Mapex Pro M La Kit

Many musicians who do specific genres of music that require drums prefer a drum set from Mapex. Mapex is a well-known company for the manufacture of quality drums. The company has been producing drums for decades; hence they are more experienced in the drum sector.

The LA is an impressive kit well designed and boldly executed. It is loud to a reasonable degree, and its components work collectively well. The fantastic product has stands that are incomparable to any other drum. This is a drum for a person with a passion for drumming. The kit looks impressive and provides quality sound. The only disadvantage with this set of drums is that it is not easy to transport. It is unsuitable for quiet places and unplugged gigs.

For several years, drum companies offered kits with a five-piece set-up consisting of two toms over the bass drum. But currently, drummers prefer a kit with only one rack tom. This version of Mapex‘s Pro M series, the LA, has taken one rack tom blueprint and gone large with it.

Features of Mapex Pro M LA series

The Pro M LA kit comes with a super deep bass drum with 22 inches by 20 inches dimensions, a snare measuring 14 inches by 7 inches, a floor tom of 16 inches by 16 inches dimension, and a tom measuring 12 inches by 9 inches. Their drum sizes are fantastic and most accepted by most drummers. Other outstanding features of these drums include:

Fab four-piece

The Pro M series has been an outstanding drum in the Mapex for several years. In 2004, Pro M shells were given a promotion to all-maple status and are now similar to those found in Mapex’s Orion Series. For the Orion drums, the outer layer made of ply is a more attractive maple burl, which gives the difference. It is the maple shells that define the LA kit.

The thickness of ply used in making toms and snare is 5.8mm while that used to make bass drums is 7.2mm. This thickness indicates a positive response to the drums. The depth of the bass drum and the snare indicates plenty of power. The bass drum is further strengthened by being drilled. When you sit behind the kit, the kick seems to stretch to the horizon with the wooden hoops taking its overall length to a tremendous 22 ½ inches.

The kickdrums length offers you a chance to appreciate the lacquered finish of the kit. Platinum sparkle is a silver sparkle that is much suitable for this kit. Another new lacquer choice is a blue sparkle called Bermuda Sparkle. The sparkles are only available with this LA kit. The only non-sparkle lacquer that is also cheaper is the Midnight Black and is available across the Pro M series.

Make it chunky

The drum is devastatingly impressive in its original state, and no drummer may want to stifle it. Mapex’s known oval low-mass lugs are a discreet availability on the shell hence making lacquer shine away. The bass drum is made complete by wooden hoops while the other drums are made of solid power hoops. The snare throw-off lever is chunky, thus snapping open and close with a reassuring action.

Remo’s heads are attached across the entire kit-clear UTs for the toms and bass drums and a coated UT on the snare. The bass drum is undrilled; thus, the rack tom is hung from a supplied multipurpose stand. The stand has several slots for a tom arm, a ball, and a socket holder. This package’s components are substantial, consisting of two boom arm cymbal supports and a hi-hat stand, snare stand, and a pedal for the bass drum.

Another arm is fixed into the multiple uses stand; thus, these drums’ stand is considered the most generous component. The stands are all placed on big double-braced tripods; thus, the drums are in a stable condition all the time. Adjustments can be made to the hi-hat stand footboard (as opposed to moving the clutch up and down the pull rod). This alters the feel of the pedal quite well.

A radical cam system works at ensuring that the pedal movements are vertical, thus making action so smooth. The spring tension dial does further adjustment while the tripod legs make 360 degrees rotations. The bass drum pedal is moved through a double width chain, making it balanced.

Sound and vision

This kit cannot be moved through narrow doors; hence this drum is not portable. The bass drums are overwhelmingly long and huge. The characteristic bottom end richness of maple only intensifies its response. The drum is more felt than heard when there is no dampening. Dampening the kick gives an attack to the equation, but the drum is so impressive in its raw state that no one can stifle.

The snare drum can match the bass drum. This authority to match is due to the depth that gives it real clout. While responding well to high tunings, it also peaks medium tensions. The snare also has ten lugs.

The tom and floor tom have a 4 inches difference in diameter that seems broad in the paper. But the two drums are evenly matched in practice with the floor tom hence a clear note that has no sounding.

What makes Mapex Pro M LA a unique kit?

It has four pieces of drums with a huge bass drum. This collection produces a quality sound that every musician needs.

The kit has amazingly generous stands for support and even for sockets. It is multipurpose hence reduces loads that the drummer could be carrying.

They use the same top-end shells as the Mapex Orions, making it top drums for the price.

They have the best hardware that has never been witnessed in this world. They cannot get damaged easily. Also, they are cheap to maintain.

It is easy to fix the drums together; hence can be done even by beginners.

The shells are made of ply, which is much durable and enhances the quality of the sound produced.

Mapex offers you a product that goes hand in hand with its price. Professional drummers recommend the Mapex drums. Get Mapex and shine among all your fellow drummers.

Mapex drums are well tested before being released into the market. Several members at Mapex are musicians; thus, they play drums. They also know the excellent quality, sizes, and design. The ambition to succeed in drumming pushes them to make the best. Mapex drums are affordable too because the musicians in the company know the conditions of fellow musicians.

Where are Mapex drums made?

Mapex is an international manufacturer famous for the manufacture of instruments. The company is located in Taiwan and was established by KHS musical instruments. The Mapex drums have undergone significant developments. The company manufactures seven different types of drums.

The company has been improving its products over time since it has been in existence for decades. The company has musicians who are members of the group; thus, they always keep the company in check. They ensure that the company makes the necessary adjustments to each product that they make.

Why Mapex drums?

Mapex drums begin useful raw materials in their construction. The company says they are focused on building the highest quality product. Creating such drums begins with a high level of expertise, especially in selecting the wood.

 All drum sets are made from premium grade hardwoods like maple, walnut, birch, and basswood. And the best part is, the wood is hand-picked from a common source before being matched by skilled experts. This ensures every drum from the manufacturer comes with the tonal signature tonal and resonant features that define Mapex quality.

The manufacturer considers every little detail. All the lacquer finishes come with eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer. This makes them durable and easy to maintain. Looks are important as other details.

They come with an isolated tom mounting system, letting you hear high-quality sound from all tom. Then the Soniclear bearing edges give the drum a beautiful overall touch besides making it easy to assemble.

Mapex does not care much about the price, as it seems. Every drum set they bring out is given the same treatment. The company works tiresomely to make the necessary adjustments. They also learn new techniques all the time and improve their equipment. 

Final thought

It is always good to learn and apply what you have learned in real life. There are no drums like the Mapex Pro M LA series. If you are in a band, then always inform your fellow members about this beautiful product. Recommend this fantastic product to any drummer and make their dreams come true.

For church choirs, there is no fantastic product that can make your church lively apart from Mapex. As said earlier, these drums are affordable; hence your church can afford them. This is the best deal for you and your group, and you will never find it anywhere in the entire globe.