Pdp 805 Series Whitewhite Hardware

PDP is an excellent brand in the world of drums. The company has been around for quite a while now, offering good-quality drums at affordable prices.

This is a company owned by PDP. Hence, you can expect their products to be excellent. They come with similar features and build standards.

The only difference is that more machines are involved in making the PDP drums. This makes production faster and cheaper.

One of their top products is the PDP 805 series drum set. It is a kit that comes with excellent looks and modern features.

In this review, I will be looking at what makes this kit stand out. It could help you make a more informed decision.

PDP 805 Series Drum Set

Whether you are a jazz drummer or a rock hero, single-rack tom kits always have something to offer. It does not only look great but sounds incredible.

Most drummers only know the symmetry of two racks above the kit. But try out one tom, and you will love it. The setup excludes more attitude than would expect.

This seems to be what PDP seeks to achieve with the PDP 805 sets. This range celebrates a great layout that is not so common and yet incredibly useful.

PDP drums come in two options for shell packs. Each choice offers a unique option with a one-up, two-down kits in different finishes.

Excellent performance

These are drums that separate real drummers from amateurs. It is a no-joke option that will leave you feeling great with every punch.

Choosing the right manufacturer is key to finding a good drum kit. And with the DW-inspired feature of the PDP kits, you can never go wrong choosing them.

The 805 is a series that has been around for quite some time now. This no-nonsense kit delivers a performance like no other.

And why wouldn’t it? Drum Workshop is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Some of the best features are found on this affordable kit.

PDP 805 Kit Review

The PDP 805 Kit is an excellent idea from PDP. The first thing you will notice is its killer looks. It’s then complemented by modern sizing and one-up, two-down shell pack choice.

Modern market places have grown very demanding. And the drumming community is not left behind.

Drummers want more and better features, even in beginner kits. That is one of the factors that inspired DW to create Pacific Drums and Percussion.

A good solution for beginners

In this PDP 805 review, I would not want to dwell so much on the features. I have used DW drums for many years, and they never disappoint. Hence, I am not worried about the features.

Instead, I wanted to know more about how it performs. The center stage is built for high-end performance.

For this review, I have a smaller-sized option. It’s a shell pack consisting of a 20 x 18-inch kick drum, 13 x 7-inch snare, 12 x 8-inch rack tom, and 14 x 12-inch and 16 x 12-inch floor tom.

You can get the alternative shell pack, which is a beat carrying a 24-inch kick, a 14-inch snare, a 13-inch rack tom, a 16-inch, and 18-inch floor toms.

The only thing you can think sure of is that this kit is very loud. Always wear ear protection.

Some of the top options include the following.

PDP 805 Series White/White Hardware

The White finish on this option, with white hardware, is quite captivating. The wrap of this kit presents a subtle approach. It is simply impressive.

Even though it’s not primary, I find it looks to be a vital consideration when choosing drums. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to choices.

White is an overall color. You can easily customize it later any way you want. And that is just part of what makes PDP kits incredible.

There is no option for a 22-inch kick drum. This offers the main difference between the two kits.

Like the other options, this kit is available with a hardware pack. With this, you have most of what you would need to create your perfect kit.

The kits are produced in China, alongside the top-ranking X7 kit. And we have already mentioned that PDP is an offshoot of the higher-end brand.

Production of PDP and DW kits is divided according to price. The Chinese manufacturer for the 805 was chosen to keep the prices low.

Notable features

Its shells are 100% birch and six plies thick. It seems the company wanted to offer more quality from the single wood-shell.

Birch is more likely to assure an aggressive performance in accordance with its looks. The kick in about long and wide, the toms stubby and the snare deep.


• Excellent finish

• Incredible performance

• Great response from the toms


• The snare drum is not so good

PDP 805 Series 5-Piece Drum Set – Previously Owned

I was recently looking online for a review on the 805 kits. If found, someone who had owned one was selling. Their experience with the kit was quite interesting, and it made me want to know what more owners thought.

One says, “… can anybody compare these two drum sets for me—one of a PDP 805 series with 24, 13, 16 18, and 14-inch snare drums. The next one is a newer Pearl Forum set. They are both standard 5-piece kits.”

In the responses, I got this, “PDP came up with the 805s several years ago and has since discontinued them…the came with great configuration.”

From this, you should know the kits are no longer being produced. But that does not mean you cannot find one.

Several sellers have listed them with different sites, and they come with the same features.

A recently owned PDP 805 series 5-piece drum set could be the best way to own one of these pieces. Luckily, it comes in great condition.

Of course, you can expect scratches here and there. But the most important thing is sound and playability.

The kit I am referring to is configured with a 20 x 18-inch bass drum, 13 x 7-inch snare, 16 x 12, and 14 x 12-inch floor toms, and a 12 x 8-inch tom. It also includes a Planet Z 13-inch hi-hats, an 18-inch crash, a throne, and hardware.


• A complete kit with everything

• In good playing state

• Affordable


• It might have some scratches

PDP 805 Series Snare Drums

The value-priced division of DW, Pacific Drum & Percussion, makes high-quality, affordable products. The company released the 805 series in 2006.

This chrome-over-steel shelled snare drums are nothing to be proud of, in my opinion. But they do the job pretty well. Besides, the sound is subjective, and everyone has different needs.

The snare drums come in a wide range of sizes, including 14 x 6-inch to a popular side-snare sized 10×6-inch option. Also, you will find them in assorted-sized and beautiful colors.

Note that this is not a high-end series. However, the snare is still respectable to players of different levels.

Professionals can use it as an inexpensive add-on or side snare. Beginners, on the other hand, should find it very useful.


The PDP 805 snare drums come in different sizes and finishes. The shells are a thin ply of rolled steel. Chrome plating is used to uncover the mirrored, bright image body you see in each drum.

Each drum comes with triple-flanged hoops carrying six lugs on side snares and 8 lugs on standard snare drums.

The addition of a tom-mounting system similar to DW’s presents a professional appearance. Also, they are fitted with PDP snare heads.

Another thing you will find interesting is the throw-offs on these snares. They are very user-friendly. Besides, they are designed to retain a longer life.

Tonally, the snares perform differently with different tunings. I found it more pleasing when tuned conventionally tighter.


• Excellent construction

• Durable

• Affordable


• Presence of some twangy overtones


If you are looking for a good beginner drum kit, the 805 should be fine. This kit offers some incredible features from DW, making it very useful. Although it’s not in production, you can always find it in various stores.