Pdp Concept Maple Shell Pack 6 Piece Pearlescent White

Buying your first drum kit involves a lot of things. You need to understand the components that make up a complete kit.

You can then buy one at a time to build your ideal kit or simply buy a full set. Both options are good.

Also, understand that drum sets are defined in terms of the number of shells they have. A five-piece kit comes with five drums.

That means a 6-piece drum set carries six drums.

Manufacturers offer these options to cater to different drumming needs. Some drummers want a large set, while others may need something more compact.

Whatever your needs, there is always something for you.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to PDP by DW 6-piece drum sets.

PDP Concept Maple 6 Piece

Drum Workshop is one of the biggest drums manufacturers in the world. The company has been offering high-end drums for many years.

Demand for more affordable kits compelled them to look for alternative approaches. And hence, Pacific Drum & Percussion was born.

PDP has grown into one of the best choices for affordable drum kits. Both beginners and professional drummers prefer their kits over other brands.

The Concept series is among their best line of products. It’s easy to assume they are the highest-line from the company.

The concept is a completely re-shaped line of high-end inspired drums. They are a solution designed for every drummer.

The six-piece kit comes with four toms, a snare drum, and a bass drum.

What makes these drums more interesting is their fresh and new look that complements a top-notch sound.

A high sense of production is evident in every drum. Value and excellent craftsmanship create a perfect blend of looks and performance.

The 6-piece drum kits come with everything you need to make loud music. You will enjoy playing every instrument, with understand that it produces top sound.

PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack – 6-piece – Pearlescent White

Even though the finish is only secondary, it plays a vital role in the drum kit’s overall quality. And PDP is one company that understands this very well.

They build their kits and sell them with exclusive quality. It is to be expected, considering the company’s relation to DW.

It may not be the top DW quality, but the kits fill drummers with excitement.

This 6-piece PDP Concept, Maple shell pack, is an excellent example of what the company stands for.

Generally, the Concept Maple series takes the idea of budget drum kits to a whole new level. It comes with features that you could only expect from a higher-end kit.

This kit comes with all-maple shells to deliver a warm sound that every drummer hopes to get. And that is not all; you also get an exceptional tonal variety.


• DW-inspired construction

The first thing you will notice is the professional appearance of this kit. That is all thanks to several features from DW Custom Shop. The pearlescent finish makes it stand out on the stage.

• 7-ply and 10-ply shells

The bass drum and the toms are all 7-ply, while the snare is 10-ply. Most kits at this price range do not come with such features, making this kit something you will enjoy playing on.

• True-Pitch Tuning

Tuning your toms to exact precision has never been easier, thanks to DW’s innovation. This kit stands up to the challenge and offers incredible performance.

• Suspension Tom Mounting and FAST tom sizing

This feature allows one to set the toms in place much faster. You could only expect such features from higher-end gear.


• Excellent construction

• Warm sound epic sustains

• Affordable


• The factory heads are not very good.

PDP Concept Maple 6-piece Drum Shell Pack – Natural Lacquer

Are you looking for a great-sounding drum kit that everyone can afford? PDPs Concept maple should be an excellent choice.

With its Natural lacquer finish, this kit will shine bright on any stage. But these look only amplify the underlying performance of this kit.

It comes bearing some of the best breakthroughs from Drum Workshop’s custom store. Every drummer would be happy to use these kits.

Features of the 6-piece all-maple kit include:

• Excellent performance

Maple shells are not new to high-end drums. They are known for assuring warmth and a richly resonant tone.

This kit fully takes in this natural state of maple. You get along and slow sustain only from these shells.

And PDP Drums has found a way to make them even better.

• Great shell construction

DW does not joke when it comes to delivering top-notch quality. And that is why you can count on the

7-ply tom/kick shells and 10-ply snare.

You are sure of getting maximum resonance and projection, something that every drummer hopes for.

It’s hard to get such features from drums at this price range.

They come with extra density in their layered shells, making them highly robust and responsive. They are then further improved by DW-style STM.

• FAST sized kit

If you are looking for tonal diversity, consider FAST-sized toms from PDP. These toms are slightly shallower, assuring a powerful attack and rapid decay. They will then accentuate individual tones with precision.


• Excellent construction

• Top-notch performance

• True-Pitch tensions rods


• None at this price point

PDP Concept Maple 6-Piece Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Carbon Fiber

The Concept Series maple shells are among the most requested choice among many drummers. This maple drum kit with premium hardware offers a quality that is not very common at this price range.

It is complemented by a quality finish and price that will leave you impressed. With this combination, the kit is perfect for any type of drummer.

It is PDP’s relationship to DW that makes their drums appealing. DW Custom Shop has put in a great effort, delivering shells built to high-end standards. Hence, even professional drummers will love them.

These kits are available for serious students who want to improve their drumming skills.

They bear European in maple shells – 7ply on the toms and kick drums and ten for the snare. Maple drums do assure deep, resonant sound that you hear on many albums.

True-pitch tension rods promise precise and even tuning on the head. The rack toms hang on the bass drum using select mounting hardware.

Trusted MAG throw-off on the snare, die-cast claw hooks, and steel carbon snare wires, and aluminum legs in the bass drum complete the kit’s top features.


All the shells are maple. The shell pack comprises a 22 x 18-inch bass drum, 10 x 8 and 12 x 9 toms, 14 x 12 and 16 x 14-inch floor toms, and a 14 x 5.5-inch snare. They include Retro-style PDP dual-turret lugs and Remo’s heads.


• Excellent construction

• 6 drums are a great price

• A wide range of finishes


• Poor-sounding stock drum heads


PDP releases good drum sets from time to time. These 6-piece kits are pretty impressive. You can get DW value at an affordable price.