Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drumkit, Electric Green Sparkle

Finding a good beginner drum kit is not easy. There are so many options out there that you might not know where to begin.

But one of the main factors you should always consider is the brand. A reputable manufacturer is an assurance of getting the right kit.

And in this case, PDP is a name you can count on. The company is owned by Drum Work, a maker of high-end drum kits.

Instead of mixing their kits, DW decided to come with PDP to offer high-quality kits at affordable prices. That means you get great value in every component.

The Centerstage Line is one of the best beginner sets. And I will be reviewing it in this guide.

PDP by DW Centerstage Drum Set

I have been playing drums for quite a while now. PDP drums has always been one of my favorite brands. It is no only that their kits offer great quality, but they are also very affordable.

In recent times, PDP’s Center Stage drum set has become quite popular. The kit is defined by some high-end features from DW, which makes it quite handy.

I recently ordered this kit because I could not find a good review online. It is only online stores that have highlighted a few features. That is why I had to do this review.

It is a great kit right from the start. Those who know DW drums can testify to their quality. And some of their best features are found with the kits.

The kits come in different finishes and various configurations. That makes it easy for drummers to choose a different option depending on their needs.

But looks are only secondary; it is sound that matters the most. The kit features high-resonant poplar shells.

I cannot say poplar is the best wood for drums, but they work just fine here.

PDP Center Stage 5-piece Complete Drum Set Features

My kit came configured with:

• 10 inch and 12-inch toms

• 16-inch floor toms

• 22-inch kick drum

• 14 -inch snare drum.

It also came with hardware and everything a drummer would need to start playing. It is a perfect solution for beginners who need an easy way to create their perfect kit.

Features include:

Everything you need to start playing

The PDP Center Stage 5-piece is a complete drum set. That means you will not have to go through the time-consuming process of deciding what hardware to use.

You get high-quality cymbals, cymbal stands, and a drum seat. It also includes some nice drum sticks. The included kick pedal is smooth and responsive.

The kit features telescopic bass drum spurs to prevent the drum from slipping away during an action. PDP has also included double-braced hardware, which I find an added advantage. It makes your kit more stable.

Resonant and balanced tone

Poplar shells are known for delivers a resonant and balanced tone. It is light and characterized by quick decay.

This makes it perfect for studio, home, and onstage applications. It’s quite versatile.

Other features include:

– Affordable

– True-Pitch tensions rods for easy precision tuning

– 3-flanged hoops that assure a perfect balance between attack and sustain.

Consider the following options:

PDP Center Stage PDCE2215KTIB 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals – Iridescent Black Sparkle

Whenever you talk about affordable beginner kits, most people assume that it’s low quality. But manufacturers are really stepping up their game.

PDP uses DW-inspired features and standards to build its products. This is one of the reasons it has remained a leader in the market for affordable kits.

This Center Stage 5-piece complete drum set comes with everything you need to start playing. That means you will not have to struggle to find the right hardware.


• Poplar shells

Poplar is not the best wood for making drums. That is why it’s cheaper and more readily available than other woods.

But that does not mean it’s bad. The wood is known for offering a resonant and warm tone.

• Great hardware

I loved this kit a lot because it comes with double-braced hardware normally reserved for higher-end drums from PDP. They are complemented by an attractive finish that any drummer will find incredible.

It includes everything a drummer need. These are:

– Great quality cymbals and cymbal stand

– Cymbal stands

– A drum thrones

– Drum sticks

– Double-braced hardware

True-Pitch tension rods ensure easy precision tuning. Triple-flanged hoops, on the other hand, deliver a balance between attack and sustain.


• A complete set with everything

• Excellent sound

• Affordable


• The cymbals included are not very good.

PDP Center Stage PDCE2215KTDW 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals – Diamond White Sparkle

Sometimes it is just the simple things that make a drum set worth considering. When it comes to visuals and durability, it is crucial to pick something attractive and yet long-lasting.

This Center Stage 5-piece complete drum set comes in beautiful Diamond White Sparkle. As with any other lines from PDP, there are other finishes with the Center Stage.

DW is known for making its drums with excellent quality in every aspect. That makes the finish on this kit something worth considering.

It allows your kit to stand out on any platform. Whether you are on a large stage or a small one, you will be noticed.

It is not only the looks that should attract you to this kit. Sound and tonal versatility are crucial too.

And in this case, I think the kit has scored more than 95%. I would not say 100% because there are a few things here and there that could raise some concern.

Top features:

• The shells are made from poplar. It assures a wonderfully resonant and warm tone that you will love.

• A complete set. You won’t have to struggle to look for the right hardware. This kit comes with cymbals, cymbal stands, a drum seat, drum sticks, and a kick drum pedal. You can start playing right from the box.

• It’s configured with 10 and 12-inch toms, a 16-inch floor tom, a 22-inch kick, and a 14-inch snare drum.

• Pitch-Tension rods for easy precision tuning

• Triple-flanged hoops


• Affordable, high-quality kit

• Good sound

• Complete with everything a drummer need


• You may find some issues with cymbal sounds

PDP By DW CenterStage 5-Piece Drum Kit with Hardware and Cymbals Sapphire, (PGCE22KTSS)

Beginner to mid-range drum kits is considered less in terms of tonal value. However, drums that may seem better are quite high in price.

Consider DW drums, for instance. They are designed for the higher market. That makes it quite hard for budget-oriented buyers to access.

But with PDP by DW CenterStage 5-Piece drum kit, you are assured of great quality at a pocket-friendly price. The kit in this review features a Sapphire finish, which makes it sparkly. It’s outstanding on any platform.


The first thing you will notice on this is the incredible finish. It makes the kit appear professional. The same is echoed in its performance.

– Configuration

The kit comes fully equipped with every component that completes a drum set. It includes a 22 x 18-inch kick drum, 10 x 7-inch and 12 x 8-inch toms, 16 x13-inch floor tom and a 14 x 5.5-inch snare drum.

– Birch hybrid shells

The birch hybrid shells take these drums to a whole new level. It is a more expensive wood than poplar on the other kits reviewed above.

– DW-inspired features

Telescoping spurs, True-Pitch tuning rods, and hybrid shells make this kit an incredible choice. It’s designed to promise a professional performance.

– A complete kit

This five-piece kit also comes with a 3-piece cymbal pack, a drum throne, cymbal stand, snare stand, drum sticks, and a bass drum pedal. You can start playing right from the box. The floor tom produces excellent sound.


• Great performance

• Excellent build quality

• Complete with all components


• Poor sounding cymbals

Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drumkit, 5 Drum Set, Electric Green Sparkle, 7×10, 8×12, 14×16 Floor, 16×22 Kick, 5×14 Snare (PDCE2215KTEL)

Pacific Drums and Percussion has been making incredible drum sets for many years now. Every product they produce is aimed at assuring top-quality features at an affordable price.

A good example is this Center Stage Complete drum kit. The Electric Green Sparkle finish adds value to its physical appearance. One can even assume this is a high-end professional kit.

It is like this finish. It makes the kit stand out and shine in the stage lights. Many drummers would do anything to get this kind of attention.


The beautiful appearance is only the tip of the iceberg. The real value lies in the tonal features of this kit. It is a beginner kit, but you can easily confuse it for a more sophisticated product.

– Configuration

The kit comes with everything a drummer would need. That means you start playing straight from the box. This includes, 7 x 10-inch, 8 x 12-inch, and 14 x 16-inch floor toms, 16 x 22-inch kick and a 5 x 14-inch snare drums.

Apart from that, you get all the hardware, including a kick drum pedal, a snare stand, and a drum throne. Also, there is a set of brass cymbals (13-inch hi-hats and 15-inch crash ride.)

– DW-inspired setup

You can only find some features like True-Pitch tension rods and telescoping kick drum spurs with PDP’s higher-end products. Even the Sparkle finish is not very common at this price range.


• A great construction

• Strong and durable

• Excellent sound


• The cymbals are not of good quality


Having seen and played different choices from the CenterStage line, I must admit they are pretty impressive. Well, I would not recommend it for professional use, but a beginner will draw great value.