Pdp Limited Edition 3 Piece Shell Pack Twisted Ivory

PDP is a great brand on its own. But it’s inextricably linked to Drum Workshop. All for the right reasons.

When it comes to choosing the best kit, drummers always consider the brand. DW is known to be one of the market leaders, offering only high-end gear.

PDP drums are a more affordable version of DW. They carry the same features, design, and quality.

The only difference is that PDP drums are produced faster through machines. This reduces the production cost, and consequently, the price.

But that does not mean they are any less great.

Concept Limited comes as one of the best products from the company. It bears the features of its parent company, with a bang on the price.

PDP Concept Limited Edition Kit review

PDP Concept Limited Drum Kit is a perfect solution for drummers who need affordable kits without sacrificing quality. It comes in maple and birch shell options. Also, the kits feature walnut veneer and retro-chic wooden hoop spin-offs.

The Limited edition was announced at NAMM 2018 and arrived on the market with a bang. Then, they were available in one configuration and a single-color scheme only.

Several upgrades have been made, though. And now you can find the shell pack in Twisted Ivory and Blue/Orange.

The maple shell pack is configured with:

  • A 22 x 18-inch bass drum
  • 14 x 5-inch snare
  • 10 x 7 -inch and 12 x 8-inch toms
  • 16 x 14-inch floor tom

The bold lacquer finish keeps it bright under any condition. The bass drums hoops are finished with Marigold orange, keeping things authentic. This is a refreshing change to see fewer colors on drum sets.

All the drums are manufactured in China. At this price, we would be expecting to see North American maple. It meets CITES environmental regulations and sounds incredibly good.

There is no option for an undrilled bass drum. Nevertheless, it features two Velcro-fixed triangular pillows. They make the drum sound warm with each strike.

Here are some options under this series.

PDP Limited Edition 3-piece Shell Pack – Twisted Ivory

PDP has never been disappointed when it comes to offering the best quality. Their kits are inspired by DW’s quality and features, which makes them incredibly admirable.

PDP Concept Limited Drum Kit offers a wide variety of features you would not expect at this price range. They are built to put a smile on the faces of modern drummers.

The PDP Limited edition 3-piece shell pack in Twisted Ivory shines bright. It performs both visually and tonally.

Top features include:

Retro-inspired maple shells. This shell pack is a dream come true for a retro drummer. It features old-school sizing with 12-inch and 16-inch toms and a 22-inch bass drum. It’s fitted with retro-style walnut counter hoops. The high-quality maple used assures warmth, bloom, and a fat resonance of large shells. And then there is the satin finish with a compliment from DW’s Dual-Turret lugs and low mass that give the kit incredible energy. The round offset badges and the DW-designed Remo heads complete your package.

All-maple. Maple shell and walnut hoops on this kit promise a full, meaty tone. The toms are round and deliver great power. The kick will give you the best low-end tone you have ever heard.

Looks and performance from DW. Every drummer knows that DW makes the best drums in the world. And the Limited Edition from PDP carries some of its features, including design and performance. These include a Dual-turret lug and low-profile claw hooks.


  • A great construction
  • DW-inspired performance
  • Full sound


  • A bit expensive

PDP Limited Edition 5-piece Shell Pack – Blue/Orange

The color scheme affects the choice of a drum set. And in this case, PDP Concept Limited Edition seems to be making a bold statement.

The company’s recent release of the limited edition stands out. It is configured with 7-ply maple shells. The shells include:

  • 10 x 7-inch and 12 x 8-inch toms
  • 16 x 14-inch floor tom
  • 22 x 18-inch bass drum
  • 14 x 5-inch snare

The snare drum features 10-ply maple. This makes it sound fatter and brighter.

All the shells come with a 45-degree bearing edge, and Remo heads.

As if that is not enough, the kit is crowned with some of DW’s higher-end features. These include True Pitch tension rods, Suspension Tom Mounts, Mag throw off, graduated hoop size, on the toms, and Dual-Turret lugs.

The tom holder is versatile enough to hold both toms and cymbal arms.

The Blue/Orange finish makes the kit shine bright under the stage light. With it, a drummer comes to light, more than they would with other kits and finishes.


Playing this kit makes you feel great. The toms deliver a clean-on, the snare is crisp, and the bass drum feels massive.

The stock heads are not very bad. They are Remo’s UT models, which are ok. Tuning them on the drums is easy. The sound is just fine.

But you may have to change them if you are looking for more.


  • Sturdy and functional hardware
  • Excellent construction
  • DW-inspired features


  • The stock heads may require changing

PDP 7×14 Limited Edition Classic Wood Hoop Snare Drum w/Claw Hooks

A snare drum is one of the most important parts of a drum set. That is why choosing the right one is crucial.

PDP’s 14 x 7-inch Limited Edition classic wood hoop snare drums are a perfect example of greatness. PDP drums feature DW quality makes this one of the pieces every drummer would love to have.

The Classic Wood snare are distinctive, boutique-inspired drums that will not disappoint. They are perfect for live and studio performance, making them incredibly versatile.


Crafted with all-maple shells, the snare delivers warm, dark backbeats that will leave you satisfied. You also get an exceptional snap for a sound that takes you back to vintage drums.

PDP has used low-profile chrome-plated steel claw hooks to secure the wood hoops. DW features like MAG throw-off drop the snare wires quickly. And you never even hear a strainer buzz.

Also, the snare wires are fully-chromed. They feature carbon steel coils plaster made from brass. This assures a good ‘bite’ from the drum.

Other noticeable features include Dual-Turret lug, world-class Remo heads, and True-Pitch Tension rods. All these are features you can find on DW’s drums.

This snare might just be everything you need to make good music. And with PDP’s reputation, there is no doubt the snare drum will perform under any condition.


  • Excellent construction
  • Warm, dark beats for specific conditions
  • DW-inspired features


  • A bit expensive


Pacific Drums and Percussion makes unique drum kits. DW’s designs and quality inspire them. And that makes the PDP Limited Edition a highly recommended line of products. As an affordable version of DW drums, you should find great value in them.