The bass drum is, without a doubt, one of the most important components of any drum set. They are used for keeping a steady beat, which is technically the backbone of your music. And this is why the Pearl Bass Drum is the best option for you!

In this guide, I will be reviewing a few of the best Pearl bass drums for junior drummers.

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Pearl bass drum pedal

Pearl is one of the biggest drum companies in the world. And they have been making these awesome instruments for many years. Their beginner and junior drum sets have been well received across the market, making them a reputable option.

There are so many drum brands on the market today that it can get a bit overwhelming to find the right one. Pearl features among the top makers of affordable drum sets.

And for you to experience the right feeling from your drums, you need a perfect bass drum pedal. In this case, you can rely on the Pearl bass drum pedal.

From the cheapest Pearl P930 longboard single bass drum pedal to the most expensive Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Bass Drum pedal, there is nothing you will not get from Pearl.

Each of their products is made from high-quality materials to meet the needs of modern users. They are designed by experts who understand the needs of the modern market.

The most important thing about these pedals is their reliability. You can use them for a long time and still feel like they have more years to go.

If you are going to invest in a good drum kit, it will only make sense if you get a good bass drum pedal too. Consider Pearl bass drum pedals, and you will not regret it.

Pearl double bass drum set

Theoretically, double bass drumming is very simple. You have two bass pedals, and you have to alternate between you to get a clean and equally spaced thud.

But that is not what a double bass drum set means.

Consider that most drum kits only come with one big bass drum, with smaller ones and cymbals. However, music has been evolving rapidly over the years. And today, we have harder sounding styles, which have compelled drummers to use the second bass drum. They seek to add more intricate low-end rhythms to their performance.

So, there is a vast difference between having double bass drums and a double bass pedal. It is much easier to have an additional pedal on your drum set than adding on an entire drum. But using a second drum is more fun and allows you to create better sounds.

Pearl has several drum sets used for this drumming approach. And being one of the best manufacturers, you can expect to get a lot of quality drums.

Here is one of them.

Pearl Export double bass 8-piece drum set

If you are looking for an excellent quality double bass in the entry-level category, this item could be all you need. The Pearl Export EXX is a good set that offers incredible functionality.

This drum set comes at a perfect starting point for any drummer. Anyone serious about playing will find it a great convenience as they get high-quality drums at a reasonable price.

The set features two 18-inch by 22-inch bass drums, 8, 10, 12-inch toms, and a 14-inch snare. The shells on each drum are made from mahogany and poplar wood mix, which gives them a high-end feel. Such resonance and sound do not come cheaply, and hence, you will be happy to own one of these.

Besides, the drums have an Opti-Loc mount system. This means the shells are not drilled, and you will not destroy them with too many homes.

As a result, the drums deliver more resonance and vibe when played. Unfortunately, this feature tends to interfere with the adjustability of the drums.

You will need an HWP-830 series stand set and a popular Pearl P-930 pedal. With these, you have a great, high-quality beginner to intermediate drum set. You can play it for years without the need to change for a new one.

Besides, there is nothing better you will get at this price point, which is why you should invest in this drum set.

If you are looking for something more, consider the Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure Double Bass Drum Shell Pack 8-piece drum set. This kit is made for pros who want to spend serious money on a quality drum set.

Pearl bass drum head

If you understand the world of drums very well, then you already know Pearl. The company makes just about any type of drum and accessories used on the stage and in the studio.

This includes heads. And you can buy a Pearl bass drum head without having to spend on the whole shell. They are ready for use on just any bass drum. So, if you want to upgrade your bass drum to something better, consider Pearl’s heads.

Pearl Junior Bass Drums

Pearl has been making high-quality drum sets for a long time. It is because of their innovativeness that they have remained relevant to the market.

The Pearl Junior Matching bass drums allow the younger players to feel the experience of a matching drum using good quality gear. It comes in different sizes so that even the smallest drummer can feel the joy of these drums.

The drums are presented in four different sizes, all of which come with a powder-coated carrier. Also, the drums are shopped and assembled with everything included.

In summary, you get poplar drum shells, pure white wrap, and a matching white carrier, which can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes.

The drums are highly durable; even hard hitters will find them highly convenient. They are field-ready, right from the box, and the classic finish #33 pure white wrap makes them appear professional.

Pearl MJB1608/CXN33 16 “x8” Junior Marching Bass Drum & Carrier

The poplar shells on the Pearl Marching series are a great feature for modern sounds. It offers great durability, and the drums are age-appropriate.

The first thing you will notice on the junior matching drum is the great design. It is finished in beautiful white, which could be attractive for the young players. And it all comes in the best price range.

The shells are made from mahogany and poplar, which ensures great sounds and durability. Anyone will love the sound that comes from these drums, even from a student.

They are easy to use as they are affordable. This is one feature that makes them popular. Also, the package comes with a good quality carrier bag for easy transportation.

Pearl Drum Set (PCTK1810)

If you have the money to get a good-looking drum set, I would recommend you go for this Pearl drum set PCTK1810. It comes full with a double bass drum feature for a wonderful experience.

This is an eight-piece drum set that comes with a wide range of options. You get a 10-inch snare and two 18-inch bass drums with poplar heads. It features three-floor toms and two tom-toms. This means you have everything you need to start playing right from the box.

The best part is that this is a compact setup for any situation. You can fold it flat easily for storage and setup it up easily.

It is the perfect drum set for junior drummers.

Pearl MJB1808/CXN33 18 “x8” Junior Marching Bass Drum and Carrier

Pearl understands every need for the modern drummer, and they try to meet them. This matching junior matching drum is designed for durability, and it’s age-appropriate to assist junior drummers in their journey.

Matching drums are quite exciting, which makes this a wonderful gift for your younger friend. It comes field ready straight from the box.

They are beautifully finished with classic #33 Pure White wrap and packaged with a good carrier. This 18-inch bass drum produces deep sounds, just like a full bass drum. It is light-weight and child size, making it perfect for junior drummers.  

This drum is made from poplar and mahogany, which are popular materials for making drums. As such, you can expect good and deep sound here.

Pearl MJB1408/CXN33 14 “x8” Junior Marching Bass Drum & Carrier

Pearl drums are known for their good quality. The Pearl MJB1408/CXN33 14 “x8” Junior Marching Bass Drum comes with this same quality.

It is a small drum designed to accommodate the smallest drummer, giving them an opportunity to enjoy matching drums. They are made from high-quality woods that ensure durability and a reliable sound.

The drum is very easy to set up and use. Hence, the junior drummer will find it convenient to start playing straight from the box.

A small bass drum doesn’t give the full deep sounds of bigger drums in terms of sounds. However, this is a drum made for children, and the sound that comes out is right from this age.

The hardware is also solid, giving your drums the ability to serve you for a long time. It is one of those products you will always feel proud to own.


The bass drum defines any drum kit. Investing in a good one can be all you need to succeed. And Pearl offers you a good solution. I hope this article has been helpful in getting you where you need to be.