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It can be quite challenging for a beginner to use a drum meant for professionals. Also, choosing the best drums for beginners can be a nightmare. Therefore, Mapex came up with the Mapex rebel drum set, which is much more suitable for newbies. You can buy this set for your child because it is easy to use and is pocket friendly.

Therefore, stop buying drums will break after a few days and frustrate your budding musician. We are aware that it can be hard to figure out musical instruments, especially at the entry-level. Therefore, we will look at the Mapex rebel drum set and Mapex 5 piece drum set.

Mapex rebel drum set

Are you looking for a product with great affordability and quality? If that is the case, then the drum kit Mapex set is the right product for you. The entire drumming experience is assured. This starts from unboxing and setting up to tuning the drum set and its maintenance. The rebel kit has five pieces set made of 9-ply, 7.2mm poplar shells that offer plenty of tone for the amateur.

Its base drum offers a solid low-end punch to get the creative juices flowing. The Mapex Rebel kit has everything that is needed to get started right away. It comes with stands, cymbals, throne, pedals, and many others.

The package consists of:

  • 22 inches by 16 inches Bass Drum with Mount
  • 16 inches by 14 inches Floor Tom
  • 10inches by 7 inches Tom
  • 12 inches by 8 inches Tom
  • 14 inches by 5 inches Snare drum
  • Floor Tom Legs (x3)
  • TH6215 Tom Holder
  • C200-RB Cymbal Stand
  • H200-RB Hi-Hat Stand
  • P200-RB Pedal
  • S200-RB Snare Stand
  • T200-RB Throne
  • 14 inches Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 16 inches Crash/Ride Cymbal
  • 3 Color Options: Dark Red, Black, Royal Blue

Mapex 5 piece drum set

These types of drum kit Mapex contain five-piece drums and other drum accessories. There are several types of Mapex 5 piece drum set. This includes:

Rebel 5-Piece SRO Complete Set Up with Fast Size Toms

The Rebel 5 piece Mapex drum set is designed to make your first drum experience more enjoyable. The set comes with stands for your drums, cymbals, throne, pedals, and drum sticks. The shells are poplar for high tone while the bass drums provide the solid low-end punch.

Other features include:

  • Drum sets are: 22″X16″, 10″x7″, 12″x8″, 16″x14″, and 14″x5″
  • Poplar Shell
  • 9 Ply 7.2mm Poplar Shells for all Bass Drums, Toms, and Snares
  • Equipped with Cymbals (14″ crash, 16″ ride), Throne, Remo Heads, and Sticks
  • Black
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Rebel Double Braced hardware
  • Remo Self Muffling Bass Drum Head
  • New Mapex Lug Design
  • Double Tom Holder

Mapex RB5294FTCDK Rebel 5-Piece Drum Set consisting of Hardware, Cymbals, and 22″ Bass Drum – Black

The set comes fully furnished and complete with hardware and cymbal; thus, you can set up and play out of the box. The series is designed to make the amateur’s drumming experience memorable. The package contains stands, cymbals, a throne, pedals, and even drum sticks. It has 9ply, 7.2mm poplar shells that give out plenty of tones while the bass drum offers a solid low-end punch.

Other features

  • Rebel Double Braced Hardware
  •  New Mapex Lug Design
  • Remo Self Muffling Bass Drum Head Equipped with Cymbals,
  • 22″x16″ Bass Drum with Mount 16″x14″ Floor Tom 10″x7″ Tom 12″x8″ Tom 14″x5″ Snare Floor Tom Legs (x3)
  • TH6215 Tom Holder
  •  C200-RB Cymbal Stand
  • H200-RB Hi-Hat Stand
  •  P200-RB Pedal
  • S200-RB Snare Stand
  • T200-RB Throne
  1. 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbal 16″ Crash/Ride Cymbal

The Mapex RB5294FTCDK Rebel 5-Piece Drum Set

The Mapex RB5294FTCDK Rebel 5-Piece Drum Set is an ideal drum kit with hardware and cymbals at a less high price. It is among the best drum sets on the market, and you will love its features. The hardware in all the drums is double braced; thus, you are guaranteed extra sturdiness and long life. The new Mapex lug designs guarantee that the rim holds the drum head firmly without getting slack.

The Remo bass drum heads have a self-muffling mechanism. Therefore, you can play drums at home or in any place without causing a lot of disturbance. The only component you can worry about muffling is the cymbals.

One shortcoming of this drum set is screw loosening. This is why there are lugs made by several brands to curb the problem. Mapex Drum Sets Company worked so much to ensure that you won’t be needing the lug locks.


Every professional drummer was once an amateur; therefore, start your drumming now. Everything requires a good foundation, and thus amateurs require a good foundation too. This fantastic foundation in drumming can only be achieved with Mapex Rebel Drum Sets. The most important feature is that this set comes ready for use.

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