Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs

If you love going to concerts but hate how your ears feel afterwards, you need to get yourself a pair of Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs.

These earplugs are amazing! They don’t muffle the sound as much as traditional foam earplugs do, but they still protect your ears from the damage caused by exposure to loud noise. If you’re looking for the best concert earplugs, Look no further than Hearprotek!

Hearprotek High Fidelity concert ear plugs 

The Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs offer high protection (20 dB NRR) at a low cost. They are ideal for concert or band rehearsal when money is tight. They are designed to reduce background noises but not wholly eliminate hearing.

Packaging and content

The Hearprotek Earplugs arrive in a noticeable appearance with a blue cardboard box with product images and printed specifications. The box is 8.0cm x 7.5cm x 3.5cm in size and weighs 65G.

You’ll discover the following items when you open the Hearprotek Earplugs box. 1x Hard-Shell Case, 1x Aluminum Case, 1x Clear Plastic Case, 1x Small Plug, 1x Standard Plug, 3x Pairs of Different sound frequencies or filters (2x Pairs already fitted to plug), 1x Neck Cord, 1x Carabiner, 1x English User Guide.

Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear plugs

Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear plugs are small, flexible, and made of soft silicone. Each one is designed to fit snugly into the inner ear. The smallest plug is 20mm long and 14mm in diameter, while the standard plug is 25mm long and 15mm in diameter.

The Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear plugs come with a soft and removable silicone neck cord that measures 75.0cm in length. You can use these earplugs with or without the cord, but I recommend using them because removing the plugs from your ears without them can be difficult.


You’ll always have storage options for your ear plugs; you get three in total! The main one is the hard-shell case with a zipper. This case also has a netted interior to organize your accessories. The small clear plastic case can store your plugs before placing them in the main hard-shell case.

The Blue aluminum case is another option for storing your ear plugs. This screw-top case measures 5.0cm in length and 2.0cm in diameter. The lid also has a rubber O-ring that prevents moisture from entering your case. You also get a keyring split ring to attach to your keys, or you can secure this or the hard-shell case to your belt or bag with the included carabiner clip.

Key Features

  • NRR: 20 dB
  • High-quality silicone material.
  • Standard and small size 
  • Accessories: Durable aluminum case with carabiner and neck cord


  • Reusable and economical
  • Excellent Storage Containers
  • Ergonomic curved body
  • Soft silicone detachable cord


  • Small Inserts
  • Not blocking noise completely
  • Difficult to Insert

Tips for using Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear plugs

It would help if you first determined whether a small or standard-sized earplug is best for you. The earplug should be snugly inserted into your ear canal without hurting you or falling out. It may take some practice to insert the plug correctly, but Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert has a method that works!

Pinch the silicone tab of the ear plugs with your index finger and thumb; keeping hold of this tab when inserting them into your ears will position the tab to help you remove them later. While holding the tab, reach over the top of your head with your other hand and pull up your ear, laying it as flat to the side of your head as possible. Now, slide the plug inwards and push on the flat area of the earplug with your thumb. You can wiggle it to help even more if you want.

Wait to release the tab until the ear plugs Hearprotek has been properly inserted, and do not push the earplug in any further once the tab has been removed. You should now be completely shielded from the noise around you.

To remove, hold the tab section and gently twist it away from you. Once removed, you should clean them, especially if there is any ear wax!

How to change filters

Your ear plugs Hearprotek come with three filters: low, medium, and high. Each one is color-coded, which is fantastic! To change a filter, remove the one currently installed and insert a new one. Be careful not to drop them because they are very small and could be damaged.

Each filter serves a different purpose and has a different NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) and SNR (Single Number Rating), which I will explain below:

  • Low (Green) – These are appropriate for most loud noises, such as music rehearsals, and have NRR17 and SNR17 ratings.
  • Medium (Blue) – These are better suited to louder live music concerts, with NRR14 and SNR20 ratings.
  • High (Black) – Hearprotek’s highest level of hearing protection, great for blocking background noises, with ratings of NRR19 and SNR26.

Most Frequently Ask Questions

How many dB earplugs do I need for a concert?

The best earplugs for concert should include attenuation filters to provide a range of sound levels. Earplug sound levels can reach 120 dB, which is harmful to the ears. However, 85 decibels or less is ideal for the human ear and for avoiding hearing loss.


If you are looking for a great pair of earplugs to protect your hearing at concerts, the Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear plugs are the best choice. They provide superior sound quality and hearing protection and are very comfortable to wear. We highly recommend them!