Latin Percussion Bongos Review in 2023

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If you are looking for an exciting way to add some soulful sounds to your music, then Latin Percussion Bongos may be perfect! These iconic drum instruments are beloved by percussionists worldwide and have been used in various genres of music since their introduction. With a well-constructed design, excellent sound quality, and an affordable price tag, there’s a reason why bongos have become one of the go-to percussive instruments in today’s modern musical landscape.

Latin Percussion Bongos Review

In this article, we will give our readers an overview of Latin Percussion Bongos’ popular line of bongos and provide helpful tips on choosing the best model for your needs. So if you’re ready to explore Latin rhythms and enjoy traditional Afro-Cuban percussion sounds with your set of timbales or congas, keep reading to learn more about these incredible drums!

Latin Percussion Aspire 6

The LP Aspire 6 Wood Bongos are an excellent choice for students, hobbyists, and aspiring musicians looking for a high-quality, affordable option. These bongos feature natural rawhide heads, EZ Curve rims, 9/32″ diameter tuning lugs, Cuban-style bottoms, and black powder-coated hardware, making them a durable and reliable choice. 

The 6-3/4″ and 8″ drums are ideal for various playing styles and skill levels, and matching congas are also available.


  • The Latin Percussion bongos Aspire 6 are equipped with 6-3/4″ and 8″ natural rawhide heads
  • The 9/32″ diameter tuning lugs
  • A tuning wrench is included to help you quickly adjust the tension of the heads


  • Good sound quality
  • Nice finish
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • A convenient size for playing and transporting


  • Some users have reported that the rawhide heads may stretch or loosen over time, requiring frequent tuning
  • Some users have reported that the bongos may not be as durable as other higher-end models, especially with heavy use

Latin Percussion Matador 7

The LP Matador Wood Bongos are a great choice for musicians who want a traditional look and professional-quality sound at an affordable price. These LP bongos feature Siam Oak shells, rawhide heads, and traditional rims, making them a reliable and high-quality option for players of all skill levels.


  • Constructed with Siam Oak shells
  • Feature 7-1/4″ and 8-5/8″ natural rawhide heads
  • Have traditional rims
  • 5/16″ diameter tuning lugs, steel backing plates, and plated cast aluminum bottoms


  • Good sound quality
  • Traditional styling
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable grip


  • Some users have reported that the rawhide heads may become stretched or loose over time, requiring regular tuning
  • Some users have noted that the bongos may not be as durable as other, more expensive models, particularly with heavy use

Latin Percussion Original 1964 

LP has brought back the first instrument ever produced by the company’s founder, Martin Cohen. In 1964, Cohen created his first set of wood bongos, designed according to the specifications of local musicians. This was the beginning of LP. 

These nostalgically designed bongos feature satin-finished mahogany shells with chrome rims and hardware. The bongos also have original 1964 printed head graphics and badges, giving them a retro appeal.


  • These bongos have retro head graphics
  • A tuning wrench is included
  • The LP throwback bongos have mahogany wood shells
  • Come equipped with 6-3/4″ and 8-1/4″ diameter natural rawhide heads


  • Good value for money
  • They are heavy. A foot to hold them is reasonable.


  • Some users have reported that the rawhide heads may stretch, requiring frequent tuning.
  • Some users have reported that the bongos may not be as durable as other higher-end models.

Latin Percussion CP Traditional Bongos

CP Bongos are great for beginner players and young musicians in elementary and middle school. For over 50 years, LP has been creating classic percussion instruments and has patented numerous improvements and new designs for musical instruments that meet the high standards of professional musicians. Latin Percussion instruments have been used in many popular recordings across various genres, from salsa to rock. It is common to hear LP instruments on the radio or in playlists.


  • Constructed with Siam Oak shells
  • Feature 6″ and 7″ natural rawhide heads
  • Have black-powder-coated traditional rims
  • 1/4″ diameter tuning lugs


  • Good tone
  • Perfect for a kid
  • Excellent quality


  • The metal used is quite soft
  • The tuning screws did not seem to match the nuts shipped

Latin Percussion LPM200AW Santana Mini Tunable Bongo

The LP Music Collection Santana Mini Tunable Bongo is made from kiln-dried, eco-friendly Siam Oak and features chrome-plated hardware. The natural rawhide heads provide a soft touch and produce good sound quality. The patented Comfort Curve® II Rims offer a comfortable playing experience, and the small size and easy tuning make these bongos suitable for musicians and non-musicians. The bongo comes with a tuning wrench and an instruction sheet.


  • Made with Siam Oak shells and natural rawhide heads
  • Has chrome-plated hardware
  • Measures 4″ tall
  • The fully tunable 4-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ heads


  • Easy tuning
  • Natural rawhide heads provide a soft touch while delivering quality sound
  • Affordable price


  • Small size

Latin Percussion Karl Perazzo Signature Bongos

Karl Perazzo created the Sugar Skull graphic as to tribute to his family, or “La Familia.” The exclusive design is carefully applied to a Fiberglass shell and features LP’s Comfort Curve II rims with chrome-plated hardware. These bongos are unique and visually striking instruments that will undoubtedly impact the stage.


  • Have a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass shell
  • 7-1/4″ and 8-5/8″ handpicked rawhide heads
  • 5/16″ diameter tuning lugs
  • Steel backing plates


  • Good sound quality
  • Unique, visually striking design
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable grip


  • The price may also be too high for students
  • If you are not a fan of the bold design, this may not be the right bongo for you

Frequently Ask Questions

Are bongos a Latin instrument?

Bongos are a type of drum commonly associated with Latin music, although they are also used in other musical styles such as jazz and rock. They originated in Africa and were brought to Cuba by enslaved West Africans. 

They became popular in Afro-Cuban music and later spread to other Latin American countries. In this sense, bongos can be considered a Latin instrument. However, they are also widely used in other music traditions and are enjoyed by musicians and drummers of all backgrounds.

What’s the difference between bongos and Congo’s?

Bongos and congas are both types of drums commonly used in Latin music. The main difference between the two is the size and shape of the drum.

Bongos are small, drum-like instruments with two drumheads attached to a single frame. The drumheads are typically made of animal hide or synthetic material, and the frame is usually made of wood or metal. The drumheads are played with the hands or drumsticks, and the bongos are held between the knees or placed on a stand.

Congas, on the other hand, are larger drums played with the hands. They are typically made of wood or metal and have a cylindrical shape. Congas are played standing up, and the drumhead is hit with the hand or a drumstick. Congas are usually played in a set of two or three, with each drum slightly different pitch.

Bongos and congas are both popular instruments in Latin music and are used to add rhythmic accents and percussion to various musical styles.


Latin Percussion Bongos are an excellent investment for anyone who loves playing the drums. They are well-made and offer excellent sound quality. Latin Percussion Bongos are worth considering if you are looking for a new set of bongos.