Pdp Carbon Fiber Snare 14 X 6.5 In

Drum Workshop (DW) is a famous company known for being the manufacturer of the best drums. The company has been in existence for decades, and they have made world-class drums that professional drummers around the globe use.

The Carbon Fiber Drums is another fantastic invention and innovation of DW. These PDP drums are wrapped with durable carbon fiber and remain attractive for the longest time possible. The sounds produced by these drums will always shake the roof, and you will love it.

The thing that has made many people acquire this drum is its beauty and sound. These two aspects are the things that all drummers consider in any drum set. DW interacts with professional drummers who have been in the industry for a long time to help them design the best kits.

Therefore, let us review the PDP carbon fiber bass drums that will surely impress. You will yawn to have it today because of its perfect design.

PDP Carbon Fiber Snare 14 x 6.5 in


The Carbon Fiber Snare is a durable and lightweight drum that you can ever get. Carbon fiber is commonly used in airplane parts and racing chassis. DW is aware of this important function of carbon fiber, and thus, they incorporated it into the custom lineup.

Many prototypes have been manufactured, but DW’s testing produced a shell to make that brought everything to a standstill. The drum offers a wide variety of cuts for loud playing situations, and its heads are sensitive.

The drum has the MAG throw-off system with 3P (3-position) butt-plate, true hoops, true pitch tuning, true-tone snare wires, and DW heads by the new Remo United States. The loud and articulate style shells of this snare are fabricated using upcycled materials.

The durability of this snare drum is what compels us to buy it. Its beauty remains intact for an extended period, and the sounds are retained. You will always enjoy using this drum regardless of the drum setup that you have.

The finish of this snare makes its value reasonable. I have a single snare that has inspired my fellow drummer to purchase this kit. You can shop for the kit at Amazon in the United States, and you will get the quality sound you need out of this brand new snare.

 You need to add it to the cart, and it will be delivered to you. Free shipping is given to customers within the United States of America. For any brand of musical instruments, we have great deals for you; thus, make an effort to visit our shop. You can contact us at any time before you add it to cart this brand new snare.


  • It is durable and attractive.
  • It suitable different for any music style.
  • It offers high-quality sounds and works perfectly with bass drums.


  • It has a hefty price tag.

PDP PDCFM1455SSCFB 14×5.5″ Concept Maple Snare Drum 2020 Carbon Fiber

The concept series drums are another perfect set of snare that you need as a good drummer. It is an entirely reimagined version of drums designed to gather for the needs of every drummer. The DW Custom shop researched the design of these drums.


The Maple snare drum 2020 series has a fresh, new look and a fantastic sound that every player requires in his/her band. There are two popular configurations in terms of shells in these two sets. They have Concept series Maple and Concept series Birch shells; thus, it is your work to make a choice.

However, both drums are made with carefully selected materials from all over the world. You only need to add toms or bass drums to make a custom kit that suits your music genre. These snare drums have a wide range of high-end features.

They are made with 10ply and have the trusted MAG throw-off and fully chromed snare wires. The drum also has carbon steel coils and brass end plates that make it classic and professional. Contact us at professional musicians’ sites for assistance.

All the concept drums feature the DW’s True-pitch tension rods, graduated counter hoop thicknesses, durable and eye-catching finishes. They also have retro-inspired dual-turret lugs and the popular Remo drumheads.

It is the true definition of a snare, and it will make you want to play more and more. You can add to your cart this amazing Maple snare drum 2020 carbon fiber at Amazon. It is a perfect product with perfect heads, true pitch, and a new amazing finish and style. You can contact us in case you need help.


  • It produces fantastic sounds.
  • It is suitable for every player.
  • It is durable, affordable, and versatile.


  • It might run out of stock because of its high demand.