Pdp By Dw Drum Throne Pddt700 Black

A drum throne is one of the things many drummers ignore when putting together their ideal kit. But did you know that it can make a huge difference?

You play drums while sitting. And that means you need to be very comfortable.

We have seen situations where drummers face back issues because they did not choose their right drum throne. It would be very sad if you had to go through the same experience.

Unfortunately, the number of products out there is overwhelming. It makes it a bit hard to choose the right drum throne.

However, certain factors could make things easy. One of them is the brand.

Besides Yamaha Drum Throne, PDP drum thrones are also one of the most reliable ones. And I will be reviewing them.

PDP By DW Drum Throne (PDDT700), Black

Comfort is very crucial to a drum player. It is when you are sitting in the right position that you can make the right decisions.

Hence, one must always consider picking an extremely comfortable drum throne.

PDP has been making affordable, high-quality products for quite a while now. The company is owned by a market leader Drum Workshop, making it trustworthy.

Some of the features in the PDP products are what you would expect from DW. Even the designs and build standards are high-end.


The only difference is the production process. More machines are used on PDP drums assuring faster production. This also means a reduced price.

But the quality remains great.

The 700 series of hardware is an affordable option designed for a beginner. This particular seat is created to offer incredible comfort as you play your drums.


This is a 12-inch padded round drum seat created for performance. It features double-braced tripod legs and anti-slip feet. Hence, you are sure of extra stability even when the performance gets aggressive.

It also features a carriage bolt that assures easy and quick height adjustments. You can set it in any position you want with ease, and it will perform just fine.

The seat is very affordable. And that is one of the reasons many drummers admire it.


• Extra-sturdy and comfortable drum seat

• Excellent construction

• Affordable


• It may not last long

PDP By DW PDP 700 Series 12″ Round Top Lightweight Drum Throne (PDDT710R)

I have always admired PDP products. Their quality is unlike anything you can find at their price point. And that is one of the reasons they stand out.

With their 700 series of hardware, PDP has proven that quality does not always have to be expensive. This drum throne is really good.

DW does not make any jokes when it comes to quality. The same is transferred in PDP drum thrones, assuring drummers of great comfort and durability.


You will notice this PDP by DW 700 series 12-inch top lightweight drum throne is a fantastic design. It’s built for beginners, but professionals can easily use it too.

  • 12-inch round padded. Comfort is very important when looking for a drum throne. And this seat is designed just for that. The 12-inch padded seat ensures the drummer can sit for many hours without feeling tired. Also, it comes with an X -brace, which is a very handy feature for any drummer.
  • Lightweight tubing. Are you a drummer-on-the-road? In that case, you need lightweight hardware and accessories. This drum throne should make a great addition to that list. It’s light and yet durable.
  • Double-braced legs. Stability is another important factor to consider when buying drum thrones. And this piece here is a great example of what you need. Double-braced legs make it stable and durable.
  • Sturdy. It features oversized Anti-slip feet that will hold the ground strongly. This allows one to play with all their energy without worrying about slipping.


• Great quality

• Affordable

• Very comfortable

• PDP 700 Series Drum Throne for beginners


• Not recommended for professional use

PDP By DW Double Bass Drum Pedal (PDDP502) & Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

PDP builds its products for performance. And this piece of hardware represents everything you can expect from a high-end product.

DW-inspired features can be seen all over the pedal.

Gibraltar is another no-nonsense drum hardware manufacturer. It has been around for many years, making excellent solutions for all drumming levels.

The combination of these two brands can only mean the best products. You can be sure they will not let you down.

The PDP double bass drum pedal

The 500 series hardware offers more quality for less than what any drummer might expect. Coming from Drum Workshop, it is hard to expect anything less.

I like the pedalboard design. It has this sleek, racing-inspired look with a Dual Chain Drive Offset that connects you to your kit directly.

It’s quite responsive and makes you feel one with the kit. Its solid feet offer a sturdy foundation for playing any music.

Adjustable hoop clamp and several other points of adjustment make it easy to set in the best positions. Hence, it will perfectly fit your playing style.

The Gibraltar 6608 heavy-duty drum throne

This heavy-duty drum throne is made from high-grade foam, assuring maximum comfort. It is adjustable from 18 to 20 inches in height. This makes it fit for any drummer.

The direct height-adjustment mechanism with memory lock makes it even easier to adjust.

Once set in place, it will not move, thanks to the non-slip feet. Professionals design this drum throne for professionals.


• High-quality yet affordable hardware

• Excellent performance

• Comfortable drum throne


• The 500 series is not the best from PDP

PDP by DW PGDT770T Tractor Top Throne

The shape of your drum throne matters a lot when it comes to comfort and convenience. That is why there are so many shapes to choose from.

The PDP by DW PGDT770T drum throne features a tractor top that makes it look amazing. You can just tell by looking that it’s quite comfortable.


The first thing you will notice is the incredible design of this drum throne. It’s made to look like a tractor seat, assuring extra comfortable sitting positions.

• Double-braced legs

Talk about stability, and you have the double-braced legs to thank. It means this drum throne is designed to withstand any type of performance.

Apart from that, the feet are non-slip. They will hold strong in position, no matter how vigorous your playing gets.

• A vinyl seat

This drum throne is very comfortable. It’s not easy to find vinyl seats at this price range, which makes it an excellent choice for a modern drummer.

The throne will get them done when it matters the most.

It is durable. Vinyl covers are known for lasting long.

• Premium features

It is crucial to note that this drum throne is DW-inspired. And that is why it comes with premium features like double-braced legs and slip-resistance on the feet.


• Excellent quality

• Sturdy

• Comfortable and affordable


• The drum throne might not last very long


PDP is, without a doubt, one brand you can trust. Their drum thrones come with premium features at affordable prices. I would recommend it for beginners and anyone who just needs quality on a budget.