Mapez Quantum Xt Snare Drum

The Mapex family is now among the most outstanding manufacturers of musical instruments. More importantly, they are the best manufacturers of drums in the entire globe. The good thing with Mapex drums is that they are designed to suit your needs from set to accessories. We have competent staff who are passionate about providing the best.

More significantly, our management team consists of drummers; thus, they know what drummers require. Therefore, we will give you details on our Mapex marching snare drums and Mapex marching bass drum stand.

Mapex marching snare drum

There are several types of marching snare drums. This include:

Quantum Mark II Snare Drums

The Quantum mark II family has two types of marching snare drums, the classic and the agility models. The classic snare drum has a six-ply birch-maple blended shell to give a warm sound. It also features a unique snare bed that offers superior snare response and a rugged full-size design to provide maximum protection.

Each snare strand can be fine-tuned with a typical drum key. The snare strands can also be easily removed or replaced with different strand materials to give a unique sound. A tiny shell with a hybrid mixture of birch and maple delivers the optimum balance between resonance and focus with the added advantage of reduced weight.

The new innovative design features a quick-release mechanism. This release mechanism enables the snares to be disengaged or detached to offer quick bottom head changes, requiring no further adjustment of snare strand tension.

Quantum Mark II Bass Drums

The bass drum features a maple shell and a consistent 14 inches shell depth over the lineup. It has an externally adjustable bolt that allows for easy eight eye bolt modifications to suit each player without removing the drumheads. It has a six-ply maple shell with SONIClear bearing edges that offers a warm and full resonant tone with enhanced reinforcing rings for durability.

A particular number of air vents are featured on each model proceeded through the bass drum line with a consistent, focused tone and to attenuate the sustain. The SONIClear bearing edge makes the drumhead stay flattered and make better contact with the shell.

Mapex Quantum XT Marching Snare Drum – 14×12

The Mapex Quantum XT Marching Snare Drum houses all head designs and remains full, open, and sensitive at all tension levels. It has wood reinforcing rings on the bottom bearing edge to give the shell’s structural integrity and roundness while using woven fiber bottom snare heads.

Also, there are metal lug stabilizers fixed to lug tubes to retain appropriate alignment. It also transmits additional vibration from the top casing down the lower region of the shell for enhanced sensitivity. It has stainless threaded lug inserts to offer smooth tuning for many years.

Other features include:

  • 14 inches by 12 inches
  • 17.6 lbs.
  • 6 ply (2 interior Birch/4 exterior Maple) shell
  • Die-cast aluminum hoops
  • Pro marching strainer with reinforced synthetic gut snares
  • Three air vents
  • Extreme tension
  • 12 tube suspension frame

Quantum Mark II Tenor Drums

This type of marching drum includes the classic, agility, and the new California Cut models. All tenor drums have a thinner composite shell to make it lighter and feature enhanced reinforcing rings that strengthen the shell integrity. The Free-Floating Lug Bridge mounting mechanism offers stability and future set-up flexibility, thus eliminating the requirement for more drilling and extra hardware.

Qualifier Snare Drums

The Qualifier Snare Drums’ series gives an old design and reliable function. The Qualifier family has two models; the Deluxe and Standard Models. The Deluxe model has many of the same features of the Quantum series snares.

The Deluxe model funds high tension with its cast aluminum edge ring, cast aluminum hoops, and Pro snare strainer. The standard types provide reduced weight and simplified functions.

Mapex marching bass drum stand

The Mapex bass drums require stands because it can be tedious to carry them around. Therefore, the Mapex Company has designed several types of bass drum stands. This includes:

Mapex Randall Modular Airlift Stadium Hardware Marching Bass Drum Stand

This Mapex bass drum stand features the AIRlift system, enabling the drummer to set the right height easily. Your drumline will take to the next level the quality of sound and visual performance. An unusual and distinct tripod system allows one of the legs to adjust without affecting the other one.

The main features of the stand are:

  • Model Number: RM-MASH-B
  • Stand Use: Marching bass stand
  • Stadium Hardware Advanced Tripod System: Patented system ensures independent leg height adjustment for use in bleachers.
  • Adjustable
  • Height is between 54″–74″
  • Front Leg Height: Up to a 15″ Stair.
  • Aluminum Construction: It has lightweight aluminum tubing construction.
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Nuts and Bolts: It features steel nuts and bolts that cannot rust.
  • Rubber Feet: It has rubber feet on the bottom of the stands.
  • Compatibility: Any marching bass drum (14″–32″)
  • Modular Design breaks the stand down small and offers easy transport

Mapex Marching Bass Drum

This stand can accommodate any marching bass drums; thus, you should add to the cart this is the best product. In case you need any information about marching bass drums, you can contact us. The stand can be easily adjusted and has a sturdy stand fast design.


The Mapex marching snare drums are suitable for all your band needs. You can have your band matching with this superior product. Get your drum sets today and enjoy your drumming.

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