are made from

Who doesn’t enjoy comfortable shoes? Certain materials make shoes more comfortable than others.

And when it comes to playing drums, you must ensure your shoes are extra comfortable. If the shoe is lousy, you will probably get blisters, and that is the last thing you want. Your fun and enjoying session will change into a horrible experience just because of the wrong shoes for drumming.

The best material determines how comfortable the shoe is. Consider those that come with flexible materials and don’t require any addition. Canvas, suede, and thin leather are among the best in this case. Going for a lightweight and flat sole drum shoes is a wise option.

The design of the shoes

The look may not be the most important factor to consider, but still critical when referring to personal styles. Therefore, look for something that appeals to you. Your shoe for best drumming must attract you and they should be different than running shoes.

If you want shoes to stand out, consider a dark, neutral color. This can actually tell more about your professionalism.

Note, however, that your audience won’t even be looking at your feet. And some drummers even play barefoot because it is important to them. It is more about the sound you are making. Playing drums with barefoot is an option but it is not as comfortable as with drummer shoes.


Try walking or running in the drum shoes. Do they feel right? Well, you are going to enjoy the best drumming as well.

Thick soles offer to much traction and seem to hang on the pedals. This can be a huge problem in an energetic performance.

Best Drumming Shoes

Based on these features, there are a few best drumming shoes that come in a variety of options. In the following list, I have put together different options. They range from classic sneakers to barefoot-like shoes.

1.      Puma Men’s Turin Fashion Sneaker

Puma has been one of the leading manufacturers of different footwear solutions across the world. Hence, I have no doubt the Puma Men’s Turin Fashion Sneakers are great.

These shoes are a great choice if you are looking for great performance combines with style and quality.

They are made with synthetic leather and a solid rubber sole. Hence, you can expect great comfort and pedal grip.

Also, you don’t have to worry about blisters and hurting feet. The shoes are constructed to provide nothing but great playability.

Note that Puma shoes tend to come low on size. Always go for one size up to get a perfect fit.

These shoes are great for professional players who spend long hours playing. Because they are made with great comfort in mind, you can be sure of its quality.

2.      Converse Church Taylor All-Star

Many people, not only in the drumming community, are fans of Converse. Well, perhaps you didn’t know they are among the best shoes for drumming.

Don’t you believe me? That is ok. But think about drummers like Green Day’s Tre Cool and Silverchair’s Ben Gillies. These are just a few a much the many drummers who wear these shoes.

The low top Chucks are quite wonderful for drumming. These low top offer excellent ankle mobility, which converts to great comfort.

OrthoLite is the cushioning in the insole. This ensures the player does not get blisters.

Also, the eyelets provide enough airflow. This feature makes them more breathable for long hours of playing.

The only limitation is that they can perhaps cause too much pedal friction in some situations. Also, the laces are not high enough, which many drummers don’t like.

3.      Vans Authentic

I know many of us like a pair of classic sneakers. And Vans Authentic Sneaker may just be the shoe every drummer needs. They are attractive, flexible, and great rugged.

One of the greatest things I like about them is their light-weight design. As stated above, the best drumming shoes should be light enough to keep you working for a long time. Hence, this may be just what you are looking for.

They are so light that they make you feel like you are drumming barefoot.

The shoes are made from soft canvas, which makes them feel very breathable. Also, they feature a low-top arch design than offering great ankle mobility.

All these features describe a pair of shoes that are quite comfortable. The insoles come with an additional layer cushioning with reduced the chances of blisters.

The outsole has a Vans trademark and gives just enough traction.

Theses best drumming shoes are for drummers looking for more hours of gigging. As one of the most balanced and lightweight drumming shoes, you can buy them for all purposes.

However, they have some limitations too. The outsoles don’t last very long. Also, they come with average quality on the laces.

4.      Puma Speed Cat

I don’t need to talk about how great Puma is again. And you can expect to get the best from Puma Speed Cat.

The drum shoes come with red suede uppers containing a contrasting stripe. They come highly recommended for wearing with your favorite jeans and you’ll feel very comfortable in it.

Also, the feature matching laces that carter for fit and comfort. They also provide a low profile and sleek. This is a feature you may just be looking for in drumming shoes.

They have rounded toes and heels on a traditional tire tired tread bottom.

If you don’t like the red color, there are the Puma suede classic leather shoes, which are just as great. You will be exposed to a variety of colors for your choice.

In summary, the Puma Speed Cat are well built, cool and casual look, and with great comfort. Though the feature a snug fit, you may not even notice it if you get the right ones.

They are made for professional car racers. The low profile means faster footwork while the casual looks keep them styles. These, with many other features, make them great for professional drummers.

Unfortunately, many users worry that Pumas often run small.

5. Urbann Boards Neil Peart Signature Shore

The Urban Boards Peart Signature shoes come with gold details on black leather. The creation of these shoes was an influence of Neil Peart, who put on the Urbann Boards drumming shoes on a rush tour.

Neil Peart uses the Neptume symbol, among others, which makes the shoes largely unique.

They come with a special device attached to the lace, which makes them hold on tight during the performance. In addition, they have Nanotech rubber soles, which provide enough grip on the pedal.

Urbann boards have grown popular for producing a few great designs as well. There is, for instance, the Virgil Donati signature shoes that come with colorful features.

These shoes are designed for those in need of shoes made specifically for drummers. Therefore, chances are you will love them. However, you need to have a good budget and ready to invest heavily.

In summary, they feature high-quality, thin, comfortable soles, and high responsiveness. There is nothing more a drummer would want than a pair of shoes that makes their drumming easy.

The biggest downside is its price. Also, there has been one report of a manufacturing defect.


There are many drumming accessories that most drummers often fail to put in mind. And shoes are one of them. Understand that, just the way to choose your throne carefully; picking the right shoes has a direct impact on your performance. And they all define your comfort, which translates to more sustainable performance. You may want to look good and feel great at the same time, hence choose your footwear with a keen eye to detail.

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