Pdp 7X14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum Wclaw Hooks

When it comes to choosing the right drum set, there are many things to consider. One of them is the brand.

Just like buying anything else, a reputable brand means trustworthy products. And in this case, PDP is one name you can always count on.

The company was started by DW about two decades ago as an offshoot to offer more affordable kits. As you may already know, DW is built only for high-end gear.

It is good that they decided to offer the same quality to budget buyers.

Over the years, they have produced several top-quality products. Among them are several limited editions no longer in production.

PDP Limited Edition Snare

When PDP started, no one would imagine it would grow into one of the market’s biggest brands. Some of their earlier kits were not very interesting compared to DW’s standards.

But they were affordable. And perhaps that is all that matters to a large number of consumers.

There are several options in the PDP Limited Edition lines. Most of them are pretty impressive, which makes you wonder why the company did not make more of them.

The PDP Limited Edition banner offers a wide selection of excellent solutions. Each product is designed to ensure a unique performance and durability.


We have looked at several options in this line, and they all present the same performance. Some of the most notable features include:

  • DW-inspired standards. It’s worth noting that these drums are designed with DW standards in mind. That makes them not only excellent in appearance, but in performance too.
  • Versatile. The drum can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether you need one for studio, home, or stage use, they will deliver.
  • Excellent construction. Each drum is designed with some of the best features on the market. This makes it easy to choose, consider they come from DW.

PDP Limited Edition Snare Reviews

We have a few choices for you below. These snare drums are hand-picked based on their performance.

PDP Concept Limited Edition Snare Drum – 6.5 x 14 inch – Maple/Walnut

PDP has been one of the top drum companies in the world for many years. What inspires many to try out their products is the level of quality applied.

This 6.5 x 14-inch Limited Edition Classic wood hoop snare drum is an excellent example of what you get. The product comes excellently designed to deliver an incredible performance.

• 20-ply blended wood

Maple and walnut are two of the best woods around. Hence, their blend could only mean top-of-the-market performance.

This 20-ply snare carries explosive power under the looks. The Limited-Edition Maple/Walnut Snare is a blend of 16-ply European maple. It is then complemented by inner and outer plies (two each) of rich and present walnut.

This combination does not promise a very rich output. But it has a crisp, dry tone and premier looks that will not disappoint.

A Natural Satin finish on the shells amplifies the character of this wood. And then, they are crafted with Triple-flanged hoops and complementary hardware from DW.

Other high-end features from DW include:

• Turret lugs

• MAG Magnetic throw off

Together, they unlock the best snare drum you can find at this price. Whether it is that focus, power, or luxury you seek, this snare drum will deliver.

The throw-off stays put, even when the tension is loose. Such features are not very common in products at this price range.


• Excellent snare construction

• Top-notch performance

• DW-inspired quality


• It does not deliver the best sound as you would expect

PDP 7×14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum w/Claw Hooks

PDP recently added the LTD Classic Wood snare drum under their Limited Edition. This all-maple wood hoop snare drum is an excellent drum for any setup, and it is compatible with the other components and accessories.

It is designed with DW standards. That means it delivers top-notch performance. It’s hard to find such quality at this price range. But that is just what makes PDP stand out.


• All-maple hoops

Its wood construction and features define a snare drum. Maple is one of the best materials around. It’s known for assuring a crisp and lively tone.

This snare drum is designed to perform under any circumstance. That is the beauty of PDP’s products.

• Claw hooks

Low-profile, chrome-plated steel hooks amplify the wood hoops. With these, you are sure of a sturdy performance at any time.

• DW-inspired standard

One of the features that capture drummers’ attention is the MAG Magnetic throw-off. It will hold on even when the snare tension comes loose.

Copper snare wires are used to assure a great response. It echoes the DW heads by Remo fitted on the shell.

Dual-turret lugs are not something you would expect from such products. But PDP has added it for an enhanced experience.

• Sound

The tonal character of this snare takes one back to the vintage world of drums. It delivers a warm, backbeat that specific musical needs.


• Excellent construction

• Warm and dark backbeats

• Affordable


• It may not work well for professional use

PDP by DW Limited Edition Dark Stain Maple and Walnut Snare with Walnut Hoops and Chrome Hardware Regular 14 x 7.5 in

PDPs snare designed to assure excellent performance. The Limited-Edition Classic wood hoop snare drum delivers a loud and amazing sound.

Features include:

• Maple/Walnut wood construction

Any drum is only as good as the wood used in its construction. PDP understands this, and they have always tried to offer these features.

DW’s effect is clearly evident in this snare. The classic wood packs a lot of power, focus, and furniture-grade appearance.

You can find various finishes according to your needs.

• DW-Inspired construction

The first thing you will notice is the high-end build of this snare. It’s easy to confuse it with some of those expensive snare drums from DW.

The wood is quite good in sound. It is crisp, dry, and really loud.

Triple-flanged hoops are a thoughtful idea for this product. They uncover a fat, classic attack that will leave you smiling.

Also, the snare features MAG magnetic throw-off. This is a feature you would not expect at this price range. It will stay intact even when the snare tension loosens.

PDP makes sure you get some of those good features from DW at a lower price.

The Maple/Walnut combination may not be what you may want in a modern snare in terms of sound. But it’s good enough to leave a mark.

These 10-plies of maple engulfed in a beautiful walnut veneer will make your kit look professional. The shell is fitted with Remo’s head, ready to explode.

Marching wood counter hoops assure a sound and full-rim shop.


• Great construction

• Affordable

• Well balanced


• Maple/walnut is not premium wood


PDP’s Limited Edition drums promise encouraging results. Every product is designed to amplify a drummer’s experience. You will not regret getting one.