Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Mesh Electric Drum

The snare drum is among the most crucial components of your drum set. You must have it for most music styles.

“Backbeat” is a term that means accenting certain beats of the bar, and the snare drum is used in most cases. And that is why finding the perfect electronic snare drum is essential.

Most drummers upgrade their e-snare drums to get more sensitivity and a better tone. If you are looking for the same, we have put together this guide for you.

There are so many different types of electronic snare drums out there that choosing can be overwhelming. And they come at various prices too. One can end up spending up to $1000 on just one piece.

What is the best electronic drum set for beginners?

Electronic drums have made things simple for drummers. They are much easier to handle and are more portable.

However, most of them, especially beginner kits, don’t sound as good as acoustic drums. It majorly depends on the material used in making that drums.

Hence, you need to be careful when choosing a beginner electronic drum set. You would not want anything that does not provide a close-to-natural response.

Features of a good e-kit for starter include:

• Portability and versatility

One needs to carry the kit with ease. Setting it up should not be a hassle either. That means a beginner only needs a simple kit. Also, the kit should work for a wide range of music styles.

• Affordable

Electronic drum kits are quite expensive. But for beginners, you don’t need to break a bank for the product.

Verdict: The overall best electronic drum kit with these features is the Alesis Nitro Mesh. The pads are made from mesh, which is more responsive than rubber. It’s material you will find on higher-end kits. And that makes the Alesis Nitro an excellent option for beginners.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Snare Drums?

It all depends on your playing style and what you are looking for in a snare drum. And in this case, it would be wise to let the hands choose.

There are many top-rated e-snare drums, but your hands may not agree with them – and they are right. It would be better to choose one that is considered inferior. That should deliver the best playing experience.

Here is how to choose your electronic snare drum.

• Comfort

Consider comfort very carefully. The drum must feel right in your hands when using your favorite sticks. Try feeling the bounds and see how it brings out the force. This also means you consider how durable the drum is.

• Compatibility

You will be using the drum as part of a larger set. Hence, it would be best if you had an e-snare drum that is compatible with the other components and accessories. Feel the versatility of the snare and how it reacts to different tonal changes.

• Sensitivity

Higher sensitivity is the greatest latest upgrade to electronic drums. Between mesh and rubber pads, go for the mesh, which is more sensitive.

Best Electronic Snare Drums for Playing and Recording

Finding the right electronic snare drum for studio and stage setups is crucial. Since there are so many options out there, you would easily be overwhelmed.

Luckily, you will find several brands that offer trustworthy solutions. That is to say, the journey to finding the right snare begins by choosing the right brand.

Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis are the biggest players on the market. And they have everything you would need to improve your drumming skills.

Here are some of the top electronic snare drums for these situations.

• Roland PDX-12 Dual Trigger Mesh Snare Pad

Roland is the biggest name in the world of e-drums. The PDX-12 is a great snare pad. It features dual trigger sensors, making it easy to play any rolls or rimshots.

• Roland PDX 6 V-pad snare

If PDX-12 is too expensive for you, consider the PDX-6. This snare pad is affordable and yet offers the highest quality in terms of construction and performance.

It is the smallest drum in the V-series, making it more portable. But its tone is incredible.

• Yamaha DTX series 3-zone drum pad – 8-inch

Yamaha is not a new name in the world of music. The DTX series comes as one of the best e-drums from the company.

It features silicone heads, which are less bouncy than mesh. And yet, they still give a very realistic feel.

Best Electronic Snare Drums – 5 Electric Pads

Buying an excellent electronic drum begins with understanding several factors. First, you must know the difference between a snare pad and other pads.

The world of e-drum kits has been growing rapidly over the past several years. And that is why it’s easy to find so many electronic snares.

In this list, we are sharing some of the best e-kit with great snares. Some of the most known brands like Yamaha, Roland Alesis may have the best e-snares. But when it comes to quality and affordability, there are many other places to look.

What makes an electric snare good is not the looks or the price. It’s all about the sounds it produces. And these snare drums have got all it takes to give you the right sound.

We have considered the following features in this selection:

• Affordability. Sometimes it’s not about the price. There are lots of affordable e-snare drums that you don’t have to break a bank for.

• Sound. Even though electric snares don’t sound as natural as real snare drums, modern ones are really good.

• Construction quality. We have also considered the material used in making the snare drums.

HXW PD705 Percussion Sampling Pad 9-Trigger Multipad All-in-one Electric Drum Set with Built-in Metronome, Effecter, Looper, 600+ Sounds, Firmware V2.06 Update

The best thing about using electronic drums is their portability. Here is one such product that will not disappoint.

Sampling pads have become very common tools for DJs and modern drummers. With a sampling pad, you can do a lot of things with your piece.

The HXW PD705 is one of the best sampling pads on the market. It comes with the following features:

• 9 dual-zone sensitive silicone pads. Silicon is considered a better material than mesh and rubber. These nine pads reproduce a full drum set. They include snare, toms, kick bass drum, hi-hat, ride, crash cymbals. It’s perfect for both beginners and professionals.

• 608 Sounds. More than 600 sounds arranged in 30 preset a kit should be enough for you. You also get 20 user kits to use with your owns sounds. The kit also comes with an 8 loop midi, 512MB storage, and 128MB flash-ROM. You can therefore import a large number of your original sounds using a USB stick.

• Excellent effects. The EQ/Reverb/limit. Three multi-effect engines built in an onboard metronome. PD705 will make a great addition to your kit.

• Ins/outs. The kit comes with a 5-pin Midi in/ out ports and a USB port for those who want to use their computers. Also, there is a ¼-inch stereo out, 1/4 -inch headphones out, and a 1/8-inch aux. You also get two additional drum pad inputs to expand your kit. You can connect these to dual-triggering pads and other products to make your work much easier.

Excellent sounds It’s the sound that matters the most when it comes to choosing the perfect electronic snare drum. And this kit does not disappoint.


• Excellent construction

• 9 pads

• Incredible sound

• Perfect for pros and beginners


• It might not be the best product on the market.

Verdict: The HXW PD705 percussion sampling pad is an excellent all-in-one e-drum set. We recommend it to anyone who needs a simple solution.

VOLADOR Electronic Drum Set, 9 Pads Roll Up Electric Drum Kit with Bluetooth, 2 Built-in Speaker, Headphone Jack, Portable Digital Midi Practice Drum Pad for Kids Beginners

Portability is one of the biggest advantages of using an electronic drum kit. It makes things easier for the drummer.

And this Volador Electronic drum set is a perfect example. It is one of the most popular kits on the market due to its features and price.

Some of the top features include:

• Nine pads. Including bass, high tom, low tom, snare, floor tom, open hi-hat, a ride, and two crash cymbals. There are seven options for drum tones, 10 demo songs, and seven rhythms. The pads are equipped with colorful LED lights, making the performance more interesting.

• Private practice. Connect your headphones to the drums and enjoy the silent practice. Or connect to your computer through USB and import your new tracks.

• Built-in speakers and Bluetooth. You don’t need to connect speakers to this kit. It comes with a built-in dual speaker system for a great playing experience. Bluetooth connectivity allows one to use external audio sources.

• Battery power. You can use this kit even in places without AC power. A 2000 mAh lithium battery powers the kit. This will give you up to 10 hours of playing time.


• All-in-one e-drum set

• Excellent sound

• Incredible construction


• It looks more like a toy

Verdict: The snare drum on this kit is quite responsive. It’s a perfect solution for beginners and even professional drummers.

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Mesh Electric Drum Set With 100+ Sounds, 30 Play-Along Tracks, Drum Sticks & Connection Cables Included

Alesis is not a new name in the world of electronic drum sets. It has a lot of entry-level options. And by far, Turbo Mesh is the cheapest of the level.

Well, there is nothing much to blow you off, but it’s a kit that a large number of users have well respected.

The kit includes seven mesh pads for seven drum heads. Mesh heads are better than rubber because of their improved responsiveness.

It also comes with hardware made of lightweight steel for easy folding and storage. Other components included are a power supply cable, drum key, and sticks.

So, you will only need a good drum throne to start playing this kit.

• Pads. The Alesis Mesh kit comes with a snare and three toms measuring 8-inches in diameter – single zone. The pads are tunable. You can therefore adjust its tightness for better sound. You also get 10-inch dual-zone cymbals pads included. This gives them both an edge and a bowed sound.

• Pedals included. The Turbo Mesh kit is this low in price because Alesis does not include a kit tower. It comes with an electronic foot pedal controller, instead, which is still ok. You don’t need to buy a kick pedal. However, it feels very different from using a real bass drum pedal.

• Sound module. A simple module with just a few buttons, 10 preset kits, and 120 drums, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Alesis has filled it with 30 play-along backing tracks. They are convenient for creative drummers. It comes with learning tools for learning drummers.


• Velocity-sensitive sampling

• Cymbal velocity with dual-zone triggering

• Compatible with VST instruments.


• Sounds are not great

• Very few onboard sounds

Verdict: For beginners, you can get a simpler and more affordable kit. The Alesis Turbo Mesh could be a good choice.

Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Electronic Kit with 5 Drums 3 Cymbals, Electric Drum, Audio Line, and Drum Stick

Donner is another company that has become very popular among drummers. The brand aims to create new and better experiences in music and performance.

The company relies on its strong and efficient research and development team to make incredible instruments. That is why their instruments have remained high quality, inspiring professional music lovers.

The Donner DED-200 is a perfect solution for beginners who wish to become better drummers. It is designed with 225 timbres which will satisfy your jazz, rock, blues, and any other music style. Whether you are performing on stage or practicing, this kit will be suitable.

– Pad material. The pads are 8-inches of durable mesh. Donner has used a unique drumhead hoop technology that resolves mesh deformation, making less slack. It more delicate and denser with a better feeling.

– Sounds. It’s the sound that matters in any drum set. And the Donner DED-200 does a great job. If you need to practice the songs you love, connect them to MP3 or computer, and you are set to go. These kits are more suitable for home practice. So don’t expect much.


• Donner superior technology

• Excellent for home practice

• Easy to use


• Not suitable for professional work

Verdict: We recommend the Donner DED-200 for those who need a simple home practice solution. It’s a great product with excellent sound quality. Its dual-trigger technology makes it perform very professionally.