Pdp By Dw Z5 5 Piece Drum Set Emerald With Cymbals

PDP revolutionized the world of entry-to-mid range drum kits. It was hard to find a decent drum set at a budget price until the company came into play in 2000.

Every drummer knows who Drum Workshop (DW) is and what they stand for. It is one of the biggest manufacturers around, offering high-end kits.

DW wanted to offer solutions for budget-oriented buyers without mixing up their products. And that is why they created PDP. It has grown over the years into an independent and highly trusted company.

PDP drums have been offering a wide range of affordable kits over the years. Mostly, they make entry-level drum sets but occasionally produce higher-end gear.

The PDP’s Z5 series is an excellent example of their best products. We shall be reviewing the kit in this guide.

PDP by DW Z5 5-Piece Shell Pack

The internet has made it easy for anyone who needs information to access it. One reviewer on pearldrummersforum.com makes the perfect summary of what this kit is all about.

He says, “… I saw these drum PDPs on an internet site and was surprised they were only $249, and I know DWs are the best drums sold these days. I finally bought them; they are some of the best drums I have ever played. The only problem is I can see the rack tom mounts, and it’s a small problem. I plan on using a single mount DW mount on the rack toms. I have got Evans hydraulic heads on of the toms and the bass drum, and they sound great. … My drummer friends with expensive sets are surprised by what I paid for these drums…”

Sound is quite subjective when choosing a drum set. However, there comes a time when we can all agree that certain drums just sound good.

The PDP’s Z5 kit sounds impressive. Of course, there are a few hiccups here and there, but you cannot expect perfection at this price range.

This kit is an ideal solution for aspiring drummers. It is a 5-piece kit featuring fusion sided drums, configured with:

• A 22 x 16-inch bass drum

• 10 x 8 and 12 x 9-inch toms

• 14 x 12-inch floor tom

• 15 x 5-inch snare drum

The shells are made from hardwood, with a 45-degree bearing edge. Drum hardware is steel and includes traditional mounts, triple-flange hoops, and standard lugs.


• Excellent construction

• Affordable

• Great sounding


• The factory heads are not good

PDP by DW Z5 5-Piece Drum Set Emerald with Cymbals

If you are a beginner, you need a drum set that offers everything but sounds great. The PDP Z5 5-piece drum set Emerald w/cymbals could be everything you need.

This drum set is designed specifically for beginners. Some of the best features include:

• Easy to setup

The drums are easy to set up, which is what every beginner looks for. It takes less than two hours, and you are set to go.

• Sturdy

Most beginner sets have issues with sturdiness. You start playing, and they slide off the stage or break down.

PDP’s quality is on another level. The stands are of better quality than you would get from other brands. You get a hi-hat and one cymbal stand, all double-braced.

The spurs on the bass drum extend four inches longer. They can hardly touch the floor unless you rotate them at an angle.

• Everything you need to start playing

The 5Z series drum kit comes with everything a drummer would require to start gigging immediately; you get five drums, cymbals, and hardware.

• Sounds

Generally, the kit sounds great. The floor tom is the best, with no weird echo.

However, the snare is trash. Its metal is too thin that it only rattles. It is preassembled, though, which reduces your time to set up.

The cymbals are not good either. They are cheap and thin. You will have to replace them immediately.


• Good for the money

• Sturdy

• Good sounding


• The cymbals and the snare sound like trash.


Like most complete beginner drum sets, the cymbals on the PDP 5Z are a disappointment. But change them, and you have yourself the best kit on a budget.