Mapex Venus Series

Mapex is a well-known brand in drums and percussion, offering a range of high-quality instruments for drummers of all levels. Among their offerings is the Venus series, a line of entry-level drum kits designed to provide excellent sound and playability at an affordable price. With its high-quality components, sturdy construction, and impressive sound quality, the Mapex Venus series is the perfect choice for aspiring drummers who want to start their musical journey on the right foot.

In this paragraph, we will look closer at the features of the Mapex Venus series and explore why it is such a popular choice among drummers worldwide.

Mapex Venus Series Review

The Mapex Venus series has two variations, namely Rock and Fusion. Each has features that you can customize according to your needs.

Venus 5 Piece Rock Complete Setup

The Mapex Venus Series Rock Complete Drum Set is the perfect choice for first-time drummers who want a comfortable and manageable sound. With 9-ply poplar shells that deliver a smooth, soft treble/midrange and a solid low-end thump, this kit offers a sizable tonal range that is perfect for beginners.

Additionally, Mapex’s exclusive SONIClear bearing edge technology enhances the rich tones of this kit, providing a delightful playing experience for drummers. The kit comes complete with brass cymbals, accompanying stands, pedals, drumheads, a throne, and even a pair of drumsticks, making it a comprehensive solution for drumming enthusiasts.


  • All-In-One Drum Set: Comes with hardware and cymbals, giving you a complete drumming experience with just one purchase.
  • Easy Setup and Comfortable Playing: Toms are mounted on the bass drum, allowing for a more comfortable setup and playing experience.
  • Warm and Full Sound: Poplar shells produce a rich, perfect sound for various playing styles and genres.
  • High-Quality Sound and Easy Tuning: Features SONIClear bearing edges, which provide excellent sound quality and make tuning easier.


  • With Mapex’s SONIClear bearing edges, tuning the drums of this entry-level set is made more accessible than others.
  • An excellent choice for novice drummers.
  • The kit is impressively sturdy for its price point.
  • Affordable and inclusive of everything you need to start playing.


  • The brass cymbals included may not withstand intense playing for long periods
  • If budget is a significant factor in your decision, more economical alternatives are available.

Venus 5 Piece Fusion Complete Setup

The Mapex Venus 5 Piece Fusion Complete Drum Kit offers a perfect starting point for drummers, with great sound and eye-catching aesthetics. The 9-ply poplar shells and SONIClear bearing edges from Mapex allow for quick and effortless tuning, while the shorter tom depths produce an instant full tone and make for a more straightforward setup and tom positioning. This comprehensive kit includes five drums with a matching snare drum, hardware, a throne, cymbals, and a pair of drumsticks, providing all the necessary components to begin drumming.


  • This is a 5-piece drum kit that includes a bass drum, two toms, a floor tom, and a matching snare drum
  • It also comes with a hi-hat and crash/ride cymbal for a complete sound
  • Complete hardware kit including stands, mounts, throne, and drumsticks
  • Features Mapex’s SONIClear bearing edges, making it easy to tune the drums to your liking.


  • The Venus 5 Piece Fusion Complete Setup is a full drum kit with everything a beginner needs to start playing immediately.
  • The poplar shells and SONIClear bearing edges make for easy tuning and great sound quality.
  • The shorter tom depths allow for easier setup and positioning, making it a convenient option for those with limited space.
  • The included hardware kit, cymbals, and drumsticks make it a complete and timely package.


  • The included cymbals may need to be more durable for more experienced players or those who play more frequently.
  • The price point may be higher than other entry-level drum kits on the market, making it less accessible for those on a tight budget.
Mapex Venus Series

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wood are the shells made of in the Venus Series drum kits?

The shells in the Venus Series drum kits are made of poplar wood.

Does the Venus Series drum kit come with a warranty?

Yes, the Venus Series drum kit comes with a limited warranty. The specific details of the warranty may vary depending on the region or country, so it’s important to check with the retailer or Mapex for more information.

Is the Venus Series drum kit suitable for beginner drummers?

The Venus Series is designed for beginner drummers seeking a versatile and well-rounded drum kit.


The Mapex Venus Series is a great choice for drummers looking for high-quality, affordable drums that deliver great sound and performance. With its innovative features, superior construction, and versatile range of options, this series has something to offer every drummer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Mapex Venus Series can help you achieve your musical goals.

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