Pdp New Yorker 4 Piece Shell Pack Electric Green Sparkle

Finding a good drum set is key to achieving the best performance. And the best way to do this is to consider the manufacturer.

The world of drums has been surging over the past few decades. Many different manufacturers have come up with allegedly better and cheaper options.

But there are those brands you can always rely on come what.

Pacific Drums and Percussion is one such company. As a part of the DW family, you can expect their drum to have the best quality.

PDP New Yorker that I will be reviewing in this guide is one of their best products. You can smell DW quality all over it.

Come along.

The PDP New Yorker Gets A Fresh Look

I have been telling my friends why I think PDP is among the most reputable drum manufacturers. One of the reasons is their focus on research and development.

If you thought the PDP New Yorker kit was great, think again. It has gotten better and greater.

PDP announced the 2020 updates on the kit recently. It’s more compact, more portable, and more versatile than ever.

The kit is originally built for the on-the-go drummer. They are recommended for students, working drummers, and anyone who needs a simple yet good-sounding kit.

Its four lightweight drums defined the kit. And now it has been re-designed to leave an even lighter footprint.

The 2020 kit is smaller, featuring a 16 x 14-inch bass drum and a slightly bigger 14 x 5-inch snare. Mounted Toms and floor toms measure 10 x 8-inch and 13 x 12-inch, respectively.

This new configuration is quite handy for local gigs, rehearsals, and home recording.

As if that is not enough, the new updates include durable laminate finishes. Hence, you can find the kit in Pale Rose Sparkle, Electric Green Sparkle, and Black Onyx Sparkle.

According to the PDP manager, this travel-friendly kit is designed to help young drummers grow. It is fitted with some of DW’s higher-end features, making it a perfect tool for any drummer.

PDP New Yorker Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

As a drummer, I always consider what others are saying about the drum set before buying it. That is why I had to find some reviews on the PDP New Yorker shell pack.

The shell pack for this review features:

• 16 x 14-inch bass drum with a lifter and telescopic spurs.

• 10 x 8-inch rack tom and 13 x 12-inch floor tom

• 14 x 5-inch snare

All the drum shells are made from poplar. It comes in Black Onyx Sparkle finish with DW True Pitch Tension Rods.

According to PDP, “PDP New Yorker reveals warm, full tones thanks to the poplar shells. They come with low-mass, teardrop Mini-Turret lugs that make them lighter and travel-friendly. The reduced weight does not, however, mean it offers fewer features. On the contrary, they have even better features. DW’s innovative True-Pitch tension rods, high-end drum heads by Remo, and a versatile bass drum mount are just among a few great features you get with the kit. Each kit bears a bass drum lifter that makes it suitable with any bass drum pedal.”

Having used this kit for the past few weeks, I can agree with this statement. Of course, there are a few things here and there that may cause concern. Like the poplar shells are not the best on the market.

But these are things you can live with.

PDP New Yorker Best Kits Reviewed

Consider the following options if you are looking for a PDP New Yorker Kit but don’t know where to start.

PDP New Yorker 4-piece Shell Pack – Electric Green Sparkle

Sonor opened the world of scaled-down kits with their Jungle kit. And the demand has risen ever since.

PDP’s New Yorker 4-piece shell pack is an incredible piece. The Electric Green Sparkle finish for this review kit makes it shine and sparkle on the stage.

The kit is presented with:

• 10 x 8-inch rack tom

• 13 x 12-inch floor tom

• 13 x 6-inch snare

• 18 x 14-inch bass drum

Here we are talking about the original PDP New Yorker kit before the recent upgrades.

The New Yorker is aimed at offering high-quality min kits at an affordable price. There is no doubt they have achieved. After all, PDP drums carry some of DW’s higher-end features.

You will get the New Yorker with a 16 x 14-inch bass drum and a 14 x 5-inch snare drum for the recent upgrade. The mounted tom has been reduced to 10 x 8-inch while the floor tom remains at 13 x 12-inch.

Enough with the features. This kit is designed to offer great travel companionship. Its weight has been reduced without sacrificing the feature.

With the new configuration, local gigs, rehearsals, and home studios will sound much better. And with the Electric Green Sparkle Finish, this kit makes you feel like you can do anything.


• Durable laminate finish

• Great sound

• Compact and affordable


• Not very versatile

PDP New Yorker 4-piece Shell Pack – Black Onyx Sparkle

The PDP New Yorker 4-piece shell pack comes in a variety of finishes. This makes it easy for the drummer to choose whatever they like.

Here, we present the Black Onyx Sparkle finish. Think about how great this finish lights up the stage. It is a durable laminate finish that will stand up to the taste of time.

PDP has never been disappointed when it comes to delivering quality. All the evidence you need to prove this fact can be found in this compact kit.

We have already looked at the new upgrades. They make the kit more compact without sacrificing its features.

Any modern drummer who travels a lot will agree that this is one of the best products on the market. It comes with DW’s features. That is more than what you can get at this price range.

This is a travel-friendly set that features low-mass, Teardrop Mini Turret lugs, DW True-Pitch Tuning, a versatile mount, and Remo heads. The bass drum mount comes with an auxiliary clamp. This makes it easy to attach the other drums and set them in place.

Even though these new features are great, what matters more is the sound. Luckily, PDP understands the importance of delivering top-quality tonal features.

And in this case, they have kept intact the DW goodness. This kit will make you feel great under any circumstances.


• An beautiful finish

• Great sound

• Bass drum lifter for versatility

• Durable


• It is only a shell pack

PDP New Yorker 4-piece Shell Pack – Pale Rose Sparkle

Pale Rose Sparkle is another incredible finish you will find with the new PDP New Yorker series. It lights up the stage, allowing one to play with all their energy.

I find this finish to be quite inspirational. Playing the drums feels like you are in a whole new world. It is designed to deliver world-class performance. And that is one of the reasons it remains among the top choices for modern drummers.

The four-piece shell pack is configured with a 10-inch tom, a 14-inch snare, a 16-inch bass drum, and a 13-inch floor tom.

It comes in Pale Rose Sparkle finish on Poplar shells. You can therefore expect a warm and bright sound from the kit.

PDP says… “The all-poplar shells deliver warm, full tones. Features like low-mass, Mini-Turret lugs, DW’s innovative True-Pitch tension rods, and high-end Remo heads help create a perfect kit for the modern drummer.”

Each kit is designed with a bass drum lifter. Hence, it can accommodate a wide range of bass drum pedals.

For drummers who really want their stage to shine but with minimal footprint, this is the kit. It is designed to make traveling easy while assuring top-end performance.


• A compact and versatile kit

• Incredible finish

• Excellent construction and tonal value


• Poplar shells may not be very great

• Perhaps not a good choice for serious work


The PDP New Yorker kits are entry-level sets with a professional touch. They exhibit DW qualities, which makes them a choice every drummer would love to have.

Even though the poplar shells are not very good, this is still a great kit. Therefore, I recommend it for drummers who need something simple and yet good sounding.