Pdp By Dw X7 Maple 7 Piece Lacquer Shell Pack

Finding the right brand is key to buying a good kit. And in this industry, PDP is one of the biggest names.

The company was started by DW more than two decades ago. It aimed at focusing on affordable kits with DW quality.

You can see the design and some good features of DW drums in PDPs. And that is what makes them a great brand.

Over the years, PDP has established a solid reputation for offering DW-inspired drums at a fair price. Every product they manufacture delivers incredible performance.

One of their top products is the PDP’s X7 drum kit.

I was lucky enough to find one of these bad boys for this review. Let’s look at what it has to offer.

PDP X7 Drum Kit review

Instead of mixing up their products, DW decided to create another brand that would focus on offering affordable kits. And hence, PDP was born.

This X7 drum kit reveals just how much a quality drum set can get on a budget. The line showcases DW’s design and craftsmanship.

The kit comes with seven drums in a full package. You get three toms, two-floor toms, a snare, and a bass drum. Besides that, it includes a complete pack of hardware.

For variety, this kit is available in six sparkle lacquer finishes. It retails at a little more than what you would get for a five-piece mid-range kit.

Seven means completeness. And therefore, if you are looking for a complete seven-piece kit, this should be a great option.

It’s not every day you find such a kit at this price. It is configured with:

  • A 22 x 18-inch bass drum,
  • A 14 x 5 -inch snare
  • 8 x 7, 10 x 7 and 12 x 9-inch toms
  • 14 x 12 and 16 x 14-inch floor toms

The drums are crafted almost fully from poplar. Only a single outer layer of birch ply on every drum makes the difference.

Poplar is a popular wood. It’s among the cheapest woods used in drum manufacturers. But it promises a warm and fat tone that makes them stand out.

Here are some of the options you can find under the X7 banner.

PDP by DW X7 Maple 7 Piece Lacquer Shell Pack

Affordability is key when looking for beginner and intermediate drum sets. But this should not make you sacrifice quality.

PDP seems to have found the perfect balance between quality and affordability in the X7. Each component is designed from high-quality materials. They sit well together in perfect harmony.

The use of Maple in this particular kit makes it more outstanding. Most of the X7 kits are made from poplar, which is less expensive. But that does not make the drums bad.

DW is a brand known all over the world for making high-end drums. It is, therefore, a privilege to have a more affordable with its inspiration.

It is simply a great-sounding drum it anyone can afford. PDP has pushed far what a budget-minded drummer would expect in an affordable kit.

The seven-piece all-maple shell pack assures a rich and warm tone. It also delivers an exception tonal variety hard to get at this price range.

Courtesy of several top features from the DW Custom shop, you can get high-value performance from the kit.

Expect to get features like 7 – and 10-ply shells and Suspension tom mounting. It is only until now that we can see such in more affordable kits.

That is not all; you also True-Pitch tuning and FAST too, sizing. All these come at a fantastic price.


  • Incredible sound
  • Great construction
  • DW-inspired features


  • None

PDP By DW 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Silver to Black Fade

PDP Concept is a relatively new line of products from the manufacturer. DW’s design and features are more visible in these drums than ever.

The series comes as one of the most popular requests among drummers. The maple kit with premium chrome hardware and a quality finish is ideal for a wide range of use. Besides, it comes at a very affordable price.

With such a combination, it only means the Concept series works for every player.


One thing that makes PDP drums great is the research assistance from DW Custom Shop. They make sure every aspect of the drums features standard features and performance.

The shells are constructed to higher-end standards. Hence, professionals will love using the kits.

This kit offers students access to great-quality drum sets. You no longer have to suffer from poor quality.

European maple shell, 7-ply construction present the most noticeable feature. Only the snare comes with 10-ply, making it stronger and more vibrant.

Maple is known for its deep, resonant sound. It appears on a wide range of great studio albums.

The shells are fitted with high-end features, thanks to DW’s influence. True Pitch tension rods are developed for precise and even tuning on all the drum heads.

Other top features include suspended rack toms, MAG throw-off, and premium steel carbon snare wires. Also, it comes with throw-back Dual-Turret lugs, a feature common with DW Drums.

This is a massive all-maple shell pack comprised of a 22 x 18-inch kick, 8 x 7-inch 10×8-inch and 12×9-inch toms, 14×12-inch and 16×14-inch floor toms, and a 14×5.5-inch snare.


  • Remo heads for great tones
  • Excellent construction
  • DW-inspired hardware


  • Only shells and mounts – other hardware not included


If the pieces above are not what you are looking for, consider this good alternative. It is all about the unique finishes.

Pacific Drums by DW PDP’s X7 Drum Set Lime Green Sparkle

You can find Pacific Drums by DW PDD X7 Drum set Lime Green Sparkle as a good alternative. It is the finish that captures the attention of many users.

Whereas other features do matter, drum finishes tell a lot. You can tell the quality of a drum kit by simply considering the finish.

PDP has been one of the top brands for many years. Every product they make brings out incredible quality details.

This X7 drum kit is a product you will find very useful. Despite bearing top features from DW, the kit remains very affordable.

I was recently going through some online comments on Drummerworld.com when one captured my attention. It reads, “… for a while; I’ve been looking around for a high-end drum kit with a budget around $2000. I want something bigger than a 5-piece, so it hasn’t been easy on the budget. I then stumble across the PDP Maple X7 series. Although I could not tell at first that it has a high-end kit by label, it gave me a huge surprise.”

Now, anyone would be surprised by a 7-piece, 100% maple, lacquer finish drum kit at such a low price – under $1000. That is not something you see every day, and you might think it’s not good quality.


  • Incredible sound
  • DW-inspired design and features
  • Extremely cheap


  • The factory heads are not great


PDP has changed the world of affordable drum kits. Considering its relationship to DW, I would say these drums are a pretty good deal.