Moondrop Earphones

Moondrop is a well-known brand of high-fidelity earphones, providing top-quality audio products that cater to audiophiles’ and music enthusiasts’ needs. Specifically, Moondrop earphones have gained popularity among drummers for their excellent sound quality, durable build, and comfortable fit.

Drummers require earphones that produce accurate sound, reproduce low frequencies well, and handle high volumes without distortion. Moondrop earphones deliver on all these fronts, making them a go-to option for drummers who demand nothing but the best.

Moondrop Earphones Review

In this article, we will explore the variety of Moondrop earphones for drummers in greater detail.

Moondrop Starfield Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone

The Starfield earphones boast several unique features contributing to their exceptional sound quality and visual appeal. To showcase the beauty of the starry sky, Starfield uses a special painting technique that results in a sparkling, gradient colour effect under different lighting angles. The earphone cable is designed with a 24AWG litz structure and a 4N purity OFC material, which provides rich sound details and full dynamics. The cable is also coated with an iridescent powder that adds a sparkling effect when exposed to light.

The diaphragm of the Starfield earphones is a composite of the carbon nanotube array warp and weft knitted in a polymer film. This technology, a proud application of China, results in a diaphragm that is only 6 microns thick yet offers high rigidity, toughness, and lightness, resulting in a clear, detailed, and smooth treble. The earphones also feature a double-cavity structure with a brass gold-plated inner cavity and five pressure relief holes in the basin frame, improving the energy balance of the frequency band and providing a smooth tri-band transition.

The transducing structure of the Starfield earphones is lightweight and high-performance, with a neodymium magnet-based internal magnetic circuit and a transducing structure formed by lightweight Daikoku’s CCAW voice coils imported from Japan. This configuration results in excellent transient response, dynamic range, high resolution, and dynamic sound. The tuning of the earphones is a combination of balance and musicality, achieved through different materials to produce a softer, warmer sound that is loose, delicate, soft, stretched, and of excellent quality.


  • Excellent representation of mid-range frequencies
  • Non-fatiguing treble
  • A strong sense of height and depth creates a spacious soundstage
  • Comfortable wear


  • The earphones lack density in the bass range, resulting in a hollow thump.
  • The paint aesthetic on the earphones tends to peel off easily.
  • The cable is average in quality, not exceptional.

Moondrop Aria Snow Edition Earbud High-Performance Diamond

Moondrop has upgraded the Aria earphones with a new DLC diaphragm dynamic driver unit and an improved design. The latest Aria Snow Edition features a dual-cavity dynamic driver with a DLC diaphragm coil, which provides a smoother and more detailed treble response. The Snow-Flake design of the ear cavities is visually appealing, and the pair comes bundled with rich accessories, including Spring Silicone ear tips, for a comfortable fit and cleaner treble response.

The earphones also have a high-purity silver-plated OFC cable with a standard 2-pin 0.78mm connector. With Moondrop’s VDSF tuning curve, the Aria Snow Edition delivers impressive sound performance with ultimate clarity and detail, making your music come to life.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Spacious soundstage
  • Comfortable fit and tips


  • Lacks bass

Moondrop KATO Earphone DLC Composite

KATO has spent two years developing their new 10mm ULT (Ultra-Linear-Technology) superlinear dynamic driver, featuring a composite magnetic circuit, linear air circulation structure, larger brass internal acoustic cavity, extra-fine imported CCAW sound coil, and high-frequency phase waveguide. Through FEA finite element simulation and repeated experimental verification, KATO achieved unparalleled linear distortion performance with excellent amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency responses, resulting in better restored timbre and soundstage.

To optimise KATO’s timbre further, they developed brand-new Spring Tips silicone ear tips that improve wearing comfort, prevent sound leakage, and inhibit weak resonance for better high-frequency linearity and natural timbre.

KATO’s ULT superlinear unit also features a self-designed high-performance DLC composite diaphragm made of three materials, including DLC, which provides high rigidity, high damping coefficient, and lightweight properties, surpassing even beryllium in comprehensive acoustic performance.

KATO’s replaceable sound nozzle design allows easy replacement using a quick-release structure with screw thread. It includes sound nozzles made of two different materials (steel and brass), enabling users to experience different sound changes and conveniently replace any blocked sound nozzle.


  • Solid construction
  • Beautiful stock cable
  • Authentic and precise tonality
  • Impressive soundstage, imaging, and resolution


  • Needs more emphasis on treble frequencies
  • The included ear tips are relatively small in size.

Moondrop Aria High-Performance LCP

The Aria earphones have a replaceable silver-plated cable with a nylon braided surface and a universal 0.78 dual-pin interface. This allows users to switch to a with-mic, Bluetooth, or upgrade cable for different scenarios and enhanced enjoyment. The metal cavity of the Aria earphones is crafted using a complex process that considers both ergonomics and aesthetic design, resulting in a visually stunning and comfortable earphone design.

The Aria earphones feature a 10mm diameter dual-cavity magnetic high-performance dynamic driver and a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm that delivers excellent transient response and high-resolution sound details. Additionally, the newly designed high-frequency phase Waveguide reduces distortion caused by high-frequency phase interference, leading to a smoother treble response with delicate and natural sound.


  • Balanced tonality
  • Defined and impactful bass
  • Dynamic range
  • Clear and quick transient response


  • Not for bass heads
Moondrop earphones

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Moondrop Aria and Moondrop Blessing 2?

Moondrop Aria and Moondrop Blessing 2 are high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) from Moondrop, but they have some key differences. The Aria uses a single dynamic driver, while the Blessing 2 uses a hybrid configuration with four drivers (one dynamic driver and three balanced armature drivers).

The Blessing 2 has a more neutral and balanced sound signature, while the Aria has a warmer and more musical sound. The Aria also has a metal cavity design, while the Blessing 2 has a resin cavity design. Finally, the Aria is less expensive than the Blessing 2.

Are Moondrop earphones compatible with Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Moondrop earphones are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Can I replace the cable on my Moondrop earphones?

Yes, Moondrop earphones generally come with detachable cables that can replace aftermarket cables. However, ensuring that the replacement cable is compatible with your specific Moondrop earphone model and has the appropriate connectors is important. It is also recommended to purchase cables from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and compatibility.

Do Moondrop earphones come with a carrying case?

Yes, most Moondrop earphones include a carrying case in the package. The type of case may vary depending on the model and version of the earphones.


The Moondrop Earphones are an exceptional choice for drummers looking for high-quality, comfortable, and durable earphones. Their ergonomic design provides a secure fit, ensuring they stay in place while drumming. The balanced and detailed sound signature makes it easy to distinguish between different instruments, allowing drummers to hear every note and beat clearly.

Additionally, the noise isolation technology reduces external noise, allowing drummers to focus on their music. These accessories are an excellent investment for drummers who want to elevate their drumming experience.