Pdp Platinum

Finding a good drum kit begins with finding the right brand. And in this case, PDP is one name you can rely on for beginners to the intermediate drum set.

Since it operates under the DW umbrella, you are right to assume its products are top quality.

PDP Platinum and PDP Concept are two of their most acclaimed products. They both have their advantages and limitations.

Is PDP Platinum better than PDP Concept Maple?

It is quite hard to say whether Platinum is better than Concept maple. Sound is a very subjective matter, and everyone has their own views.

However, I can approach this from personal experience.

The PDP Platinum

The first thing that captures one’s attention is the new double oval lugs. This hardware is quite stunning under the incredible burst finish.

Tuning the kit is relatively easy. They sound full and lively.

Every feature comes close to what you could get from DW’s higher-end models.

The shells are all maple, with chrome hardware, DW drum heads, Remo. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications.

Concept Maple

All-maple shells on the Concept series and several features from DW’s top-quality products make this kit an excellent beginner option.

DW’s design and quality are more visible in these products than ever.


PDP Platinum is discontinued. They were high-end lines at their time. And they still offer the same value at this time.

The Platinum series was designed for intermediate/pro-level users. Not entry-level.

That could be one of the reasons they did not sell very much. PDP dropped them

The Concept series, on the other hand, has gotten everyone talking. They are affordable and high-quality kits.

I say none of the kits are better than the other. We can just put them in the middle and call it level.

Any benefits to going from PDP MX to Concept Maple?

I have been with a 7-piece PDP MX kit for the past ten years. It has never disappointed. Of course, I had to make some adjustments, like having the bearing edges recut. But that was only because I wanted to get more from it.

However, the color sucks. Lacquered finishes are better.

I don’t play with the kit very often. Nonetheless, it helps in certain areas, like in church, where I play once in a while.

The MX is made in made from N. American, while the Concept line is Asian.

Looking at the lacquered finishes of the Concept series, you will be fast to pick them. The snare on the Concept is 10-ply while the one the Platinum is 7-ply.

Also, the Concept series is more modern. It bears some of the best newest features from DW, making it a great kit.

In terms of price, you get more with the Concept than with the Platinum. That is if you are considering quality and affordability. It is more of a beginner-intermediate kit but with great features.

Generally, not all options are pretty good. Nonetheless, you can say the Concept maple series is a later version of the Platinum. That is the main advantage.

Every drummer feels different about drum sounds. And these are two pieces that perform almost on the same level. So, go for any that you find appealing.