Premier Series Elite H289962Qapf 6 Piece Drum Set

Drums are generally more expensive than other musical instruments in the world. This is because of their large size and requirements.

A complete drum set could be more expensive than buying. It’s the passion that drives a drummer to invest in such expensive items.

In this most expensive drum sets review, I will be looking at the drum kits one would break a bank for.

Technically, the most expensive drum set was Ringo Starr’s Ludwig kit that was actioned for more than $2000000. But that is not my interest for today.

I will be focusing on pieces that are still in production, which you can buy from any shop around the globe.

The prices of these drums are determined by the visual, tonal, and build quality. They represent the best of the best.

Come along.

Most Expensive Drum Sets

Drums have come a long way in terms of features and build quality. Many brands have focused on researching ideas that could make drumming easier.

Today, acoustic drums are still a special part of the drumming community. However, technology seems to be taking over, with more and more electronic drum sets coming up.

Electronic drum sets are more expensive than traditional pieces. This is because of their versatility and portability.

One e-drum kit can be used for a wide range of drumming needs. It can contain many kits in one setup, which makes them more useful.

Though they were not natural tonally before, manufacturers have stepped their game up to make them sound better.

The most expensive drum sets on the market today come from the most reputable brands. It is the brand and the manufacturing process that would make a drum kit so expensive.

Roland’s TD-30KV V-Pro series is the most expensive set overall. Its price is twice that of most expensive acoustic drum kits.

The Sonor JF-SSE-11-Newport Beech Matte Walnut Veneer 4-piece shell pack tops the list of most expensive kits for the traditional drums. It comes with all the good features you would expect from a drum set.

Roland and Sonor are both leaders in their worlds. And hence, it should not be a surprise that they offer top-of-the-market pieces.

There is also the DW Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak kit, which is extremely expensive. There are only a few drummers who have used the kit because of its affordability issue.

Here is a list of the most expensive drums out there.

Top 5 Most Expensive Drum Sets in the World

1. The Roland TD-30KV V Pro-series

Roland is a leader in the world of e-drums. If you are a drummer, Roland is a name you must have come across many times.

The company is known for bringing out the best technology in electronic drums. They have extensively researched to make sure their kits offer exquisite sounds.

The Roland TD-30KV comes at the highest price points. It ranks fifth in the world of most expensive drum kits.

One of the factors that make this kit good is the sound you get. It has more than 100 different kit options onboard, all designed to sound natural.

But it’s the sound engine that makes this kit stand out. It does not offer any doubt as a useful piece of instrument.

Many drummers would have different opinions over e-drum kits, especially in terms of sound. But when it comes to the TD-30KV, everyone is fairly on the same page.

The kit comes with chrome hardware and a transparent cabling system, adding to its overall aesthetic.

The drums are large, just like traditional drums, assuring a natural feeling. And, you can connect headphones for those private sessions.


• Top of the market kit

• Chrome hardware

• A natural sound with 100 kits onboard


• Expensive

2. DW Timeless Timber Romanian Oak 6-piece Shell Pack

DW is not a new name in the world of drums. Everyone who plays the instruments must know the company.

DW is known specifically for making high-end drum kits. They also own PDP, which makes less expensive versions of their parent brand.

When it comes to quality, no other company does a better job than Drum Workshop. It has been on the market for many years now, offering products you will never find anything to complain about.

The DW Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak drums are designed and crafted for the best materials. They are handcrafted from a 1500-year-old oak.

These expensive logs were salvaged from Olt River, where they had existed for all these years. The term timeless is used to describe how durable the drums are.

The Shells feature 11-ply Timeless River Oak shells. They are dark, warm, and sounds like nothing you may have ever heard.

Even better, the drum set is coated with vintage bronze hardware. It also comes with salient leather bass hoops.


• Extremely harmonious sounds

• Durable

• Amazing built quality


• Apart from the price, nothing to complain about.

3. Premier Series Elite H289962QAPF 6-piece drum set

When it comes to choosing the right drum kit, it’s always advisable to consider the brand. Sometimes this is all that makes the difference.

Most importantly, it’s the detailed work that goes into making these kits that drive the price high.

Another very expensive kit today with these characteristics is this Premier Series Elite kit. It might not be the most popular product, but its prices sure do raise eyebrows.

Premier Percussion is not a very new company. The English manufacture can trace its roots back to 1923, serving countless drummers over the years. This is one of their best products.

First, it strikes you with its Apple Sparkle Fade, a gorgeous finish that makes it stand out from any setup.

Further, the kit is crafted from the highest material in the world. It should not leave any doubt as one of the best instruments out there.

This piece would be sure to add quality to your drumming skills. The manufacturer has left nothing to chance, handcrafting this kit into a fine and valuable instrument.

It’s polished with vibrant wood grain varnishes and shiny sparkle. It will shine your performance both visually and tonally.

Investing in this kit is worth it. Besides, it’s not as costly as the Sonor and DW above, making it the perfect alternative.


• Top-notch sound

• Excellent performance

• Great appearance


• Not a very popular piece

4. The Tama Star Walnut 5-piece shell pack

Tama has been making high-end drum sets for many years. It’s one of the most reliable drum brands on the market. These products are made from high-quality material to ensure the best quality.

The Tama series drums are the brand’s flagship line. These are products that have found favor in the face of many professional musicians.

At the moment, the Star Walnut 5-piece holds the top position as the brand’s most expensive product. It’s right to assume that this kit is the face of the brand.

Tama has been perfecting its products over the years to make them more admirable. They offer both affordable and expensive options.

In terms of construction, the Star Walnut is handcrafted from high-quality and warm-sounding walnut wood. They are taken through a thorough construction process to assure durability and functionality.

These kits are not new to the brand. But they have been perfected over the years with countless advancements.

The kit is configured with a bass drum, two toms, two-floor tom, and a snare. Every piece comes with unique features that make them stand out on the market.

If you have ever used any product from Tama, you know they never joke about quality.

The drums are not as expensive as the Sonor and DW reviewed before, but they are at the same level of sound quality. That is what makes them the best alternative for expensive kits.


• Excellent construction

• Reputable brand

• Top-notch sound


• Nothing to complain about

5. DW Collector’s Satin Specialty 5-Piece Shell Pack

Every product from DW is excellently constructed to ensure top-notch performance. The Collector’s line features exclusive drums.

Every component is custom made in the US, one reason they are costly. Also, they feature the best materials on the market.

The drums are made from North American maple wood, promising a low-end punch, excellent attack, and warmth.

You get Vertical Low Timbre on the toms, a specific way of arranging grain patterns on the shells, lowering its tension for more resonance. Then, the X shell construction improves the toms with a low pitch and a great tone.

The tom shells feature the lowest grain setup from the brand. DW’s Suspension Tom Mount systems allow the drums to vibrate independently. That means you get better resonance without affecting stability.

DW has used Satin specialty, making the drums look extravagant. It comes in a wide range of great finishes, like tobacco burst and natural-to-ox blood-red fade.

In terms of visual representation, these drums have everything to look good. Perhaps the brand has invested too much in the looks. But then, that is what may drummers go for.

It is no surprise that the line has a slew of drummer supporting it.

There is so much one can do with a professional sound that comes from the drums in terms of performance. It keeps everything real and natural with an excellent stand on the stage.

If you are looking for the best studio or live performance sound, these are among the drums that will offer more. Even with the cheapest microphones, you can still make excellent music.


• Reputable brands

• Top-notch construction and sound

• A great money-for-value product


• None

What is the most expensive drum set in the world?

With so many drum kits on the market, it is understandable that many people will want to know what makes the difference. And it’s the price.

The truth is, drums are generally very expensive. But some seem to have beaten logic to reason with their prices.

The most expensive drum set in the world still in production is the DW Timeless Timber Romanian Oak kit. These drums are crafted from a rare 1500-year-old oak.

Every piece is handcrafted and features antique bronze hardware and accents. Only a hundred of the kits were made, which makes them very rare.

Overall, the most expensive drum set was Ringo Starr’s Ludwig kit that was an auction for over 2million dollars.

Ringo used the kit in more than 200 performances. He used on some of the Beatle’s top songs, common with many fans even today.

How much is an expensive drum set?

What are the most expensive drums? This question is very common because people want to compare quality.

Well, technically, Ringo Starr’s kit that was auctioned at $2.1 million still holds the record of the most expensive drum set on the market. It came from one of the most respected drummers in the world. Besides, The Beatles, which Ringo played for, had so many fans across the world.

The kit was so expensive because he used it on most hit songs from the band. He bought the kit in 1963 and turned it into his signature setup.

Apart from that, another expensive kit is the DW Timeless Timber Romanian Oak River 6-piece shell pack. Only 100 of these kits were made, which is why they remain costly.

Price in drums is determined by the brand’s reputation and the construction methods. You may have realized that the best drums on the market are handcrafted. This long process and attention to detail assure the best sound and durability from the drums.