On Stage Dm50 Drum Rim Microphone Clamp

There is a lot more to drums than you may already know. When it comes to recording, for instance, you will need the right tools accessories.

And that starts from getting the best microphones and microphone mounting gear.

In this guide, I will discuss one component that seems insignificant but very crucial – mic holders.

You can have the best microphone in the world, but if your mic holder is weak, you won’t enjoy the use. The last thing you want is your microphone falling off while in the middle of a performance.

Unfortunately, there are so many mic holders on the market that choosing might be a bit overwhelming. Hence, one must do some research before making a decision.

I will save you that trouble. Here, you will find a list of the best mic clamps for the money and budget.

What is a mic holder called?

Unfortunately, good microphone stands don’t get as much credit as they should. Novices say that they are all the same. But experienced musicians will tell you otherwise.

Anyway, a mic stand comes with several parts. One of them is the component that holds the mic in place – the mic holder.

This part is called a mic clip. It’s defined as a physical device that holds a mic in place, connecting it to the stand.

Do mic stands come with a mic clip?

A mic clip is a physical mount that holds the microphone in place. Most microphone stands come with these pieces.

But you should know that they might not be the best quality. They are just simple holders that might not be very helpful.

Don’t worry, though; you can get microphone clips separate from the stands. A good example is the Shure A25D, one of the best mic holders on the market.

Here are other great mic clips and mounts reviewed.

5 Best Drum Mic Clips and Mounts

Here are the best drum mic clips reviewed for you.

1. On-Stage DM50 Drum Rim Microphone Clamp

When looking for a microphone clamp, you should consider the manufacturer and the quality of your product.

The On-Stage DM50 drum rim mic clamp is one of the most popular clamps on the market. It is designed from durable material, which makes it extremely useful.

On-Stage has become a very famous brand over the past few years. They are known for producing high-quality drum accessories. And this clamp is no different.


Among the most amazing aspects of this clamp is that it attaches to the drum rim. It comes with a reverse clamp design that allows for easy tightening and removal.

And since it attaches to the rim, it will not affect the sound of your drums.

It’s compatible with triple flanged, die-cast, and percussion rims. Also, it can fit anything between 6 and 18-inch in diameter with rims of heights up to 1 3/8-inches.

Hence, it is a very versatile clamp.

Besides, it works with any 5/8-inch – 27 mic clips. You don’t have to buy another clip as it will work with most products.

It features isolation cylinders that dampen out any unwanted vibrations. This leaves you with a clean sound from your drums and extremely useful hardware.

The black powder coat finish makes this piece stand out in your kit. It looks amazing on stage and in the studio.


• Durable

• Sturdy and secure

• Versatile


• It might not be the best clamp money can buy

2. Samson DMC100 Drum Microphone Clip 3-Pack

If you have the money, it would be a good idea to invest in a high-end mic clip once. And this Samson DMC100 is a good candidate for the job.

It comes from a reputable company. And that means the product can be trusted to offer high-quality performance. That is all that matters to most users.


Choosing the right mic clip is crucial to recording your drums easily. It might not seem like much, but these components play a crucial role in making recording easy and efficient.

One of the main features that make the DMC100 good is its ease of use. The mic allows for a straightforward clip on the mic rim mounting.

It’s compatible with most drum and percussion instruments. Hence, you won’t need to go and buy another stand or instrument.

This Samson drum mic comes with an adjustable height and swivel. This makes it easy to get more use from the clip.

Besides, the package comes with three clips per set. That means you have three microphone clips all at once. Connect your drums and instruments, and you are good to go.

In terms of construction, this clip is very strong. You can be sure it will take on all the punishment you may throw its way during those intense moments.


• Durable

• Versatile

• It comes with three clips per set


• It comes from China, which might make its quality questionable.

3. Shure A56D Universal Microphone Drum Mount Accommodates 5/8-Inch Swivel Adapters

Shure is one of the most reputable microphone brands in the world. They have been making high-quality products over the past several years.

The Shure A56D is among the best drum mic mounts on the market. It comes with a greatly rugged and sturdy all-metal construction.

Whatever your drum microphone is, this clip will keep in position. It is a hoop-mounted drum mic clip that works with many different placement options.

Its robustness makes it a perfect tool for modern drummers. The clamp is ultra-secure, and it will hold the mic in a position for a long time.

You will never get such quality as Shure from cheaper mic holders. The A56D is reliable and built to last for a long time.

The holder features a low-profile design that does not block one form playing while keeping it firm on the drum hoop.

Quality is always a top priority with Shure products. Every piece of equipment they bring to the market is designed to serve the user well and last long.

The Shure A56D is a highly recommendable drum mic clip and any drummer. If you are serious about recording your drums in the studio, this is one holder you will love.

Or perhaps all you want is a robust and free-from-obstruction drum mic mount for live playing. The A56D should be your ultimate choice.

Well, you get such quality you will have to dig deeper in your pocket.


• A very durable construction

• It will stay firmly in place no matter how hard you play

• Designed for professional use


• Expensive

4. Boseen Drum Microphone Shockproof Clip Rim Mount Holder Metal Universal Tom Mic Set Clamp Adjustable (Pack of 3)

Boesen may not be the most popular brand in the drumming community, but they offer an incredible hardware collection. A good example is this mic shockproof clip rim, mount holder. Whatever microphone you have, this is one piece that will not disappoint.

A unique feature of this mic clip is its design. It comes with a unique C-style clamp design that is unlike anything else.

It’s made for easy placement on the drum rims. Also, this construction makes it a very easy-to-use microphone holder.

It can be used on most drums from 6-inches to 18-inches. That means it will not be helpful on a 22-inch bass drum.

It is compatible with 3/8 – 16 and 5/8- 27 threaded stands. These are some of the most common stands on the market. Hence, you will not be forced to buy new stands or clamping hardware.

The adjustable height means it will work for drummers of all heights. If you need something shorter to record the floor toms and bass drum, this clamp will do it. Or maybe you want to your mics of the cymbals. Well, this is a clamp you can trust.

It comes with very durable construction. No matter how hard you play, this mic holder will stand up to the challenge.

This clamp is built for use by any drummer. It does not matter whether you are a professional drummer or a beginner.

Its full metal construction means it can handle any form of punishment.


• Full metal build means durability

• Versatile

• Excellent performance


• This is not a very popular brand

5. Blue season Adjustable Drum Microphone Clips Rim Snare Mount Clamp Holder Gear Studio 2Pcs

Last but not least on this list is the Blue season Adjustable Drum microphone clips snare mount clamp holders. The gear comes in 2s, making it easy to set your snare recording gear in place and get the most sound from it.

Top features

The first thing you will notice on these clips is their unique design. They will make recording your snare drum easy and convenient.

Installation is very easy. The holders come with strong clips that easily attach to the rim of your drums. You will also find removing it very easy.

It has a great shock effect that protects your mic from drumming shock.

Each set comes with two drum-adjustable mic clips to keep all your drums connected. This piece will make your work easy.

Adjust the height and tilt the microphone to fit your position. This feature makes the mic very useful. Besides, it’s easy to close the record too.

One can mount it directly on the edge of their drums. And then, you can adjust the height and direction of the microphone to the perfect capture.

This mic holder is very compact. It allows you to save some space while making the drum to achieve the best pickup effect with the mics.

Using this holder requires a good microphone.


• A versatile mic holder

• Sturdy and durable

• Excellent construction


• This is not a very popular brand

When you are investing in high-quality mics and bass drum mic stands, don’t forget to find the right holders. This is the only way to ensure excellent performance. The products we have shared above should be good for a start.