Pdp By Dw Cx Fusion Kit With 8.155 Hardware

It may seem easy, but finding a quality mid-range drum set is quite hard. This is the part of the market where you will find a whole lot of good and not-so-good gear. They are all mixed together.

Note that the mid-range is the bridge between beginner and professional drum kits. The drums are of better quality at affordable prices.

In terms of functionality, both beginner and advanced drummers can find something common here.

And just like any other product, there are reputable and trustworthy brands. This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying drums.

Everyone in the drumming world has heard about Drum Workshop (DW). This is a market leader and accurate representation of quality.

Pacific Drums and Percussion is a brand under the DW umbrella offering more affordable entry-level drum set kits. Pacific CX series under this review is one of their best products.

PDP CX Drums

I recently browsed through some comments on PDP CX online to come across a concern that makes me want to write this review. It was on drummerworld.com.

The reviewer says, “I have been looking at a lot of used drums lately, and I’m honing for PDP CX. I am trying to find out if the shells are maple, as many users have said. Were all CX shells maple, or were there some made from a different material? All I have to go on is the Blue Onyx wrap and the serial number of the toms…”

I am one of those drummers who believe in the authenticity of a brand. If the company is not good enough to assure top quality, I never consider it.

If you have similar concerns as this, I will give you my honest opinion about the kit. And just so we are clear, PDP is my favorite brand for affordable kits.

I owned a PDP CX kit for several years. This second-gen product was 100% maple on the shells with STM mounts.

They were made in Mexico with great quality. If you find your hands on one, go for it.

Here are some options you can find out there:

PDP CX Series Drum Kit Black Onyx

The PDP CX series is an intermediate solution good enough for stage and serious performs. How good Pacific drums are is still a debatable matter, though. Some give it positive reviews; others negative and others are neutral.

Occasionally, the brand produces some high-quality kits for the market. And Pacific CX is one such solution.

The CX series, as you may have noticed, is no longer in production. But you can always find a few listings here and there.

This listing features a PDP CX series kit in a Black Onyx finish. It comes in excellent condition, and the shell is all maple.


The first thing that captures one’s attention with this kit is the finish. Black Onyx makes it stand out beautifully under the stage lights.

PDP is known for making high-quality products. They mostly focus on entry-level solutions with occasional tap into the higher lines, like this CX.

The kit is configured with:

• 22-inch bass drum

• 12- and 10-inch rack toms

• 16- and 14-inch floor tom

• A matching snare drum

It is a complete kit ready for gigging. If you already have your hardware and accessories, you can start playing your drums immediately.


All maple shells offer warm and full sounds you can rely on. The FAST sizing and STM tom mounting system make setting this kit in place fast and easy.

It sounds great. And that is all that matters. Although, sound is still a subjective matter.


• Excellent construction

• High-quality kit

• Affordable


• You might miss a few things here and there

PDP by DW CX Fusion Kit with 8.155 Hardware

The CX series is a fusion drum kit. If you find a new one, it should have a standard configuration, made up of three toms, a snare, and a bass drum.

The main attraction of this kit is the 8.155 hardware. Not very many kits at this price range can have such hardware, making the CX the best you find.

The hardware is found on the later versions of the kit. By replacing the original hard, PDP seeks to achieve much better support and reliability.

Before 8.155, the PDP CX series was not reliable enough on stage. Many drummers had a hard time dealing with falls and other issues that made playing hard.

But now, the kit can withstand long hours of bashing.

The shells are all maple with a laminate design, expected at this price range. It is configured with a 22 x 18-inch bass drum, 14 x 12/ 12x 9/ 10x 8/ -inch toms and a 14 x 5-inch snare.

The package also came with three cymbals stands.

PDP CX’s toms are labeled as FAST-sized. They are shallower instead of being deeper, which makes them easy to set and produce excellent sound.

Overall, the quality of this kit is on point. It is strong and sounds good. Hence, worth recommending.


• Excellent quality

• Great construction

• Affordable


• It is not in products, and therefore, finding one in great condition can be challenging.

PDP by DW CX 5-Piece Shell Pack

Are you a drummer who likes to get loud with the look of your kit? Well, the CXR 5-piece kit should be your ultimate solution.

Bigger-sized drums mean more punch and more volume. This kit is designed for heavy hitters and those who want to get freaky with their kit.

Some of the basic features include eye-catching finishes and huge sounds. This is a shell pack without cymbals and hardware. But you can find these components at an affordable deal, too, so you can start gigging immediately.


The PDP by DW CX 5-piece kit comes with 100% maple shells. This assures incredible sounds with high-end performance.

The kit is configured with:

• A 24 x 18-inch kick drum

• 12 x 9-inch and 14 x 12-inch mounted toms

• 16 x 14-inch floor toms

• 14 x 6-inch snare.

Notable features

Some of DW’s features complement the CX series. It is not every day you find such features at such an affordable price.

It features True-pitch turning and STM tom mounts. This means tuning your drums in position is easier than ever.

The rock sizes covered finish options, and the 24-inch 10-lug bass drum makes this kit your ultimate roof raiser. Also, you get ten lugs on the snare with matching bass drum hoops.

Besides, the kit comes with bass, a bass drum pillow, and DW heads by Remo. This is everything a drummer would need to make any sound they want.


• High volume drum kit

• Excellent construction

• High quality and affordable


• It is not portable


The PDP CX is a drum kit you will love to have when you are low on cash yet still need a quality set. These pieces are becoming harder and harder to acquire. But it will be a worthy investment if you find one.