Kat Percussion Ktmp1 Use

Kat percussion has become a reputable brand in the world of electronic musical instruments. They have a name for themselves in performing drum kits, modules, and similar accessories.

And I have become quite a fan of their e-drum kits too. They have invested heavily in excellent features with high-quality sounds. 

And if you a wonderful module add to your electronic setup, the KAT Percussion KMTP1 would be a great place to start. 

I will be taking a deeper dive into this drum percussion pad sound module. 

Introduction to the KTMP1

The KMPT1 is more than just a drum pad. It has been designed to offer a great addition to electronic drums, dance, and KAT percussion sounds. 

For those who love playing with the drumstick, this is a beautiful device that will make you feel like you are working with real drums. And then there are those like me who like putting our hands down. This instrument can be played with hands. 

I would not advise you to play with hands for too long, though. Its response is a bit low, forcing you to use more energy. 

There are 50 high-quality and customizable sounds on the module. Whatever purpose you are playing for, there is always a way to make the sounds come out excellently with these 50 high-quality sound.

It comes with four velocity-sensitive pads as well. This is where the beautiful sound comes from.

In addition, the KAT Percussion KMTP1 module carries many onboard sounds. And if they are not enough for you, it is possible to add your own electric tones.

Note, however, that the package does not come with drumsticks, pedals, or stands. Hence, you will need to upgrade I with other functional components to get a full set.

In a nutshell, this electronic kat drum pad and percussion pad sound module features are a wonderful addition to your piece. It is useful for any drum set or DJ setup.


The KTMP1 electronic drum percussion is not something one can call a high-quality drum pad. There are many similar products, more expensive and with better features.

Nevertheless, it carries everything you need to enjoy drumming. It is a highly portable and compact device with basic and essential functionality.

The sounds 

I really like the sounds this piece produces. Being that it is highly compact and affordable, it can work well in any setup. 

I tried it first and thought it sounded like crap. But then I tuned an adjusted the pads to perfection until I created what I could call perfect sound. 

There is also an option to and assign the tunes to one of the pads. This means each pad will sound different according to the setup.

As if that is not enough, you can specify each sound. The kat ktmp1 electronic drum and percussion pad sound module features enable you to create the sounds most properly.

The Kit carries 50 built-in sounds. This offers an excellent way to learn and play.

These include:

  • Three bass drums
  • Five snare drums with two cross-sticks
  • Four cymbals,
  • Three congas.
  • Three timbales
  • Percussion and other effects.

And the best part is, you can modify the pitch, volume, sensitivity, pan, and reverb of each sound individually. With this feature, you can use your imagination to create a wide extension of sound. 

The module exposes the users a whole lot of options, giving you flexibility. And the fact that you can modify the sounds allows you to carry your drum and percussion pad sound module to a new level. You can tap into beautiful accessories like cowbells, maraca, tambourines, and jingles. 

The pads

As stated above, the ktmp1 electronic drum set features four pads. They are all highly responsive and velocity-sensitive.

Playing with drumsticks is much more comfortable, though. You won’t need to use as much energy as you would if you decide to play with your hands. 

There is so much you can do with these pads than just playing. For example, you will get better sound when you assign a specific sound to them.

 The good

There are several things you will find most exciting about this device. Even though it may not have everything to make a perfect drum pad, what it has is enough to a certain level.

Functional inputs

One of the most lovable features on the KTM1 is the MIDI input. And for those who love recording their own sounds, we know what this means. 

You can turn the device into a MIDI controller. And using a USB connection, you will be able to play the drum and percussion pad sound module as long as you have a VST.

And if you don’t like too much noise disturbing your neighbors, you may want to note the KTMP1 electronic drum allows you to connect with your headphones. With this feature, you can practice all day and night without disturbing anyone.

Portable and compact

As you may already know, drums can be very heavy. It becomes a bit hard to move around if you have a quick gig.

For this reason, you will be impressed with the portability of the KAT ktmp1 percussion e-drum kit. It comes with everything you need to produce beautiful sounds.

For a beginner, this may be the best device you will get on the market. You can simply keep it in your backpack and carry it anywhere without getting tired.

Besides, it is compatible with both a PC and a Mac. Even better, you can listen o your favorite hits on an iPad/iPhone. I have been using these methods to create my music.

For drummers who need handclaps, tambourine, or basis sounds for gigs, this is a perfect option. 


Despite having a great feature, the KTMP1 electronic is very affordable. It is among the cheapest electronic drum kits on the market. Or you can just use it as an addition to your setup.

The bad

The features you get with eth KTMP1 are nothing compared to something like the Roland SPD-SX or the Yamaha DTX-Multi12. Even in terms of price, the KAT MTMP1 cost only a fraction of the two.

Having gone tried it out, I found several flaws that I can narrow down to three. 

Old sounds and no memory

No one can doubt the sound on this gadget is out of date. Compared to the current tune on free VST or Garage band, I don’t know why they have included such dated music.

They are useful, yes, but we are moving ahead. Nevertheless, you can connect to any VST and use it as a MIDI controller. This should settle the issue.

The play zones are very few.

I have to acknowledge this great addition. It is only a 4-zone pad. Multiple scenes are better because t gives drummers a fully adjustable broader space to work with during a live performance. 

Also, I find it very unidimensional. When you change any of the pads sounds, it feels like you are starting a new program all over again. You can only get the sounds back if you keep very exact notes of your setting and program – where can you get such time. 

Limited add Ons

Having the Percussion may mean owning the smallest electronic drum set. Even though this is great when you consider portability, but the drums are too small. 

Such a size does not allow you to play freely. You always have to be extra careful where you hit, or you will end up touching on the wrong pad. 

Can drumming be considered exercise? 

There was a day I left home without eating anything, stayed hungry the whole day, and went on stage that evening. It was very hard for me. 

The rest of the band was playing really loud, and there I was struggling to keep up. I just ended up leaving the rest of the performance to another drummer.

The point is, you need a lot of energy to play drummers. Every strike you make takes out a lot of juice from your body.

And for those who want to burn calories, you know what this means. It is a form of exercise altogether.

There is more evidence.

  • The sweating. When you go to the gym or run around your neighborhood, you will end up sweating, right? Well, drumming is like so. Depending on how vigorous the drummer is, they can even get totally wet. There is no better way to burn those calories. 
  • They are building hands muscles. Those who sprint need more muscles in their legs to push them forward faster. In the same way, drumming needs some biceps. You may have realized that drummers have very strong hands. They also train their fingers to grip. This is another method of exercising.
  • Brain exercise. As a drummer, there is a lot you need to do more than just hitting the drums. A drummer leads the band by giving the right tempo. For this, you need a good listening ear and a brain to master the tempo. Hence, you will be exercising your brain to follow patterns and retain information.

Drummers work with their whole body. It is not only the hands that move. The feet, the back, the neck, and the head all react to the rhythm. Hence, it is a way to exercise.


If you want to get the best value from the KTMP1, I would advise you to combine with a Kick Pad and hi-hat controller. This makes it more functional. Otherwise, it will remain a simple pad with few features. 

Perhaps when KTMP2 comes out, we will see better functionality. The dated sounds on the current version kill the mood. 

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