Dw 5000 Drum Pedal

When playing drums, the feel of having your feet on a bass drum pedal is fantastic. Playing drums without paying attention to your bass pedals will result in little enjoyment of the whole session. I cannot play my drums before testing my bass pedals well.

I always have my drummers on my toes because I want them to produce the best sounds ever. That is the dream of every tutor and drummer. Thus, I saw it better to have an article that will compare DW 5000 vs. 9000.

This comparison is really detailed to ensure that you get the best out of it. Drum Workshop is known for the production of the best drums, components, and accessories. Thus, let us travel together on this journey of comparisons and reviews.

DW 5000 vs. DW 9000 pedal

DW 5000 vs. 9000 are the two best pedals that are exceptional in the percussion industry. They have unique features that will leave you impressed. The features that describe their difference include:

Build quality

The two single bass drum pedals (DW 5000 vs. 9000) boast has incredible features. You will enjoy playing as they are both aimed at advanced and professional level players.

DW 5000 vs. 9000 pedals have some similarities. DW 9000 is more expensive than the DW 5000, but that does not that the latter is wrong. They are the industry standard for all music styles.

Shared Features

They both have a non-slip textured rubber grip responsible for keeping your foot from slipping. Besides, they have an innovative Tri-pivot toe clamp that ensures that the pedal and the bass drum hoop are attached regardless of the bass drum’s size or angle.

These excellent pedals also have rock-solid frames and footboards. The construction of these pedals carries the quality signature of DW. This makes it strong and durable, but the DW 9000 is heftier and has a larger base plate.

Spring Rocker Mechanism

The DW 5000 vs. 9000 employ different spring mechanism that is visible within the design of the pedals. DW 5000 has a spring outside the frame, while DW 9000 has the pedal spring housed inside the frame.

The DW 9000 accommodates the spring very well. The springs are better kept inside the frame, thus making it appear much better quality.  The DW 9000 series has a Parented Floating Swivel Spring with less resistance hence offering a smooth feel. The DW 5000 series Dual Spring Rocker is less smooth and not well designed.

Pedal Cam

The DW 9000 has a free-floating rotor drive system and adjustable Cam the makes the pedals move from Accelerator to Turbo or anywhere in between.

The DW 5000 series, on the other hand, has a fixed Cam that is either Accelerator or Turbo. It also features a hexagonal rotor shaft that is neither smooth nor innovative in operation.

Overall Performance

These two pedals are enjoyable to play. They are both fast, controlled, and responsive as well as rock-solid and feel great underfoot.

However, the DW 9000 series single pedal has less resistance due to the free-floating components. The DW 5000, on the other hand, has a little more resistance, which is liked by many drummers.


The DW 5000 cost less as compared to DW 9000. DW 9000 series pedals are about 35 percent more expensive than DW 5000, thus, making it worth the extra. However, drummers across the globe like both drum pedals because of absolute reliability.

DW Bass Drum Pedal (DWCP5000AD4XF)

The DW 5000 AD4XF is an excellent bass pedal with an elongated footboard design responsible for adding power and agility to time-honored performance. With this pedal, you can get full-length winds and more comfortable doubles with similar AD4 responses and durability.

The Pedal’s Accelerator Drive system creates an indirect relationship between the footboard and the sprocket to achieve maximum velocity and sensitivity. Drummers can unlock a wide range of power, speed, and precision through the can and the DW’s legendary customization.

AD4XF has the DW’s Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp that offers a secure hoop linkage and a non-skid rubber that offers a grip for movement resistance on wood, carpet, or concrete. The Tri-Pivot Clamp also joins the pedal and the bass drum no matter the size or angle.

The Dual Bearing Spring Rocker ensures that the kick drum pedal is quicker and more controlled, with little drag on the rebound. This pedal provides outstanding smoothness, responsiveness, and reliability. The pedal is affordable; thus, you should never complain about its price.


  • Extended footboard adds increased power and agility to the time-honored AD4
  • Accelerator cam yields perfect velocity and sensitivity.
  • Legendary 5000 Series durability and customization
  • Rubberized Tri-pivot Toe Clamp is secure and safe on bass hoops.
  • Rubber grip pad on the base plate — no fastening strips required
  • Included reversible DW beater with felt and hard plastic strikers
  • Package length of 10 inches and height of 8 inches.

Drum Workshop, Inc. DWCP9000 Single Bass Pedal with Bag

DW has taken into account the best drummers’ suggestions and combine them with drum techs to come up with this fantastic pedal. The memory locks on the tube joints and base assembly are incorporated into this pedal for more functionality.

The DW’s 9000 Series Pedal is another exceptional bass drum pedal that offers an unequaled combination of power, speed, and feel. The floating rotor and adjustable cam innovations give drummers versatility and flexibility to improve their footwork.

The 9000 single pedal also features the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp System and Non-Slip Rubber Grip Base Plate that increases stability and enhances a greater connection between the player and the kick drum.

The EZ adjust Cam is responsible for a quick and smooth switch from Accelerator to Turbo-style sprockets or anywhere in between. This pedal takes your drumming to the next level and elevates the professional pedal design, thus, putting a world of possibilities beneath the drummer’s feet.

The Floating Swivel Spring is vital in increasing the smooth downstroke and return stroke as well as creating resistance.  DW always values the drummers’ opinions, making them manufacture what is needed in the music industry.


  • Single kick drum pedal
  • Universal assemblies in-house from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam
  • Switch from Accelerator to Turbo Drive or anywhere in between
  • Chain drive or Nylon strap (strap included)
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp is secure yet easy on your bass drum hoop.
  • Floating Swivel Spring
  • Non-slip rubber grip base plate
  • Free-floating rotor-drive system