Pdp Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

The world of drums has expanded over the past few years. A large number of manufacturers have come up promising the best products.

And that is why it is important to consider the manufacturer when choosing the drums. I know it can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. But with a bit of help, you will get the right product.

PDP is one of the brands you can always count on for quality products. They have been around for several years and have always been a good company.

Each one of their drums is filled with a high sense of production value. The craftsmanship used is always the best.

In this guide, we shall be looking at the best PDP bass drums.

Come along.

PDP Bass Drums

One of the questions I have always come across is whether or not PDP drums are really good. And they are.

The company constantly releases good sets of drums. Each product they bring to the market offers incredible quality. They are durable, which means a drummer can use them for a long time.

PDP sells a wide range of bass drums. You can find some of them separate from the kits or buy them as a complete set.

These drums are really good.

Why would they not be? PDP is associated with DW, one of the biggest drum manufacturers around. PDP and DW are technically one company.

PDP kits are the most affordable versions of DW sets. They come with the same design and technique.

The only difference is that PDP drums are streamlined through machinery for quicker production. This also reduces their price.

But that does not mean they are any less in terms of quality. The same features that make DW drums great are found in PDPs.

So, if you are looking for a good bass drum, go for PDP drums. These pieces are designed to produce the best sound for any style of music.

Wondering where to find one? Consider this list.

PDP Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum – 16″x22″- Tobacco

PDP Concept Maple is perhaps the most famous line of drums in the world. That is because they are easily accessible.

Walk into any drug store around, and chances are you are going to meet a product from this line.

The PDP Maple Classic bass drum is a great piece. It is made from maple and measures 22 x 16-inches.


Vintage-inspired kick. The first thing you will notice on this bass drum is the retro visuals and a vintage-inspired tone. This drum is sure to stand out in your setup and draw attention on the stage. The kick carries a 7-ply maple shell, contrasting plied counter hoops, and recessed claw hooks.

DW quality. The best way to look at this piece would be to consider DW’s quality. Everyone who knows their drums will tell you DW is no joke. PDP is a part of this team. All the drums, pedals, stands, and drummers build accessories from PDP for drummers. This gear can handle whatever stress your throw their way. And that is one of the reasons that have remained top on the market.

PDP Concept Maple 22-inch Classic Bass drum features summary:

• Vintage design 22-inch x 16-inch

• 7-ply maple shell construction

• Contrasting plied maple counter hoops.

• Unique tobacco finish

• Tom mount missing

• Spur included


• DW quality

• Build with durable material

• Incredible tonal value

• A good piece for modern drummers


• The drum is a bit expensive

Verdict: Buy the PDP Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum – 16 “x22”- Tobacco if you are looking for a great bass sound. Many drummers who have used it say there is no better kick at this price.

Pacific Drums PDCM1822KKRB 18 x 22 Inches Bass Drum with Chrome Hardware – Red to Black Fade

The concept series is of the latest lines of drums from PDP. You can get them either in an all-birch or all-maple configuration.

This bass drum features 7 plies of maple/birch. It is designed for top performance.

Features at a glance

• DW quality. DW is not a new name in the world of drums. Their reputation in making high-end drums is what has always driven them.

• STM Mounting system. Setting the drum in place is quite simple and easy, thanks to the STM mounting system.

• True Pitch tuning allows the drummer to get the right one with ease.

• Die-cast claw hoods make it even easier to set the piece. A retro-inspired dual-turret tube lug is added to make it even better in performance.

• Chrome hardware

• Incredible lacquer finish


• A good sounding drums

• DW quality

• Great construction


• Nothing to complain about at this price range

Verdict: A great piece for all music styles.

Pacific Drums PDCB1822KKNC 18 x 22 Inches Bass Drum with Chrome Hardware – Natural to Charcoal Fade

Natural to charcoal fade finishes in this 22 by 18-inch kick create a positive vibe on the stage. It is one piece that will make you feel good while playing.

When buying a bass drum, it’s always important to consider the construction material. And in this case, PDP tries to offer the best on the market.

Features at a glance

  • Birch shell. Birch is known for delivering a warm and bright sound. And that is what you get from this bass drum. It’s well designed to assure the user of a great performance. The 7-ply of birch with a 45-degree bearing age gives it professional performance.
  • Die-cast claw hooks. This bass drum does not only look great, but it also performs better than any other drum you will find at this price range.
  • Retro-inspired dual-turret tube lug. PDP has come up with this wonderful way of changing the lugs in their drums. The new features make the drums look great and offer great performance.
  • Incredible finish. DW’s quality can be felt on this bass drum. It makes them look professional and yet affordable.
  • Durable. PDP drums are designed to last long. They are made from high-quality materials that allow them to perform well even under pressure.
  • Great sound. PDP picks the best maple wood for their drums. And this kick is a good example of what they can do.


• A versatile drum

• Good tonal range

• Great performance


• It is made in China, which might affect its quality

Verdict: This is a good kick drum for all your drumming needs. Besides, it’s quite affordable.

PDP Concept Maple Classic Series 3-Piece Shell Kit with 22″ Bass Drum – Ebony Stain

The concept series is a relatively new line of drums from PDP. They present more of DW’s mark than ever.

This Concept Maple Classic shell pack is a dream come true for every drummer. It features an old-school sizing with 13-inch and 16-inch toms and a 22-inch kick.

PDP maple shells are made from high-quality material with matching maple hoops. They assure warmth, bloom, and a room-filling resonance.

Its Ebony Satin finish makes the kit appear stunning. DW-inspired Dual Turret Lugs are included as complements.

You will also notice recessed stamped claw hooks and round offset badges. The package in them is finished with a set of DW-designed Remo heads.

Features at a glance:

  • All-maple shells. PDP uses European sourced shells and hoops, which promise a full, meaty tone. The toms are round and powerful to fit a wide range of drumming needs.
  • DW-inspired design and performance. Think about top-quality in the world of drums, and DW will not miss it. These drums come with Dual Turret lugs, low-profile recessed stamped claw hooks, and wood hoops. DW’s influence is noticeable.
  • Sound. A bass drum is only as good as its sound. This kit delivers great warmth, bloom, and room-filling resonance. It’s a kit you will love.
  • Classic shell sizes. The kit is configured with 13 by 9-inch, and 16 x 16-inch toms, and a 22 x 16-inch bass drum.
  • Hardware and lugs inspired by DW.
  • Remo heads great sound
  • Ebony stain finish stands out on the stage.


• Shell pack without a snare

• DW-quality in both construction and sound

• A versatile kit for a wide range of uses


• Made in China

• A bit expensive compared to other brands

Verdict: This set could be your ultimate answer for the best drum set. The drums have all the top features you can expect from drums. Anyone who needs a versatile kit should consider this one.