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Hang drum has become pretty popular today. And that’s why. Hang drums are portable, great to play, and have amazing sound. So how to find and buy the best hang drum, perfect for your needs? But first of all…

What is a Hang Drum?

A Hang Drum is a percussion instrument that originated in Switzerland. It is made up of two half-cylinders that are welded together at the centre. The top half-cylinder has a hole in the centre and the bottom half-cylinder has a smaller hole near the edge. The player holds the instrument by the top half-cylinder and strikes it with their hands or sticks.

What is the sound of a Hang Drum?

A Hang Drum sounds like a cross between a steel drum and a gong. The Hang Drum has a very unique sound that is perfect for relaxing or meditating. It can also be used to create some beautiful music. The Hang Drum is a great instrument for both beginners and experienced musicians.

What Is a HandPan?

A Handpan is a convex steel drum with a high steel drum blade, which is usually equipped with nine different tones, eight around the outside circle and “the ding” in the centre. The hand pans generally have between 7 to 12 notes, although the most common hand pans available have nine notes.

Handpan vs Hang Drum, what is the difference?

Handpan and Hang drum are two types of musical instruments that are often confused with each other. Both instruments are played by striking the surface with your hands, but they actually have very different tones and playing styles.

Handpans are similar to steelpan drums but have a convex surface that gives them a unique sound. They are often used in meditative or relaxing music, as their calming tones can help to soothe the mind. Hang drums, on the other hand, have a concave surface that produces a sharper, more percussive sound. These drums are often used in upbeat or energetic music, as their lively tones can help to create a sense of excitement.

But wait, the inventors don’t like them being called hang drums, just “hung.” But here, I will just refer to them like anyone else does, “hang drum”.

Handpan by Yuki Koshimoto

5 of the Best Hang drums in [currentyear]

Not everyone can afford some of the most expensive brands. But don’t worry; if you want to get the best hang drum that suits your budget, the list below carries five more affordable and easy-to-get hang drums that will get the job done for most people.

1. HAPI DDMINIDAKE 8 Inch Hang Drum

The Ddminidake 8inch Tongue Drum by HAPI is one of my favorite tongue drums.

Well, it is too for the world as it has been tagged as a bestseller and one of the best hang drums in the market.

It looks adorable in size and looks, which reflects its superior quality. You will notice its lovely coppery shine as the first thing when you set eyes on it.

For those who need meditation companions, here is something to count on. It’s beautiful. The soothing sound will calm you down after the constant constraints of life. 

This means it is a useful tool for those who suffer from depression. You need deep relaxation, and the hang drums are a promise. 

In terms of sounding, the hang tongue drums will not disappoint, at least for most parts. However, expect a few situations when one tough may misbehave – a tone or two may go off.

This may not be for you if you want a tunable solution. But it is compensated in the overall sound. A single off-tune will not, therefore, be such a bother.

The hang tongue drums feature two small rubber mallets. And they only enhance your playing, though you will still enjoy playing with your fingers. Some players have opined that the mallets make a better sound than fingers.

But I don’t think this should be an issue of discussion. Everyone understands what soothes them. And since you have both options, you can try both and make your decision. 


  • Have an easy carrying luggage 
  • A beautiful tone
  • Feature rubber mallets 
  • Beautiful and sturdy. 


  • A few tunes go off.
  • It might be too small. 

2. Bali Style Hang Drum

Remember, we talked about the best hang drums being hand-crafted. Well, here is one good example. And the price tells it all. 

And for those who need a well-customized steel pan, a detailed and beautiful piece, you may forgive its extravagance. It is hand-forged, with every detail in place.

And the reason this hang drum instrument is unique is that it is not even mass-produced. It will only be built on order.

For those who enjoy custom-made products, you are free to choose your own scale. And this means you will have to wait at least two weeks to get a stunning instrument. 

Is it the best hang drum you can find? Well, you cannot compare the quality of the Bali Steel Hang Drum to a mass-produced product.

And talk of sound, you will love what comes out of this instrument. It has been forged to offer the most amazing sound. It may be costly, but it sure to get your investment back. 

Besides, you get a carrying case for portability. If you plan to travel with it, this should make it easy.

Like and traditionally constructed hang drum instrument, it does not come with mallets. You may not use them when you have all the time to enjoy playing with your fingers. 


  • Hand-crafted
  • Excellent durable materials 
  • Every tone is on point. 
  • Includes a carrying case


  • Very costly

3. Shamanicshop Hang Drum

The Shamanicshop Tongue Hand Pan is another wonderful music device for those who enjoy beautiful hang drums. It is made with details and embellishments that make it excellent and attractive. 

And the best part is you can hang it on your wall at home as a decorative piece. That is how beautiful the item is.

But I am not interested in beauty. It is just an added advantage. The sound is out of this world, and every player will find it highly attractive.

Shamanicshop claims you use patented technology, ensuring you only get high-quality sounds. And the hang drum instrument is already fine-tuned. You can start playing immediately.

Another thing is that it comes with a stand. You will get a rubberized flip skirt included. This will help you balance it better on any surface. You can play from your lap or ground. 

And also, a beautiful carrying case is included. The case also has a backpack to conveniently carry it around in your bag.


  • Sturdy and durable 
  • A beautiful design
  • Excellent sounding
  • Rubberized strand and carrying case included.


  • The price is quite high. 

4. Meinl Percussion Sonic Energy Hang Drum

Who does not know Meinl in the drumming and percussion instrument industry? I have been a fan of the brand for a while now. Many high-end drummers use it.  Here is one if you search for a brand you can rely on. The hang drum producer usually makes them in order, but you can find a few in stores.

Meinl hangs drum is highly invested in research and product development. Hence, their hand drums combine traditionally made instruments with modern technology. 

The Sonic Energy Hangdrum is a hand-crafted item made in Columbia using German steel, which is excellently sturdy. It is tuned to D sharp major.

Personally, I really like the sound of this hang drum. And since this hang drum is hand-crafted, you can expect great details. The hang drum comes equipped with the best sounds to get you relaxed.

This hang drum is beautifully designed and highly portable. Even though it is a bit pricey, you shouldn’t mind if your focus is on quality.


  • Made from German Steel
  • A reputable brand.
  • Great quality.


  • It is pricey.

5. Pyle Professional Steel Hang Drum

If you are looking for the perfect hang drum to travel around with, then Pyle Professional Steel hangs drum is your choice.

If you have played the drums for a while, then you should know the Pyle Drum instruments. Its compactness makes this drum hang great for the purpose. 

You can carry it to the recording studio or just play it around for fun. It is not heavy, which makes it easy to carry on the laps without getting tired. This makes it easy to carry around, too – this one comes with a carting case. 

The Pyle Professional Steel hang Drum sound is quite soothing. Whether you are going for meditation or practicing yoga, this drum is made to serve you right.

Every tune is right and on point. And you will be surprised to know just how affordable it is. Its learning curve is very basic. Hence, it is perfect for both professional musicians and beginners. 

It also features s rubber mallets. This means you can either play with your fingers or use the mallets. Of course, it depends on your preference.

The most important things are that you will get an enjoyable and relaxing time. 


  • It features a compact size that is easy to carry around.
  • High-quality material.
  • It comes with rubber mallets.
  • You get a carrying case.


  • Some people find it too small.

4 of the Best Handpan Drums in [currentyear]

The handpan is a very melodic instrument with beautiful sounds. It helps create a beautiful atmosphere of immersive sounds that warmly fill up the surrounding ambient.

There are a lot of theories that surround the invention of the handpan. It was designed and constructed by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer from Bern, Switzerland, around 2000 as a street instrument, and then it became more and more popular over time.

A handpan is a convex steel pan played with the fingers and the hands. It looks like cymbals, but the sounds, material, and design differ. It is classified under the idiophone class.

The instrument has different tone makers that are tuned to different notes. Let’s see below the best handpan in the market on [currentyear].

In this article, I will review the different features of the hand pans for you to get a clear idea of what is the right handpan you are looking for.

Let’s have a look at some of the best handpan drums available in the market.

1. 8 Note Handpan in F Minor

The Note Handpan in F Minor is a fantastic eight notes handpan: F3, A#3, C4, C4#, F4, F#4, A#4, and C5.

Compared to other handpans with a smaller diameter, this handpan is slightly more prominent, with about 570mm. The height of this handpan is 240 millimeters. The bigger diameter means that the notes are a bit far from each other; thus, the larger diameter enhances a more resonant bass note sound with more sustain.

Traditional Japanese music has a musical scale called the Akebono scale. Therefore, the eight-note handpan is tuned in the F-minor Akebono scale.

The packs include a carry bag to enhance the portability of this instrument. Each of the eight notes produces a beautiful resonant sound with much sustain because of its larger diameter.


  • It has a bigger diameter for better sounds.
  • The notes are spread all over the Pan for more splendid sounds.
  • It can perform the functions of a snare or hi-hat.


  • It can be tricky to get it due to high demand.

2. 9 Note Handpan in A Minor

Compared to other handpans, the Handpan steel hand drum in A minor 9 notes 22 inches is the same in size as the 7 Note in G Minor and 9 Note in G Minor. However, it is smaller than the larger D Minor and F Minor pans with a bit more sustain and reverberance.

The A minor scale enhances plenty of melodic possibilities. The scale is straightforward to play, and you can create several tones with it. The notes involved include (A3), D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, A#4, C5 & D5.

This nine-note hand pan in A minor has a beautiful bright, and resonant sound.

The other surfaces of this hand pan can play another vital role. It can be used to make percussive tone fields such as snares and hi-hat-like sounds. This makes this instrument more suitable and valuable in every band.

This handpan has a diameter of 54 cm and a height of 24 cm. it has GU holes (underside). The wooden boxes used to transport this Pan has Styrofoam to ensure maximum protection.

It is securely shipped to all locations worldwide. It is packed inside a wooden crate for safe transportation and comes with a carry bag.


  • It comes with a backpack-style carry bag.
  • It can be used for other purposes.
  • It has a standard size needed by many players.


  • It has a bit hefty price tag.

3. 9 Note Handpan in G Minor

The Happybuy handpan in g minor is a 9-note handpan that features a mysterious and beautiful sound that attracts the ear from far. All the nine notes have a beautiful resonance, including (G3), D4, D#4, F#4, G4, A4, A#4, C5 & D5.

The A minor scale enhances a lot of melodic possibilities. The scale is effortless to play, and you can create several tones with it.

The other surfaces of this handpan can play another vital role. It can be used to make percussive harmonics such as snares and hi-hat-like sounds. This makes the handpan more suitable and valuable in every band.

Compared to other handpans, this instrument is the same in size as the 7 Note in G Minor and 9 Note in G Minor. However, it is smaller than the larger D Minor and F Minor pans with a bit more sustain and reverberance.

This handpan has a diameter of 54 cm and a height of 24 cm. it has GU holes (underside). The wooden boxes used to transport this Pan have Styrofoam to ensure maximum protection. The navigation of this kit is much more straightforward than other drums.

It is an excellent pan with a great history. You have every reason to get it.


  • It can perform the duties of a snare or hi-hat.
  • It is simple and easy to play.
  • It is affordable, durable, and versatile.


  • It is on-demand; thus, it can run out of stock.

4. 7 Note Handpan in G Minor

The notes involved in this Pan include (G3), C4, C#4, E4, F4, G4 & G#4. The perfect thing about this hand pan is that it is the most affordable hand pan available on the market. It is tuned to an altered Phrygian scale in G minor.

The Phrygian scale has a Greek origin, but the scale also resembles that of Egyptian sound. The instrument’s surfaces can be converted to serve as percussive harmonics that include snares and hi-hat-like sounds.

This handpan has a diameter of 54 cm and a height of 24 cm. it has GU holes on the bottom side. The wooden boxes that transport this Pan have Styrofoam to ensure maximum protection. The navigation of this kit is much more straightforward than other drums.

It is highly durable because it is made with durable and carefully selected materials—great PANArt hangs artisans who have great experience in the work design of the Pan. You can get a video online, and thanks to these great men.


  • It comes with a backpack-style carry bag for portability.
  • It is designed and constructed by experienced artisans.
  • It delivers a variety of high-quality tones.


  • It is on-demand, meaning it can run out of stock anytime.

Where to Buy A Handpan?

The best place that you can get the best handpans for sale is directly from the manufacturer. However, that will be time-consuming, considering you are in business. Therefore, it is good to consider worldwide distributors like eBay, Amazon, and Guitar Center among many others.

Companies like Saraz, Aciel, TerraPan, Pantheon Steel Halo and many others have continued to produce high-quality handpans at fair prices. They have distributors worldwide, and these are the right people you can get your handpans for sale from.

How Much Do Handpans Typically Cost?

The price range for a hand pan currently lies between 1500 and 3000 US Dollars, depending on the manufacturer. The prices vary from one manufacturer to the other depending on their production and other related costs. The prices available on their websites are subject to changes, and you might need to incur delivery charges.

Back in the days when PANArt hang started selling their first-handpans to the public, the price was $400. That price was fair enough, and I wish I could build a time machine to go back and grab at least one of these fantastic first models.

Is a handpan a drum?

A handpan is a so-called drum because it is played with hands! It is a convex steel drum with a high steel drum blade, which is usually equipped with nine different tones, eight around the outside circle and “the ding” in the centre.

How to choose the right Handpan?

Selecting the right Handpan is always challenging, and you need some tactics to select the best handpans. Smaller steel tongue drums do not reverberate as much as the bigger ones. The more giant handpans are better in sounds and have long reverberated.


In conclusion, our choice is the Pyle Professional Steel drum, which has the most beautiful sound and design and is also reasonably affordable.

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