Jomox Alpha Base

The Jomox Alpha Base is a drum device containing a maximum of Jomox’s merchandise. The unit is designed with simplicity in thought and, as such, provides a fast and efficient workflow that most customers need to understand quickly. Internally, the Alpha Base consists of 11 drum synthesis units, affording a broad and effective sonic palette. As Jomox themselves nation, that is the most flexible drum machine of their arsenal.

Kick Drum

The center device, nevertheless, is the analog kick drum which has gotten facelifting again. The mythical punch and assertiveness of all Jomox kicks have convincingly persevered. LFO, pitch envelope, steel noise, and gate time are notable features that won’t and do no longer pass over out.


As a 2nd analog device, we’ve put in a complete MBrane voice. It covers many analog snare drums, percussions, cowbells, claves, glasses, toms, bass drums, and many others. Etc. It makes use of the generation of the Mod.Brane11. This device has two LFOS, pitch envelopes, and metal noise.

Hi Hat

These six channels are reserved for hello-hats and employ a confirmed and advanced HH clear-out that was already used in the XBASE 999. It’s far specialized for analog hello-hats and may conjure extraordinary noisy hello hats from a sample combined with metal noise.

Clap, Rim, Crash, Ride

The succeeding four channels have a resonateable 2-pole multimode filter out that can be switched between LP, HP, and BP. The filter-out cutoff may be modulated with an ADSR envelope and an LFO in keeping with the tool. If the filter is self-oscillating, you may create awesome analog toms, claves, sticks, etc. By using the VCA envelope at the back. Or even highly bend samples sonically. by way of principle, every 4 MM filter-out pattern channel is a little synth voice of its own. A sampled synth bass run through the analog clear-out is almost indistinguishable from an analog synth.

X Sample 1+2

Moreover, two pattern devices work purely virtual. It is possible that the Alpha Base can sample external audio on these channels for about 5 seconds. That’s more than enough for drum samples. The recorded sample can be stored on an SD card or copied to the internal flash reminiscence, after which being performed and returned by way of the alternative sample channels.

Samples also can be copied from the SD card into flash reminiscence. The layout is raw/WAV mono sixteen Bit / 48kHz. The inner agency divides samples into constant memory slots that may be addressed by the parameter sample chosen in the instruments. All samples can be pitched and modulated in an extensive range. The sample starts and can be edited, and they may be loopable as correctly. Modulation targets are pitch, filter out cutoff, and extent. Each channel has a personal LFO for that.

FM Synth

As a bit virtual machine, we’ve added a mini FM synth. With four operators and six leading voices, it can create weird and loopy percussion sounds as much as easy chords. Played over an external midi keyboard, it may be used as a polyphonic synth.


Virtual consequences are on board: put off and reverb that act as ship/go back values. Each of the analog tool outputs has its very own A/D converter. The postponed impact can also be inserted into the six hybrid sample channels and become part of the excellent manufacturing chain.

The reverb can effortlessly be killed by using an encoder click but is undoubtedly an extraordinary advantage for lifestyle performances with the minimal device. Reverb times may attain almost infinity, and the damping filters act quite highly so that the reverb meets the requirement of modern-day electronic tune and may be an essential part of the sound.


For the enhancement of parameters, there are 16 encoders organized in a 4×4 matrix. Each instrument only addresses pages with the aid of 16 values to make the enhancement as easy as feasible without deep menu cursors. The 24×2 character show can display four parameters at a glance.


The sequencer is made up of a 16-step going for walks led sequencer and has eleven tracks. Each tune has a wide variety of sixty-four steps. Way 4 measures at a sixteenth decision according to a degree. Via the bar switch, your can switch among the exclusive measures.

The played variety of steps is managed through the final function Step – for example, 32 for two measures, 48 to gain three measures, a.s.o. There’s another excellent function here: each tune has its last Step, achieving from 1-64! That makes it viable to create complicated rhythmic figures because a song with, e.g., 28 steps begins to shift a quarter (=4 steps) against the other 32-step tracks for every degree. That gives you the opportunity for fascinating rhythmic compositions in the most straightforward manner!

You may edit shuffle both consistent with music or globally. Also, a roll and flam characteristic can be measured in precise steps. The role/flam styles can be selected for every music, for my part – there is a wide sort of easy double hits to three, four-fold rolls, or even 12 retriggers at your preference.

Parameter Locks

Every tune and Step can collect the device’s pitch and one more significant parameter.

The pitch tune may be effortlessly grown to become on and rotten with the button “Seq. “

In Seq Mode, you may additionally apply single parameter adjustments for person steps. Those may be convenient tool parameters or even entire gadgets recalled from the preset listing in Step with Step. One holds a step key and adjustments the desired cost, which packages the P-lock into that preferred Step.


Neighboured patterns may be effortlessly chained using the Chain feature that allows you to create accessible song structures. At the same time as in Chain mode, you keep each of the select step buttons (that pick out a sample inside sixteen tracks) and create a pattern chain. This is stored together with the actual first sample.


The ALPHA BASE has Midi In/Out/thru and USB. You may seamlessly integrate the drum device into the DAW as a USB Midi device. Midi clock sync or Clock grasp can help you perfectly sync the gadget to the DAW. Every one of the 11 contraptions is played over its own midi channel and through pitch and speed. Of route, every one of the internal parameters is controllable thru Midi(USB) CCs, and each inner knob transmits the actual CC through Midi(USB).

There may be a simple 2-port DIN sync (5 Volts indicators run/prevent and clock) incorporated into the Midi jacks that could help you put in with historical DIN sync gadgets an l. a. TR-808, TB-303 and greater.


All outputs are balanced and yield an expert level of as much as 22dBu (balanced mode). Punch and sound go along with a physical high output degree. The inner analog delivers range is an uncompromising +/-15 Volts. They are opposed to the 999 we again to an analog mix-out volume potentiometer because it is less complicated to apply and sonically neutral.


  • The Jomox Alpha Base is an incredibly easy-to-use drum machine perfect for those new to electronic music production.
  • The machine’s 16 steps and 11 tracks make it easy to create complex rhythmic patterns and compositions.
  • Parameter locks and the ability to chain patterns together make it simple to create song structures.
  • The machine’s MIDI and USB connectivity make it easy to integrate into a DAW or other electronic music production setup.
  • The machine’s outputs are balanced and provide plenty of power for live performance or recording.


  • The Jomox Alpha Base is not as feature-rich as some of the more expensive drum machines on the market.
  • Some users have reported issues with the machine’s USB connectivity.

Jomox Alpha Base Features

Jomox Alpha Base Review
  • 11 instruments: Kick, MBrane, Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, trip, XSample1 XSample2, FM synth
  • Real analog Jomox kick drum
  • Real analog Jomox MBrane voice
  • Two couplable F-OSC for complex analog snare, percussion, bass, and tom sounds starting from 16Hz to 20kHz
  • 2 sample primarily based contraptions with analog VCA ADSR envelope and HH filter
  • Four sample-based machines with analog VCA ADSR envelope and resonating multimode clear out
  • Two sample-based total instruments with outside sampling enter and natural digital playback.
  • 1 FM synth with four operators and max. Six voices for percussive sounds.
  • Consequences delay, reverb with the ship in keeping with device
  • LFOs: according to instrument one LFO (MBrane 2 LFOs) with sixty-four waveforms
  • 250 samples sixteen Bit/48kHz in internal flash memory.
  • SD card slot for loading of samples.

Samples and Filter

The succeeding six devices are built hybrid and encompass samples that are run via actual analog filters and VCAs. Every analog sample channel has metal noise that alternatively may be used as a signal supply or blended into the sample.

With the most effective metallic noise, it becomes a natural analog instrument. Four channels use a multimode clear-out capable of resonance – again, they may be used as real analog gadgets with the self-oscillating filter because of the most straightforward sound supply if you wish.


The Jomox Alpha Base is a great drum machine for those new to electronic music production. It is easy to use and provides power for live performance or recording. The machine’s MIDI and USB connectivity make it easy to integrate into a DAW or other electronic music production setup.