Pdp By Dw 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

Cymbals make playing drums more fun. And that is why one must choose the right cymbals always.

That is not all; every other piece of hardware that comes with these instruments should be on point. If you buy a high-end cymbal, you will need similar quality with the cymbals stand.

Cymbal stands to play a very crucial role in assuring quality performance. But since there are too many options, sometimes it can be hard to find the right one.

Consider the brand. A reputable manufacturer is more promising in terms of product quality.

And in this, you can be sure PDP will not disappoint.

I have been longing to review PDP’s cymbal stands for a long. Let’s look at what they can offer.

PDP Boom Cymbal Stand

PDP has been offering high-quality, affordable products for quite a long time. DW started the company to serve buyers on a budget.

Therefore, all the best designs and features that come with DW products are in PDPs. Many drummers who use them never complement the products.

I would like to talk about all the PDP boom cymbal stand’s cool features, but I won’t now. That is because any product and accessories associated with DW are obviously very good.

Instead, I will focus on its performance.

First, the stands are very strong. They are crafted from top-quality material, which assures excellent performance and durability.

That is not all; they stand to feature a rugged tripod design that keeps them strong on the flow. Even when playing the most aggressive genres, they will not move.

The boom design makes it easy to attach and play your cymbals. And the double-braced legs promise incredible stability.

PDP’s boom cymbal stands come in two options, the 700 series, and the 800 series. Each line offers a wide range of benefits.

I have used the 800 series more. Consider the following options.

PDP By DW 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

The PDP by DW 800 series boom stands series could easily be the brand’s hardware’s pinnacle. If you have ever used any DW product, then you understand the type of quality I am talking about.


• Double-braced legs

Stability is very crucial when buying cymbal stands. You need something that will serve you for a long, and one that can handle pressure.

Double-braced legs have often been associated only with higher-end stands. And now PDP makes it possible to have them on more affordable hardware.

These legs are pretty useful. They make setting the cymbals in place easier. It’s all about convenience.

• Oversized rubber feet

Once you start playing, the last thing you want is your setup moving all over the place. The oversized rubber feet on PDP 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand ensure that never happens.

No matter the type of music you are playing, this piece of hardware will serve you well. The rubber holds tight, slippery flow, making sure you play with convenience.

• Versatile

The PDP 800 series boom cymbal stand is a medium-weight solution designed to work in a wide range of situations. You can use them in aggressive music as well as in lighter situations.

• Performance

This stand combines strength, durability, and flexibility. It offers drummer-designed details that will improve every aspect of your experience.

Larger-diameter tubing and double-braced legs assure extra support. That means you get great value from your investment.

However, being lightweight might not work well for aggressive music.


• Excellent construction

• Double-braced legs and larger feet for stability

• Affordable


• Lightweight stands are not as versatile as you would expect

PDP By DW Cymbal Stand (PDCS700)

A good cymbal stand should not only have excellent features but be affordable. And that is what the 700 series hardware promises.

PDP is one of those brands that never disappoint when it comes to quality. They have a proven track record with their DW-inspired standards.

Hence, you can rest assured this cymbal stand will not let you down.

Here are the top features:

• Double-braced legs

Cymbal stands to play a very vital role in using the instruments. A drummer should always keep this in mind when making a choice.

Double-braced cymbal legs are not very common at the beginner level. PDP has been striving to change that.

Not you can have high-end hardware at a more affordable price. These double-braced legs assure excellent performance with every use.

• Affordable, but quality

We all want to have the best quality in our hardware. That can only be found with higher-end products from DW and similar brands.

The 700 series is a great alternative for beginning and intermediate drummers. It comes with DW-inspired features at an affordable price.

• Beefed up

The stands are beefed up with larger-diameter tubing. This makes them more stable on the ground.

They are lightweight, too, perfect for use on the road. Drummers who don’t have enough space for storage and playing will appreciate these products.


• Excellent quality inspired by DW

• Great performance

• Good for the money


• Not recommended for professional use

PDP PDHHCO2 Concept Series Hi-hat Stand – 2-leg

A hi-hat is perhaps the most struck component in your cymbal setup. Hence, choosing the right hi-hat stand is very important.

Most beginner stands are not very good. They are cheap but will not serve you for long.

Luckily, PDP has come up strong to change this notion. Now you can get high-quality hi-hat stands at affordable prices.

The Concept series is considered one of the top lines of PDP’s products. All good DW features on PDP products are found on these products.

PDP’s PDHHCO2 Concept Series Hi-hat Stand is a 2-leg stand with incredible construction. It will make your setup look great and easy to manage.


• 2-leg hi-hat

A hi-hat stand is quite different from other cymbal stands. That is because it does more than just hold the hi-hat. It also connects the kick drum pedal.

Also, a 2-leg hi-hat means less space. Your set will not be too big and bulky.

• Heavy-duty steel tubing

You will be playing the hi-hat a lot. A strong stand is therefore very necessary.

This stand is made with heavy-duty steel tubing. This makes it strong and highly effective.

• Versatility

The stand comes with a multi-position tension adjustment. This allows the user to set it in a different position for improved use.

• A quick-release clutch

This is one of the features you can find DW stands. The clutch allows you to change the hi-hat into different positions quickly and easily. Also, it assures a more convenient playing experience.


• Double-braced legs for stability

• Excellent construction quality

• Affordable


• These stands may not be as durable as you would expect.

PDP by DW 800 Series Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand Pair

This pair of boom cymbal stands from PDP can make an excellent addition to your kit. It comes with a DW-inspired design and features.

For a long, it has been hard to access high-end features in affordable drum hardware and accessories. But now, PDP has changed all that by delivering these features at a lowered price.

The 800 series could easily be the best line of cymbal stands from PDP. They are products that every drummer would be glad to have.


• Double-braced legs

Stability is key to choosing the right cymbal stand. You need something that will hold the ground while serving you for a long time.

Double-braced legs deliver excellent strength, combined with durability and performance.

• Non-slip feet

Set your cymbals in place and they will stay put throughout the performance. It comes with non-slip-resistant feet, which hold the flow strongly.

Aggressive drummers will find this feature quite handy. No matter where you are playing from, this piece of hardware will not disappoint you.

• Excellent performance

This 2-pack of PDP’s 800 series cymbal stands comes with DW-inspired standards. It will get the job done when it’s most needed.

It assures premium features, including double-braced legs and slip-resistant feet. It will stand up to any challenge, no matter the situation.

As pair, you may not need to buy any other cymbal stand. This pair will keep your setup in check.


• A pair of high-quality cymbal stands

• Excellent construction

• Double-braced legs


• It might not last as long as you would love it to


With PDP’s cymbal stands, you are assured of excellent performance. I have used the stands on many occasions, and they have never disappointed me. That is why I would recommend them, even for professional drummers.