Pearl Vision Bsp300C 2 Bass Drum Spurs

Bass drum spurs are considered one of the most crucial pieces of hardware you will need to improve your playing experience. These are the parts that hold your drums steadily together, and you need to get the best quality.

In this case, Pearl bass drum spurs has the best solution for you. The brand has been around for many years, making high-quality drum sets and hardware accessories.

Pearl Export Bass Drum Spurs

The truth is, you can use any bass drum spurs for your drums, as long as they are compatible. However, it comes a time when you need the specific hardware made for certain bass drums.

Pearl’s Export series has one of the best-selling bass drums from the manufacturer. And it’s because of the sturdy features they present.

Their bass drum spurs attach well to your bass drum, preventing forward motion or side-wobbling for a better experience.

Pearl Bass Drum Spurs Parts

Pearl bass drum spurs are just like any other similar product. They are made with three main parts;

• The shaft, which is the elongated part, can connect one side part of the drum to the other.

• The tip. The best tips are made drum rubber, ensuring silent performance and maximum traction. They are sharp for carpeting.

• New bolds. These are used to hold the drums tightly in place.

Pearl Vision Bass Drum Spurs

The Vision series from Pearl delivers incredible sounds thanks to the high-performance bass drums. The spurs on this drum are crafted from durable material and can attach to any other bass drum.

It is strong enough to hold your drums in place, preventing side-to-side movement. Also, they have rubber tips for holding tightly on any surface they are placed on.

The quality of these spurs is remarkable, promising the most incredible playing experience.

Pearl Vision BSP300C/2 Bass Drum Spurs

A good example is this pair of bass drum spurs. BSP-300-C is among the best bass drum spurs out there.

Since they are found on the higher-end vision kit, you know you are getting the best quality. They feature rubber feet to hold tight on any floor.

Features include:

• Strong grip from rubber feet

• Telescopic

• Spike or rubber tips

• Comes in two

Pearl SP20/2 Bass Drum Spurs Export, 1 Pair

Pearl has been making a wide range of high-quality products for a long time, delivering good pieces for modern drummers. The SP20 bass drum spurs are not different.

The spurs are made for the Export series but can be used for any other bass drum. What makes them stand out is their combination of top-quality features and affordability.

They will attach well to any set bass drum, keeping it from wobbling back and forth during a performance. Your drum will remain steadily locked into place all the time.

Rubber tips on these spurs can be retracted to expose the carpet-gripping pointed ends. Hence, they can hold on to any surface, assuring a smooth performance all through.

The spurs come in two. This means you have everything you need to set your bass drum in place and start playing immediately.

Apart from this, they are affordable. But this does not mean they are any cheap in quality as both professionals and newbies can use them.

They feature new wing nuts that are strong and highly functional, letting you hold your bass drum in place without any issues.

Get maximum traction from quality bass drum spurs designed to impress.


• Attach any bass drum

• New wing bolds

• Great traction


• Some users say they are a bit expensive for the features

Pearl RHS1R/2 Rubber Tips for Sp-20, 1 Pair

You can tell any product from Pearl through its quality. Even the smallest parts, like these replacement tips, are made with uttermost precision.

If you have the SP-20 bass drum spurs and your tips are worn out, these replacement parts will serve you well. They are standard high-grip rubber tips that will hold tight on the ground, preventing any unwanted motion.

Besides, they are retractable to expose the recessed spikes. Use this to get maximum ‘bite’ on slippery surfaces like carpets.

Also, these products are made strong to withstand high-intensity performance, allowing you endless hours of performance.


• High-quality tips for SP-20 bass drum spurs

• Retractable rubber

• Holds steadily


• None

Kick Drum Legs, Professional Bass Drum Legs Bass

You need high-quality bass drum legs to get a good performance, and this Pearl solution could be all you will ever need.

The legs are made from iron, which is a premium material. They will stand steadily and take all the beating without deforming easily.

High-quality kick drum legs made with chromium plating. They are beautiful as they are durable.

Also, these legs are made with a firm screw design for stability. They are suitable for use in any environment, delivering a perfect solution for modern drumming needs.

Most importantly, they feature an environmental-friendly material that is safer. You can use it with more freedom without worrying about rust.


• High-quality and stable bass drum legs

• Anti-rust and safe material

• A firm screw design for stability


• Higher-price tag

Bass drum spurs are very important. They determine how the drum sits on the floor and for how long you will play without getting tired. These spur from Pearl will give you that satisfaction.